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Friday, May 31, 2013


We'll build repair refurbish your dream Jamaican swimming pools or Jacuzzis

Jamaican Swimming Pools supplies an equipment
Jamaican swimming pools Many individuals especially in north America and Europe are used to indoors pools mostly above ground .Some are covered against the elements of nature winter snow and fall leaves.

Many of these are made from fiber glass and may not last very long .In Jamaica most of these are built out side and are constructed from blocks or poured concrete, they may be above or below ground. The inside is coated with an extremely hard imported material for coating .Sometimes a special compound from sand made in Jamaica is used along with white cement a cheaper process than than the important pool coating, but last a shorter time.

Some times because of poor constructions pools leak.A lot of builders in Jamaica say they can build pools and try to out bid the real experience pool builders by going below the real cost of building proper pools. These sometimes cost the owners dearly because the pools leak and it takes only the experience pool contractor to solve it. Because water is very deceiving and sometime where the water is escaping the leak is no where close. Then it becomes costly as the owners realize the mistake they make by not employing an experience pool contractor in the first place. Many times they have to call in the said pool contractor they had sidestep in the first place.

Do not let this happen to you get your pool done by professional and experience pool builders.
Do not try to cut it cheap either buy installing those foreign fiberglass pools they do not last in Jamaica and if you are really serious in getting Jamaica swimming pools that last build one

here are some of the Jamaican swimming pools that were build by an the most experience pools builder in Western Jamaica. Reuben Murray Snr.        house hold gadgets and hardware for pools

Negril Jamaica
Charela Inn
Crystal Waters,
Swept Away
Rondel Villages
Silver Sands Hotel ,
Negril Tree house
Rock House
Fun Holiday,
Rick’s CafĂ©
legend hotel
,Home Sweet Home.
Divine Destiny

St Ann Jamaica
Breezes runaway Bay
Montego Bay Jamaica
Half Moon Hotel
, Sandals Royal
St Elizabeth Jamaica…
Treasure Beach Hotel,
Ikarue guest house
Westmoreland Jamaica
Sandals White House
Hanover Jamaica
Round Hill hotel

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If you are considering building Jamaican swimming pool or a Jacuzzi in Jamaica these are the persons to contact. You will get a safe monument that does not leak, great styles, accurate water lines ,superb monuments that will enhance and greatly improve the beauty and value of your property and makes it more attractive and marketable for a welcome to Jamaica vacation package. They may be contacted at
Jamaica pools contractor 876 364-2950.or  6785854954. The good thing about them they are also general contractors and designers of ultra modern buildings


Chocho mixed fruits the wonder products for reducing cost of bake goods

Mixed fruits (Crystallized chocho)


6 lbs white chocho
1½ lbs granulated sugar
red, green ,yellow food colour
1 tsp lime rind
Strawberry, pineapple flavour
1 quart water


. Peel off all the skin from the chocho and remove tough inner core.

• Cut into desired shapes and size at least twice the size of the finished product.

• Put to boil until tender then separate into 3 pots and colour each set with the desired colour and flavor required.
It will take much more green to colour the lime flavour than red and yellow.

• Boil down until water dries to thick sugar syrup in each container.
• Turn out on a metal tray, spread out and sun or oven dry until the fruits are firm but not tough.

• If they are used as candies they may be dredge in Castor sugar and store in glass jar or plastic bags and seal.

• Sodium benzoate may be added to improve shelf life follow the instructions given.

• Make about 2 ½ lbs. crystallized fruits.

• Use in buns, cakes, tarts or any pastry that requires dried fruits.



Jamaica Events

Jamaica Is a country that celebrates a number of holidays. IT could be one of the countries that has the most holidays in the Caribbean . Here is a list of the most popular holidays. If you follow them you will learn much about the Jamaica Culture along with its vibrant night life and spectacular festivals

Jamaica Events and Holidays
1.New Years day
2.Reggae Month
3.Bob Marley Day
4.Ash Wednesday
5.Good Friday
6.Easter Monday
7.Labour Day
8.Emancipation day
9.Independence Day
10.National Heroes day
11.Christmas Day
12.Boxing Day

1. January 1
2. February 29
3. February 6
4. March 8
5. March/April
6. March/April
7. May 23
8. August 1
9. August 6
19. October 16
11. December 25
12. December 26

Teachers and students on the island are more fortunate than the other individuals who live on the island.They get extra holidays apart from the national holidays they get mid term which may consist of one extra day in May and October. and Ash Wednesday. They also get Christmas ,Easter and Summer holidays. Sometimes because of national examinations some schools are used as examination centers and some teachers and students get those examination days as holidays too. However some of these schools go a litter longer in the school year.
Jamaica Events Calendar
Jamaica has a number of interesting events all year round and each parish has its own special Jamaica events Here is up to date daily information of what Jamaica events are taking place in Jamaica >

Kingston Jamaica Events
International marathon January
Annual art exhibition. January
LTM Pantomine. February
Bob Marley week February
Hague Agriculture show February
Jamaica Orchid Show March
Spring break March
Carnival in Kington March
National finals of performing arts June
National Dance festival season July
Oktober fest October
Annual motor racing December
Christmas Craft Fare December
Ikebana annual flower show Decmber
Annual motor racing stage rally December
Tastee talent contest. December

Ocho Rios St Ann Jamaica Events
Carnival in Jamaica March
SKAZZ Jazz Festival June Kite
Festival April
Craft Fair Harmon Hall April
Polo horse racing tournament show June
Jamaica Spice Food festival July
Independence day celebrations August
Mento Yard Cultural show. October
Fossil Tournament November
Harmony Hall craft show December,
Montego Bay Jamaica Events
Jazz and Blues Festival January
Sugar cane ball Feburary
Yatt Club regatta. March
Spring break March
Tennis Sport Spectacular April
Wonderful word of golf tournament June
Reggae Sumfest July
Blue Marlin Tournament September
Africa Jamfest October
Jamaica Film and music festival November
Trelawney Yam Festival

Negril Jamaica Events
Negril Fat tire festival Feb
Negril Sprint triathl March
Spring break. March
West end Reggae Festival March
Epicurean Escape June
Independence day Celebration August

