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Monday, June 24, 2013


Summers can be sometimes hot and humid but your air conditioned rooms and vehicles usually take care of that. Summer is a good time to watch the most beautiful sunset in Negril. Ricks- Negril is the place to see the sun goes slowly into the water .

There is no other place in the world like this. This is also the time when Jamaica celebrates many of it's festivals. Spring is very nice as all the flowers are in bloom and the temperature is much cooler. Here is a country that offers much for spring-breakers. December is cool and the people are usually in a festive mood. The Night-life and other activities are usually at their best. The island has a history of delivering great Jamaica attraction vacation packages Devon House one of the oldest great house Great houses Devon house is one of Jamaica's historical great houses. There are many of them scattered across the island Dancing

Students Dancers and Dancing Dancing is a pass time in Jamaica but schools do compete in the national festival With finals in June then the real fun begins as this leads into the summer festivals
Sandal hotel is like a fairy Kingdom Hotels Sandals Jamaica one of the largest hotel chains offers many gracious Jamaica attractions packages all geared to ensure that you experience an exciting Jamaica vacation. The bath St.Thomas mineral sprin Mineral baths and hot springs If you are feeling ill and think you need some alternate medicine, I suggest you try our mineral baths and hot springs.Those found on the island are re-known to give good healing resutls.

Try fire water hot spring, Bath in St.Thomas ,Milk River in St,Elazabeth just to mention a few> Mineral Baths,Hot Springs
Glistening waters Trelawny Illuminating waters Jamaica is one of the only three places in the world where the waters naturally glistens in the bay at nights like a million fluorescent lamps each showing off its own brightness. All this from natural organisms found in the bay that rejuvenate, energize and heals.

Take a visit to Glistening Water's in Trelawny you will not regret it. Jamaica cycling tour Cycling Bike riding is fun in Jamaica come join the bike riding tours Is there a need to get away from traffic, toxic gases, and the hustle and bustle of the big city? Jamaica is surely the place to go. Here you get clean, crisp ,air from its naturally hilly interiors commingling with the scent of many kinds of natural vegetation. Negril beach seven long miles of white sand White Sand Beach You will enjoy the spectacular view over looking sparkling sapphire blue sea ,whose waves makes gigantic cascade of foaming white sprays racing to shore with thunderous sounds ,like a thousand horses hoofs set loose ,as they go crashing on the reefs,and cliffs in shirr joy of being a part of Jamaica's interesting unique coastline

. Jamaica has some magnificent Shawpark waterfalls in Shaw park gardens Water Falls Dunns River falls is one of Jamaica's best falls but there are many others like Mayfields, Ysfalls shawpark garden falls and others Tianos early Jamaicans Outamany experiences Tours and sight seeing OutamaniThe latest craze This is a must do attraction for those who are interested in learning about Jamaica's history.

The tour takes about 1 1/2 hours and takes visitors on a tour through various stages in Jamaica's history. At each stage is an actor or actress playing a character from that time period. Jamaica music is something to experience,just listen to one of our traditional mento bands a Jamaica attraction you are sure to come across on your visit 11th hour vacation Large hotels Small hotels Villas Guest houses Or, get adventurous and stay with a Jamaican family. When you are looking for a romantic getaway for two here is the places to get one of the best vacation ever.
Great Hotels in Jamaica

Playing with the dolphins  is a Dolphin Cove attractions
offers marine attractions such as Shark Show, Dolphins at Play, Fashion Shows, Pirates Antics. Guests are allowed to enjoy various activities, which includes dolphin kiss, foot push / dorsal push and play time. (2 dolphins) Includes Treasure Reef Get other experiences such as Interactive Sessions with the Stingrays, Glass Bottom Kayaking Snorkeling and Mini Boat Rides. . Dolphin Cove is a must see. This attraction is in Ocho Rios, St. Ann and Point Hanover on your way to Negril. You must not miss the jungle trail walk where you will see the iguana and numerous species of parrots and camel.
Chuka cove experience Chukka Blue Adventures Is part of the Chukka Adventures is another of Jamaica’s spectacular adventure found in St Ann, Montego Bay and Hanover. Sea, river and jungle experiences, in the forms of Horseback riding, canopy forest adventures, water tubing and kayaking.
Other things to do in Jamaica that may be of interest
Jamaica attractions
1.Jamaica Center for the Performing & Visual Arts-Kingsto
2.Birding in Cockpit Country
3.Lighthouse Negril
4.Little Ochi fish eating jaunt St Elizabeth
5.White Witch of Rose Hall Golf tour Montego Bay
6.Blue Lagoon (Port Antonio)
7.Bob Marley Centre and Mausoleum
8.Boston Bay Beach (Port Antonio)
9.Hiking and Parks Blue Mountains National Park
10.Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours
11.Bobsledding Tour at Mystic Mountain Ocho Rios
12, Ocho Rios Shore Excursion: Bobsledding Tour at Mystic Mountain
13.John's Hall Montego Bay Adventure Tour
14.Ocho Rios Zion Bus Tour
15.Sunset at Rick’s Cafe Negril
16.Jamaican Canopy Tour from Ocho Rios
17.Black River Safari, Tour
18.Appleton Rum Estate Tour from Negril

Friday, June 21, 2013


Your Jamaica travel tips and luggage guide-Let your luggage be classy

Jamaica Travel tips

Here are some travel information click on logo to take you there

                                                                                                                                       Get all your jamaica travel tips here

Are you planning on moving to or from Jamaica Let IntlMovers help you
Security Information: traveling tips and luggage guide
Most air lines including the national airline Air Jamaica reserves the right to refuse transportation to passengers without positive identification matching the name on the ticket.

All checked and unchecked articles are subject to search. Do not leave your travel luggage unattended. It may be removed, stolen, or destroyed as suspected baggage. Check in your luggage as soon as possible. Do not accept any item from an unknown person for carriage on board the aircraft
When going on your vacation it is best to have durable travel luggage that are equipped to take the wear and tear of the airplane luggage storage area and still remain crisp and smart looking at the end of your flight.
They should be durable,do not break at the seams and should be able to be securely locked until opened by you. It is best that the luggage be sectioned so you can stock your things in an orderly manner so that you will be able to access them easily and quickly

Special Jamaica travel tips
Genuine Italian leather travel luggage is the way to go and offers you all the attributes mentioned above. leather luggage bags come in various colours that can complement you.
In the course of normal handling, travel-luggage will show evidence of use. Air lines will not accept liability for the following: Damage or loss of protruding baggage parts such as wheels, pull-straps, pockets, handles, etc., nor for minor damage resulting from normal wear and tear such as nicks, scratches, scuff marks, dents, cuts and soils.

  Tips For your protection, hazardous materials including but not limited to explosives, compressed gases, lighter fluid, flammable solids, oxidizers, car batteries, poisons, corrosives, radioactive materials, ‘strike anywhere’ matches, loaded firearms and common household agents such as bleach, cooking oil, drain openers, cleansers, etc., are forbidden on board the aircraft either in your baggage or on your person.
With these exceptions you should get your self the best set of luggage you can afford. If you invest in quality luggage you should have them for many more Jamaica vacations. Try looking at the luggage below here you will find some of genuine good quality
Look real classy by making up your own complete luggage set of Authentic travel bags and totes.
Leather Bags, Luggage, Briefcases,and Handbags
> Here is just