St Elizabeth Jamaica-events
Acccompong Moroon Festival January 6
Calabash International Literary Festival.May
Off road triathlon March
Little Ochi Carnival Festival June
Treasure Beach hook and line canoe
tournament October

Jamaica events:Calabash literary Festival  
Hanover Jamaica Events
Lucea cross the Harbour August
Best Of Festival .July
Independence day Celebration August

Port Antonio
Port Antonio International Marlin
Appleton Temptation Isle.August


How To Plan A Jamaica Team Pa


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on each Affiliate sale

• Step 1:

Decoration Planning a Jamaica Team party it is best to start with the decorations as  they can easily be purchased ahead of time, unlike the food. All of your decorations should keep with the colors of Jamaica which are green, yellow, and black. This includes crepe paper that you may hang around. You can purchase some Jamaican flags to use in the backyard, or you can make some. See resources for an example you can follow. Purchase some incense sticks to burn to give the party a Jamaican smell.

Jamaicans use lots of incense in their homes and businesses, and so the scent of the incense can be thought of as a Jamaican smell Try the Bob Marley blend Incense. You will also want to use some fake palm trees as decorations and lay out any beach chairs that you may have. Place a beach ball in the yard for decoration and for playing a game later on. Use lots of icon posters and beach chairs .Have some individuals wearing Rasta tams with locks attached\

• Step 2:music
Things on the music scene are a little different now.With the copyright law now growing it's teeth you will have to apply to the Jamaica Musicians Organization for permission to play their music . You just send a list of the songs you will play .Search the Jamaica music copyright law from anywhere on this site to get more accurate info.  Planning a Jamaica team party you must hire a reggae band if you want to go all out. This alone can make you feel like you are in Jamaica. You could also pick up some reggae music. Of course, it wouldn't be a Jamaican party without playing a little Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sizzler. Try out some of the latest Jamaican dance hall music too. It is good to keep up with the time. If you don't want to spend any money on a band or a CD, you can always put the word out and borrow a few CD's. Someone is bound to have a reggae CD you can use for one day.Try inviting one or two real Jamaican to spice up the place by doing the special dance move which only a real Jamaica can do.Be careful now the new copyright suggest that you contact the creators of the music before using them to generate profit.

• Step 3: Food
You will want to keep going with your Jamaican theme by serving some famous Jamaican dishes. This includes jerk chicken, rice with peas, curry patties or curry fish, and steamed cabbage. Popular beverages are Guinness, cream soda, and any type of fruit punch must You may have on hand with just a tip of the Jamaican Whites add to a few ,this is a must . Finish off your food list with some Jamaican desserts. Bread pudding, gizzada, coconut toto, potato pudding, and ice cream made with coconut milk are all delicious desserts served in Jamaica. Remember that if you are not sure of how to make them or if you are afraid you won't make the dishes correctly you can always have the party catered for. A Jamaica catering company would be ideal .

• Step 4:Games
No Jamaica team party is complete without some games. A fun Jamaican game is limbo. A stick is held high while participants make their way under it without touching the stick. After each round the stick goes lower and lower until there is only one participant left. You could also create a trivia game ahead of time. Make questions about the Jamaican culture or the island itself. Award a small prize to the participant with the most correct answers. Finally, you can purchase some Jamaican clothes and a few Jamaican wigs and have the children see how fast they can dress up and complete some type of relay race in their Jamaican attire. Add to the game some Jamaica riddles and some Jamaican jokes in the form of games to liven up the party and create laughter. • 

Do not forget the people. The people are the most important factor in your Jamaica team party. Have a good mix. Invite people who are dynamic, electric, young and energetic .they will carry the life of the party. Remember to include some sober heads too to maintain balance, you do not want your party getting too wild on you.
A do not forget to include the counsels of the aged to pass on information and history about the back ground of the island. Have a good mix of male

Monday, May 27, 2013


Tell us about your visit write your Jamaica Vacation Review or a Jamaican Product Review


Did you have an vacation in Jamaica Do you have any interesting story to tell? Jamaica is said to be one of the most wonderful places in the world to take a well deserved vacation.

You are now given an opportunity to create your own page on this site by writing your own review about your experience on your visit to Jamaica. Let your friends know,by inviting them to read and add comments on your review.

You could also invite them to add their own reviews if they too had visited the island. Your review many be on any of the following topics below. They can be positive or negative just give your good or bad experiences.

Not many individuals in the world know Jamaica some have heard about it from advertisement or from booklets and pamphlets. Many may have heard a lot of negatives while many see it as a wonderful place a jewel in the Caribbean a place to surely visit.. The experience of many will vary it may be dependent on the individual’s likes ,temperament , culture and how they perceive the world , how they perceive good and bad right and wrong,and a number of various factors.
This is a little island that somehow have capture the attention of the world. Its sports man ship especially in the area of tract and field is remarkable. Do you know at the time of writing this page Jamaica has the fastest man in the world in tract and field.

On the political front Jamaica has always been able to capture the attention of major nation such as The UK. and the USA. The country has a remarkable culture in the form of reggae music and is the Home of the late reggae music Icon Bob Marley. You have visited the island Write your own vacation review Here.

Suggested topics of interest.
Hotels,attraction,tour,food, people, services,places of interest or it may just be a simple clean Jamaican jokes. You may post a photo to accompany your review.

Jamaica vacation Review

Have you taken a Jamaica vacation Lately.?Why not join us,and build your own page about one of those special moments that you will always remember   .Read reviews written by other like you

Jamaica vacation Review Music on the Island


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Experience the Real Jamaica
Duns River Falls  Jamaica
  THE real Jamaica is it what you believe Jamaica may perceived by many people worldwide as a very backward and a very poor country with lots of unintelligent poor people. Many believe that Jamaicans are starved and live in unhealthy squalor conditions with poor social standards services with very meager resources . Well they are very wrong. Jamaica does not have any living condition that is not found in the top first world countries.

I see people living in very dilapidated conditions worst than in Jamaica. The real Jamaica is wealthy in music, beach, ,hot springs , spices waterfalls, and people of tremendous talents
Just look at the real Jamaica video and you will realize that Jamaica is one of the best places to spend your spare time. Jamaica is also a set of very talented people. Jamaica is really on the up beat The normal Jamaican especially in the country parts are not always aware if the scope and magnitude of the Jamaican heart and spirit but for those who watch television and radio they know by just looking at the scope of our athletes such as the Jreal amaica has Husein Bolt Find out about the real Jamaica

 I Just watch a very interesting interview On Smile Jamaica . with the creator of the magazine Karee ".Kuorum" by Krystle Brown a freelance Visual Communicator based in Kingston, Jamaica who specializes in Graphic Designs, Make-Up, Video Production and Editing. Krystle Karee Design Studio is worth watching. Follow her twitter and tweets about the magazine .The magazine feature things that basically Jamaican, fashion, music, makeup .The latest issue of the magazine an-March 2013 is now out at the time of publishing is an online magazine worth reading.

 Jamaica awards blog is another of the Jamaica's product worthwhile following. Here Jamaicans are chosen to be awarded for the blogs they create on based on some of Jamaica Issues FUN JAMAICA.Philip McKenley believed that fun has many dimensions which were not being demonstrated in Jamaica media As such, he decided on a website that would capture the true beauty and meaning of fun, hence, Fun In Jamaica.net.

Take a look at LORE JAMAICA Created By Sarah Ottey a designer and real estate agent. Lore Jamaica is a lifestyle brand that grew out of her desire to explore her own creativity and her wish to encourage others to follow their heart, and to discover the things that truly make them happy.
You can know about the other parts of Jamaica ,its people and the land by continuing to explore links on Jamaica What to do about the real Jamaica What you must now do is to become a fan of Jamaica and harness the power of creating money in and about Jamaica.

 To make it more easy You may become a part of The real Jamaica and become a member of their affiliate products. Better yet you can create your own things Jamaica website and sit back make money as you relax in the warm Jamaican sunshine


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Get cure in Jamaica using natural herbs

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Chocho White Wine
Recipe For Chocho White Wine
 5 lbs chocho
 2 lbs sugar granulated
 8 pints water
 2 large lime juice
1 tsp dry yeast

1 bag green teabag Method •
 Wash chocho cut up and boil in the water
 • Put into a plastic bucket add the lime juice
 • Add the sugar and the tea bag
 • When cool not cold add the yeast
 • Cover and set aside in a warm place for 3 weeks to ferment
 • Strain liquid off chocho ,store in a dark container plastic or bottle
 • After six weeks pour off making sure sediment are left behind.
 • Store after 3 months you will have your sparkling wine
NB. Go back and read the page on wine making if you need to make wine professionally. Would you like any clarification or help with this recipe Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. First Name* E-mail Address* Web Site URL Country*
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Now is the time to search for your poetry, and other literature books such as, novels and school texts. Why not get a story or poetry book by searching the Barnes and Noble banner below,the sale is now on and items are reasonably priced for the holiday season. Take it with you to Jamaica and come Join us Ellis Piece poets,Lethe St.James 2:00pm-6:00pm second Sundays. Just come read with us in the lush tropical ambiance. Harry Potter Books - New in Paperback! Audiobook MP3s Read the professional review

Buy a Kindle electronic reader and take all your favourite books with you in this simple pocket size wireless device. kindle 1 books Emerging Poetry Writers. Read Love poems from JamaicaJamaica is not to be left out: although a small Caribbean island it is holding its own in the literary field of poems which is an aesthetic, evocative emotional language that lends itself to many interpretations. It often uses particular forms to expand the literal words. To evoke these emotional and sensual responses and for them to be appreciated much time must be spend by each writer and individual reader
The poet has many writing tools from which to choose. There are over fifty types of writing styles from which to choose. However, most poets work within the eight basic poetry-writing styles, Free verse, Humorous poems, Limerick, Lyrical, Diamante, Haiku concrete and Ballads. Others who are more adventurous or advanced may wish to experiment with others styles. Such as these more modern forms. Dub, Analysis, Prose Slam, and Spoken Word. The art is usually written in lines and verses otherwise referred to as stanza which captures images vividly in an original refreshing way. At the same time it combines elements like theme, tension, complex emotions and profoundly reflects thought. It incorporates sound and a most important element called rhythm ,which in most cases is achieved by arranging lines into meters. One of the skills of mastering this art is the ability of a poet to use figure of speech to give vivid images of the theme.

The Jamaican Author Juliet Christie Murray who goes by the pen name Soy Criada who is fairly new to the literary seen has skillfully used these basic styles in her two recently published anthologies of poems .Journey to Enlightenment -Revealed and Journey to Enlightenment –Seasons to the point of recognition and commendation.. Reviewers such as the Clarion and the Jamaica Daily Observer has placed her books in the category of inspirational, recommending them as respectable read for individuals who are. striven and those who are just looking for something inspiring to read.
Read a poem from this book poetry analysis This is an article that begins with an Overview that demonstrates the nature, method, and value of each piece through close reading of three poems.

Subsequent sections provide readers with terms and methods that will help them analyze each piece on their own.Contents  of Soy Criada’s great book Season will gives notes and exercise to help you learn to appreciate ,write and analyze this subject. This volume is suited for the introduction of poetic works to students who do not like this form of literature. Here the basic poetic elementary skills are explained quite simply. The books can be easily source from the publishers Trafford publishing in Canada and major bookstores such as Barnes and Noble ,Amazon and Target.Wholesalers get up to 50% discount conditions apply.

 Some other interesting styles Dub Slam Prose Spoken word Vogon Submit Your Love Poems !5 Lines Or Less Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. Write your poem Here First Name Last Name E-mail Address*

Web Site URL City Country* Please enter the word that you see below. Cannot find what you are looking for?. You make surf the entire web by searching right from this page.

 Google Custom Search Places to check for Jamaican Items and literature Jamaica souvenirs Bob Marley store, Jamaican books, Visit the Jamaica store, Cheap computers, kids Hubs by Juliet Christie Sort by: Healing Your ownself 71, How to keep your friends 58, A positive Lifestyle Will Get Health and Wealth 52 Ackee 69 more » HubPages 


Travelocity Jamaica welcomes you. to South Coast Jamaica vacation
Travelocity Jamaica Is the place to find offers information on vacation packages to Jamaica.Here you may read up on competitive Vacation rates including specials on airfares,hotels, car rentals and cruise. Check travelocty for the hottest deal on last minute fights deals.You will find the hottest on world destination vacation packages also cheap airfares, If you clicked on the banner above may try searching Jamaica vacation packages and look for a Jamaica vacation package,

Kingston Jamaica is a wonderful city to visit,it has some of he best Jamaica hotels. Remember to include a tour of Jamaica south coast in your visit
Lighthouse south coast Jamaica vacations Travelocity Jamaica The southern coast of Jamaica is very different from the north coast. It is more restful and relaxed because it is in its more natural state which makes it awesome to discover. Though under developed it is a treasure and beauty. Here you can see indigenous animals such as the butterflies and crocodiles integrated with the natural resources, rivers , vegetation, and the rhythm waves of the sea as they crash on the white and grey sandy beaches.

 The south coast provides most of the salt water fish consumed on the island. The :”Pedro Keys” is where south coast fishermen spend most of their time. Travelocity Jamaica Visit Little Ochi to choose your fish and watch it prepared or simple relax with and icy cold beer and let the water caress your feet while you wait. South coast, St. Elizabeth to be exact is called the bread basket of Jamaica. Most of the island’s food is grown there. Come and visit the farms have a walk through melons, pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes beds , or just revel in the pungent smell of thyme ,onion, garlic and country peppers. You can have some right in the field fresh as water lilies. South coast is where you will find the best Jerk pork, very flavorful, no holding back on the seasoning. It is this ST. Elizabeth region that the yearly Calabash festival was held.

Did you know that every year Jamaica used to host a big literary festival where internationally acclaimed writers meet for three days on May 26-27 to introduce, read and share their work. They also had writers’ seminars and workshops to sharpen and develop the skills of young and new would be writers. The venue used to be on the southern part of the island where there is tranquility and beauty that inspires. The location they have selected and keep returning to is Jake’s Hotel and Restaurant.

 This spot is so beautiful and serene that people have to literally tear themselves away at the end of the festival each year but vowed to return the next year . The stage for reading was only a few yards from the sea which, along with the rising variegated green St. Elizabeth hills form a picturesque backdrop ,together with all this is the musical crashing of waves as they splatter onto the sandy beach .Each year as the time drew near spirits were heightened and many started to dream of the array of the different kinds of food not to mentioned wide selection of sea foods which were be presented for the taking

Travelocity-Jamaica However the hunger for the feast of the word wasgreater and by Thursday all available rooms in all south coast hotels were booked solid. If one wished to attend this festival and wanted to stay in this area s/he had to book a room sometimes months before . Community tourism is practiced in the area and residents gladly share their rooms for a small fee. To them this was a welcome respite and helps to enhance their economy which is slow at that time of the year . There was such richness to this festival that none who is literary inclined wanted to miss it. The beauty about it is, all young and new writers who have talents hidden are given the opportunity to show off on the open mike sessions available each of the three days.

 Many young writers have been discovered and will continued to be discovered maybe at some other international literary festival. But sad to say not Calabash. The festival was not one of only mere reading of word, but there was always live musical entertainment. Many of the poetry pieces especially the “Dub” pieces are presented accompanied by skilled drummers who evoke the ancestral spirit of mother Africa as the sounds their drums roll on the waters and echo in the rising hills.
 Calabash Literary Festival was the brain child of the acclaimed Jamaica author Colin Channer. Author of the novel ‘Waiting to Exhale’ a good read. .
Well ,I am indeed sorry you had not planned for one of those days your vacation around that literary festival because May 26-28, the Calabash Literary Festival, Jakes, St. Elizabeth , Jamaica, was the place to be .You can say you read it on Travelocity Jamaica..Take it from me it was just too good a festival to have died and someday you will hear of something a similar rising on the Jamaican shores. At the same times St.Elizabeth is still a beautiful part of the island to visit

 Travelocity Jamaica videos

Let Travelocity Jamaica Help You To A great Vacation Christiana and Mandeville are two south coast communities which provides much interest to tourist who visit the southern parts of the island. Christiana is in the hills pretty close and above .Manchester is very cool or very chilly. It produces a smell that is always spicy. The residents are the producers of the best herbs on the island. These along with the scotch bonnet peppers and tomatoes are used to make sauces. This is a way of life, to be always producing for the sauce factory. Just as how wine makers in France has wine in cast always aging so is the sauce factory in Christian.

Mandeville is not very far and is a small very sophisticated town, and is where most returning residents prefer to settle when they come back home. It is cool and is scattered with blooms through the year. The place for your Travelocity-Jamaica experience It is considered to be the most English town in Jamaica. If your are a flower lover then visit this town there is always a flower show to see. If you like golf visit their country club have tea while your friend play golf if you are not a golf player. This town boasts Scottish and English Influences from way back. These may be observed in the Parish church and the court house.

The Manchester Golf club is said to have been constructed very soon after the game was originally introduced in Scotland. Travelocity-jamaica is the place to look for your vacation Let Travelocity Jamaica helps you find a great hotel Although Mandeville has its European history it is still a charming little town and demonstrates a cohesiveness which is hard to be broken more than any other town in Jamaica. One organization which give proof to this is the Mandeville Horticulture Organization founded in1865 and is still going strong

. Mandeville is a thriving and a relaxed town maybe it’s the geography, the people or the weather but it is seen as a paradise by many Mandeville and Christiana are part of the south coast attractions and daily tours leave from them. There is the tour that takes you to see the Manatees in Alligator Pond, the original caves of the First Jamaicans the Tinos, Gourie Caves and God well caves where it is said if you fall in you are never seen again, Lover’s Leap, Canoe River as it zigzag through swamps .

The Cockpit Country to Accompong Town home of the last Maroons slaves. Black River rafting , Ys Falls to get a natural water massage . Fish feast at the Westmorland border or just to the Treasure beach for a leisurely swim. When you need a great Jamaica vacation get it with Travelocity Jamaica. Google Custom Search Other things to know about the Jamaica Cheap airfares hotels and villas Insure your valuables Travel tips Back to the top


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Jamaica is a wonderful place to take a vacation this year.Type in your flight in the search box below and see what is the hottest and cheapest air fares right now .The text links or banners are good places to investigate too.
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Flights to and From Jamaica

The most frequent flights are offered by the island's chief carrier. Air Jamaica is the country's national airline.This is one of the first class carriers in the world . It is said that the airline is extremely safe, and offers the best in food and drink.(you can have a champagne non-stop flight)

Air Jamaica has been officially passed over to Caribbean airlines May 1,2010.The brand name still remains and is still seen as one of the safest airlines. If the airline seemed late at times it is quite likely the crew is making sure that all necessary safety precautions are met before soaring to the skies. The customer safety comes first.

At present they offer very competitive rates on flights to Jamaica and other parts of the world.
Here at the bottom of this page are a few of the places the Jamaican airline travels to and from in order to get you safely to your destinations. There are other airline that offers hot airfare deals to Jamaica These are really good deals on flights to the island



By visiting this site you will learn about the way the people of Jamaica live. Their food, music,
religion, dress, speech, dance, traditions.yes their way of life.You may wonder what really is so great about a land of diverse cultures.View video of Jamaica culture cultural activities 
Ethnic Groups Get an idea of what make us special

Jamaica people
blackwomen Hair
Jamaican woman
Radio Jamaica
Jamaica Today
Back a Yard
Artekal Magazine
TV. Jamaica
Real Vibes
Where Its At
Woman to Woman

It has a number of different racial ethnic groups .The largest group however is the blacks so 'Jamaica-culture' is predominantly black .Interwoven is also the European culture which these blacks learnt from their former white slaves masters.
Maroons of Jamaica

You will find Indians living in Jamaica also. Many Indians came to the
island as indentured servants and stayed on,they too have an input in the Jamaica culture.
There is a thriving
culture of Chinese
 on the island many came and are still coming as merchants. Jews and the Syrians also are a part of this cultural mix. All these different races have made the country what it is, hence the motto written on the’ Coat of Arms ' Out Of many One People.’ The different races gave to 'Jamaica culture' a richness in food, dance, music, language, most of all a life-style.
The skin of many of the blacks is not very blue black as many other black races but is different hues light to dark chocolate brown because of the different mixture of blood. The people are also a pleasant set of people, many are beautiful in physical features.

Have you had the experience of hearing the real Jamaican language?Jamaica culture has a language that is one of the most colourful of all the Caribbean. You really should hear a Jamaica curse.
There is nothing that can be compared with it.It has a music and a resonance to it,spoken in different decibels one word can mean many different things.Listen to poetJamaica Poet reading poetry.
The language carries a lot of feelings and can sound very aggressive to those who do not understand it.It is a very fast language and may be mis-interpreted.

Just thinking of a good dish of Jamaican food especially the jerk chicken and pork can make the mouth waters and the stomach rumbles. Jamaica traditional dishes
Jamaican food is a mixture of all the cultures. Jerk meat- African. Curry -Indian, Christmas pudding- European, and .Chop Suey - Chinese.
Traditionally the food is very hot and spicy and goes well with the alcoholic beverages that are made on the island from sugar cane.try making and enjoying a glass of Jamaica chocho white wine.
 Music and Dance

You will be enthralled by the Jamaica culture of music especially the reggae. You cannot resist gyrating, foot stamping and finger snapping to Jamaican music even if it is gospel music. Click Here To Download Unlimited Music
The dance forms are many. Some are now classified as traditional dances, such as Kumina, Dinki Mini, Pocomania, John Canoe, Bruckings, Maypole revival,gumbay. ethu.Jamaica is also accredited as the country of origin for Reggae and Dancehall which encompasses many forms such as The Bogle ,On the River Dutty wine and many many more.

Jamaica traditional dances

Read more on Jamaica reggae music

Dress is one of the marks of the people. They are known to be one of the best dressed people in the world.
They like bright colours and very fashionable styles. If you find one who differs it is because there is not the means to do so or because of religious practices . The ladies do not consider themselves dressed without a fabulous hair style which can run into thousands of dollars.
The national costume is a creation of bandanna plaid of red and white and can be trimmed with white red or blue. Jamaica's take pride in these costume and create various fashion designs with them
Jamaica is said to have the most churches per square mile than any other island. I can only compare this to banks in Panama City 1978 when I visited. Religion plays an integral part in the Jamaica culture.It ranges from the catholic to protestant to cults. Traditionally there are certain times of the year that most people will not miss going to church. New year, Easter , and Christmas.Occasions such as funerals, crusades and gospel are well supported.
Many Jamaican believe in spiritual healing so there is a culture of the supernatural entrenched in the Jamaican culture carried over from slavery. Today the Rose Hall Great House and the legend of the White Witch is still dominant and bears witness to this fact.

Jamaican inspirational writer and poet
This is a set of people whose ambition is to have the biggest and prettiest houses and to drive the fanciest cars.Without these many feel that they have failed, or life has failed them.
>Jamaican people have a culture of infectious laughter, coupled with their local dialect these make them very pleasurable to be around.

Academic Achievements
Jamaican author
These people are a bright set of individuals and if the funding is available with their type of educational drive they can achieve very high academic performances,.
If you carry out a survey over the world Jamaicans are everywhere and hold very high offices of responsibilities in many countries.
A Jamaican will out smart you many times if given the opportunity. These are a very proud set of people and walk proudly with heads held high ,a people with a purpose ,off springs from the ancestral tribe of the Mandingo and the Ashanti of African ,warriors and Kings of Africa, a great people. Jamaica culture of dance Other things to know about the culture
reggae Music
Special yearly events
Traditional dance
traditional dance
The maroons of Jamaica
Festival in Jamaica
Talk Jamaican
Fun stuff in Jamaica
take a video tour of Jamaica

Monday, May 20, 2013


Make Professional Looking Drapes


Drapes, Quick and Easy Lessons
 You may have just bought a dwelling or vacation home in Jamaica and may like to have fun doing your own window treatment

You came here to learn about drape making. Originally we had a download for you. However the files have all got corrupted and and we have lost all the files. However we have looked at this book and saw that it covers most of the topics we Thank you for your interest in our quick and Easy course.We had packages 16 easy lessons in this Module,Volume 1.

The Lessens covered: taking measurements, determining number of panels for each window treatment,calculating yardage, cutting very intricate patterns, constructions techniques, sample of valances. making different types of pleats. making run on treatment, shaped valances, run on swags, pleated swags, Rod pocket valances,Austrian, balloon curtains and valance to include single, double and triple balloons, cascades and jabot.

There is enough information and instruction in this Easy Course to make you build your first set of window treatments within a matter of days. If you can already sew you can do some within the hour

If you follow the instructions you will be making all the styles listed in no time. you can make some money this holiday season.Follow the lessons carefully and your window treatment will fit perfectly. leave a comment n and we will get back to you.
The teachers assumes you can operate a sewing machine,and follow written instructions. You may however need to brush up on some of the sewing techniques you can see some at Decorating Ideas and Tips We do hope you have lots of fun making your drapes.

If you reach here by browsing and would like to get our lesson you may get  look at our drape making books


Watch great videos about Jamaica on Youtube


  Youtube the in vogue video Hype.
Now that you have read so much about Jamaica it is time to watch some of the videos here are few videos picks from Youtube. Listen to music and poetry. Take a tour on our island and see some of our indigenous animals.Seeing is believing.Just simple enjoy the island right here from this site.Jamaica is really the place to take a vacation. It has so much to offer.The individuals members have done Jamaica proud by uploading their personal videos for all to enjoy.Have you made a great video you too can show your special video by becoming a member it is free to join.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Special Announcements From Jamaica


Do you have an announcement that you want others to know about Put it  here   we will post it for you here


Jamaica has a number of small communities Each with its own individual uniqueness and Sandy Bay is one of them.
If you are going to or from Negril one of the tourist resort in the western region this district is on the way to or from Montego Bay,

Montego Bay is another major resort on the island that boasts one of the Island’s two international airports, Sangster’s International).

Favorite shopping spot for Author Soy Criada
mada pepper shop Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay Weather Report

Public amenities

Post Office, Library, Court house, Police Station, Health Clinic, recreation centre, Library -(close. new one coming soon) Hardware, Bars, Car /Bus park, Housing Scheme, Factory (Sandy Bay Sweet Company is now closed and up for sale) Hotel, Tours, Schools, Churches, Beach,, Natural Health center and health shops,

Places to Worship

Though a very small community, there are as many as five churches located here. Whether you worship on Saturday or on Sunday there is a place where you can go to worship. There is the Seventh Day Adventist, the Methodist, the Church of God, the Christian Fellowship and the Fletcher’s Grove Baptist.
The Fletcher’s Grove Baptist church has at its back a monument erected and dedicated to the man who swapped his land to the church with the understanding that this church would educate the people in this free village. The church was named as a mark of respect and appreciation to him.

Schools in Sandy Bay
This village now boasts two government schools,a basic school and a Primary and Junior High School. The latter originally started as a church schools. The seventh Day Adventist Church now has a basic school attached .The Church Of God Church operates a well recognized Day Care Centre.
Situated between Sandy Bay and Hopewell is a fairly new high school also run by the Jamaica Government,sometimes referred to as Hopewell High, or Sandy Bay High.

The people of Sandy Bay Jamaica are basically lower or lower middle class. There is however a number of skilled workmen capable of building world class houses, mason,plumbers,carpenter, tilers,electricians and cabinet makers.
The district was originally a farming community but the people are moving away to be more skills orientated. Many individuals work at hotels. the factory or the tour in the area.

Recently a factory was operated by two multinational companies that make foundation garments some of which you may be wearing right at this moment as you are reading this article. (Jockey International). Hanes Jamaica Limited and Jockey international.Due to economical reasons they have moved on. The plant is still there and is up for rental or sale.

New update: the Jockey Factory in now operating as a factory for the making of candies Now called Sandy Bay Sweets factory..

  The Sandy Bay Candy Factory is closed. Reason not viable.. The people of Sandy bay are. badly in need of employment. There is a 2000 capacity factory up for rental .Some one please help us.
The clinic is undergoing major repair. Clinic well be held at Lucea or Hopewell from Monday Nov. 19,2012 until further notice.The clinic is now up and running.


It boasts a Police Station and a Court House that service many adjoining communities such as Montpelier and Barbican Hopewell. This is a great achievement for such a small district that is a little over a mile in length. The majority of serious crimes committed here were done by outsiders.It is known for its unsolved murders. Recently there has been and up scale in crimes which is believed to be related to the Lotto scammers.

Real Estate

If you are interested in real estate in the area the place to seek out is the Tryall Gardens housing scheme there is aways someone advertising a lot for sale.

Fun stuff

This area is well known for its football. The famous ‘Hanover Masters’ football team has its origin in Sandy Bay, many of the founding members came from this area. If you are passing through one afternoon especially on a Sunday and your tour driver slows to a snail pace it may just be one of the regular football matches in progress which usually draws large gatherings.
The new addition to sports in Sandy Bay Is the Volley Ball Court Here you can chill out by the sea, drink a beer eat some roast or fried fish fish, while other family members engage in a game of volley ball,all this happens right before the Tryall Housing Scheme.

Valrie's Bar and  Restaurant
Talk about great foods and drink .lovely hang out  for both local a visitors, clean rest room adequate  parking , a real nice hang out  and safe

Garnet's Place now Called Fisherman's Paradise  on the sea is another hangout to get your beer fried codfish and such food like conch soup.. Or just relax in the mangroves and take a nap to the gentle tide as it ebbs and flow.
 As you settle your  nerves with  Honey and warm milk.Have you ever tried it honey and milk after a stressful, nerve racking day?  .

You can get the honey Right before Garnet's place we can offer you the best honey you ever tasted from our Sandy Bay Hives guaranteed to give you the best results when making products requiring honey.

Far End  Juice Bar  and Grill is right place to get a beer and some jerk food  while enjoying  the cool sea breeze. Look out for your countries flag and the juice bar sign  or just ask for Myra. As you go through.
 Kara's cool spot, now opened  a real grovey place.Writesr and Authors will enjoy the spot. Get your cool coconut water  and fresh fruits. Check it out you can get the place to rent for parties for the day. a real  roots Jamaican hang out

Tryall Hotel and Golf Club Are you a professional golfer?  may just be the place to be. It is renowned to be one of the best golf courses in the world and was once the home of Johnny Walker and Mazda world famous golf tournaments.
Tryall Great house  Tryall Hotel Sandy Bay So you said you are a horse back riding fan or you have hopes of getting on a horse some day

Chukka Blue Adventures Tours Sandy Bay.
.Here is your chance to ride a horse in the sea? You will get to try this at  Get out into the waters ,turn your head land wards. a “Magnificent” sight, this is Sandy Bay from the vantage point of the sea.
could it be that you are thinking that a sea bike would provide much more fun, Well Chukka Adventures Tours is the place to begin experiencing the fish and reefs. You can peruse the land while looking and listening to the rivers rippling; smell the the wild flowers as bees and humming birds compete for their nectar. Listen keenly and you will be entertained by a symphony of birds twittering in the back ground against the curtain of lush wild life and the gentle rippling of the white river.
If you are a night person and like relaxing under the stars then the Sandy Bay hip Strip is the place on weekends.
Patchi Bar and Grill
Meet Bagan and Pachi they will give you free Jamaican soup dishes all you have to do is to buy their drinks and relax to the beat of the music.They sell great fried Jamaican Escoveitch Fish

Sad News Sandy Bay has lost one if its great sons Bagan is no longer with us He died 2 weeks ago Died Saturday night the 10th of November 2012 in a car crash. 

Bagan we  still miss you man. Nov,12 2015
Now Patchie goes solo but the place is still perfect . Community members play volley ball and do work out  exercises on the spot. Go join them especially on Sunday mornings

Meet two of Jamaica's Great daughters
Sandy Bay is the home of the international poet of merit and writer Juliet Christie Murray,
(Soy Criada). Read about Jamaica and it's way of life in her books. Purchase them from the links to the right from Amazon.com     Journey to Enlightenment 
Jamaica is full of Powerful Jamaican women Are you one of them. Learn how to become one of themWritings from Jamaica Sandy Bay 

A place like this must be an inspiration to many. Did you know that this district is the home of the world renowned actress,author,poet, play writer Gean Binta Breeze? Read her book! On the Edge of an Island, and others.
Search the box below to read up on Binta Breeze
or watch her performing live Gean Binta Breeze

These two writers will reveal to you the real Jamaica. They can surely let you laugh, cry, sometimes even get angry with their skillful mastery of words. They can also inspire you to great heights to become all that you can ,or ever wanted be. You can do a search right here on site to know more about them

 Jah Cure

This great singer who is heading to become a superstar is from Montpelier Sandy Bay. Purchase his music from the banner to the side of this page.   

What has Sandy Bay to offer in the near future?. Keep in touch with this site. We will be giving you some interesting historical and geographical lowdown on the district soon Yes it is worthwhile taking this trip to Jamaica. You will get an experience to remember.
Natural Healing

Sandy Bay Has become the place for Natural healing. Recently opened  Sept 2011
JICM WELLNESS CENTRE  At Taylor"s Ave just as you enter or leave Sandy Bay. the second right turn.Telephone 18763781354..

This is a fairly small center that gives very personalize services. They offer counseling and teach protocols of diet and meal planning, weight reduction , nutritional herbs, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, blood and colon cleansing,They  teach Healthy life style  by encouraging and  educating individuals  to use of the natural health laws all aimed at preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases.
New up date Sept 2015
JICM Wellness Centre  is now  situated on Main Street Sandy Bay in front of Fisherman's Stop and Beside Devon House Ice cream and sports bar They still offer the same services as before but has upgraded  to some additional ones.
offer natural health counseling, products and services. such as:
Body Detox, Full Body Scan,Foot detox, therapeutic massages Natural herbs and lots more.They will bring the services to your organization  call 18763781354 to learn more

 Vision of Health Life Style Centre,
Is another natural health establishment situated in the square  at Mariannaz's   They offer steam baths, massage  herbal detox and natural health herbs and product
Spiritual Healing
Sandy bay is a very diverse place. Ask for  Miss Palmer one of the revival leaders.  have been keeping prayer and fasting every Wednesday.Many from all walks of life drop by for a few minutes or some spend whole day. Some individuals drop in to sell herbs and nutritional products. It is amazed the amount of individuals who come for prayer and spiritual healing .The invited Bishop has his hands filled trying to solve problems  such heal diseases, drive away demons  and remove witch craft . [23.7.13]

Traveling from Hopewell to Lucea Sandy Bay lies between the Blue Hole and Tryall plantation properties . Originally it was the area from the post office to a little below the New Testament church of God. It was said to be one of the free villages and slave met there especially on Sundays to trade their products.
This village was just a big sand dune brought in from a hurricane. There is not much flat land as the land rises sharply from the sea to the hill. Over time the district evolved taking in a part of Tryall and Blue hole Properties. Though so small it has amenities that many bigger districts do not have.
Commendation must be given the late Senator Austin Taylor who worked relentless with his team to build the foundation. Some of the early families are the Magan, Walcott, Kerr,Seaton, Hall, Bowen, Wainwright, Nelson, Murray, Reid , Johnson and Daley. Many of their descendants are still living in the district.
When you visit Sandy bay you will hear some names referring to places and may wonder where are these places .I decided to do a research by talking to the elderly who lived in the district from childhood.

The Blue Hole

 river was the first place of interest known as one of the shortest or the shortest rivers in Jamaica rising out of the ground a few chains from the sea on the Blue Hole property.
It is said that the Blue Hole River had seven mystic holes and each was enclosed by bushes and Job Tears grass,and identified by a coconut tree to ensure the safety of the people and their children. A few of these holes were used to make fish ponds in the 1980’s some of these ponds are now dry but a few still remain. Although found on the Blue Hole property the river belongs to the community of Sandy Bay it was bought and paid for by prominent citizens.
It is said that after emancipation the village slaves bought it for the village as it was the only source of water and the property owners wanted to control it. As was mentioned earlier the village was one of the free villages given to slaves. 

Blue Hole hole
found at the river head is said to be very deep , very blue, bottomless and dangerous. a number of individuals lost their lives their as late as 2013

Police hole
This hole was so named because a policeman drowned in it. This was seen least dangerous of the holes. The death was seen as mysterious because the hole was shallow.

Gold table Hole
It is told that in this hole a golden table came up and expose itself for 3 days. People tried pulling it out but could not. The owner of the property tied seven oxen to two of the exposed legs in an effort to reprieve it but the oxen all went under. People swear that it really happened however this story is similar to a number of stories from other parishes.

Mermaid Hole.
One of the persons interviewed said as a young man and his friend who he called by name went to the river and saw a beautiful lady sitting on a rock combining her hair and making strange sounds. He crept up to her and frightened her, she jumped off into the river leaving her comb. He took it home determined not to return it until he got something from her.
In the night he had a fever and he saw her in his dreams she told him to bring back the comb. He held the comb for 3 days but was ill for the 3 days. On the 3rd night she came back and told him she would kill him if he did not take it back to the river. He took it the next day. The night she came and tell him she would have given him something but because he was disobedient she would not. 

The relater of the story said he too went to see the lady but as he got near the river he tripped on a piece of wire and fell .When he got up he saw the ripples in the water indicative that someone just jumped in it. He was alone no one else was there.

Boiling hole
was an active hole situated before Taylor’ Drive about ½ a chain from the shore ‘that boiled sometimes spewing water and sand above sea level. It is, said to have claimed lives.
Sink Hole There- are numerous of these and some still are in the community . One is still on the high level road behind the dwelling of a citizen .
Special places of interest.

Turn pike
is that area near the second to last road out of Sandy Bay. In this area there used to be a paddock for horse cows goats etc. In the same area people used to take bananas to be loaded on trucks and taken to be shipped in the Lucea harbour. The turn pike was like a needle that the animals went through. In this place cows were washed before milking. 

Letter Tree- 

Two birch trees were near the now Valerie’s seafood restaurant one was for Sandy bay and one for Barbican they had holes and letters were usually left in these tree by lovers from both communities. No one would take the letter not addressed to them.Sometimes the letters of lovers were left under big stones in the area.

This was situated somewhere before the recreation. Because it was an agriculture and fishing village many times strayed animal were caught and impounded thus the place was called pound. Before it was used as pound there was a house used as a hospital for cholera and small pox victims. A doctor used to visit and treat patients. After these were brought under control the place was used as a pound for stray animals.

Bread fruit tree 

Was near by the S.D.A. church just a little below and on the opposite side. People from adjoining districts such as Hopewell, Montpelier, Retirement, Barbican, Cove,and Jericho, came on Saturdays to sell their produce like a market. This bread fruit tree was special it was very big, and stout with branches stretching wide and far but not going up it was a welcoming shade.

Bar head
This the area by Dave Wint’s supermarket and the former Lollipop;or the now Mariana's Place in this area there was once a gas station. At times about March and April each year the sea would recede from the land leaving a vast area of dry land. When it recedes two so call lakes remained.
They were named Girl White and Boy White. Boys would bathe in one and girls bathe in other they never mixed. This phenomenon was not something one could study because some times the tide would go for a few hours and then return. It was unwise to go far out if one could not swim. All that land was sometimes flooded to waist height. When dried it was used for all types of recreation especially cricket at certain times in the year. 

Sandy Bay,
 formerly said to be built on a sand dune or bank, was once destroyed by a tidal wave in 1944. The sea came in and claimed a lot of the land for days canoes were used to move about. A man made reef of rocks and wired was built starting from the Post office up to the end of the housing scheme, to build back the beach and break the flow of the tide. Speaking to someone else she said that Sandy Bay has had numerous tidal waves in the past.

Rising -
From a little below the Sandy Bay cemetery the road gentle rose until it steeped right around the corner between turn pike and the cemetery now called Miss Gwen‘s corner.

All along this area was a wall but at the corner it was 2 feet wide. On this wall in the corner men would sit and looking over into the deep below. The area had lots of fish. Within 30 minutes a farmer would catch enough fish to take with him to his bush for lunch. It is said that a strange fisher came to the area to live and he made such fine fishing nets that caught thousand of fish two small to be eaten. After doing this for a number of years the fish colonies were depleted.The community still suffers this loss of this man's abuse.
Olive tree coming in from Montego bay this was the area at the first road Turning into the Tryall housing Scheme Many people usually use it as a halt to rest before entering the district.

Disclaimer: The information does not claim accuracy but is here for information only and was obtained from elderly citizens in the community.
 Roads and lanes in Sandy Bay
Some of the lanes and roads got their names in interesting ways some from people and some because of activities that took place near them. Well Lane
The lane in front of the Sandy Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church Is called Well lane. It got its name because a water well was in the area that supplied the district with drinking water.
The well itself was called Cousin Sue Well because it was in the yard where a lady called Cousin Sue lived. Later when the district got piped water this well was dumped with stones and covered with earth.
The then police station which was nearby used to get water from this well for both policemen and jailers alike .The property that the first station was built on is said to have taken up a section of land that is now belonging to three individuals and covers three blocks. At the far end nearer to Montego Bay was a barracks that was used to house prisoners but seemed to have been built to house soldiers protecting the area many years ago. Some remains of the building are still standing
Solas Lane
Is the lane to the east of The New Testament Church of God? It got its name from the market that operated at the bread fruits tree on the land situated between Well lane and Solas Lane

Some roads in Sandy Bay.
Names in brackets are the names that are no longer used.

Church Lane/ station lane
Mt.Pelier road
Magans Drive-(Bar Head Lane)
Well lane,
Solas Lane
High Level Road-(Pound top Road)
Turn pike Road
Taylors Avenue–(Rising road)
Mamie Heights
Freedom Street
Author;Juliet Christie Murray.
Contributors: Mr. Dudley McKenzie,
Olga Murray,
Keith Hall
.Mrs. Phyllis Hall
Fitzroy Seaton.

Author;Juliet Christie Murray.

Contributors: Mr. Dudley McKenzie,
Olga Murray,
Keith Hall.Mrs. Phyllis Hall
Fitzroy Seaton.
Reuben Murray
George Murray
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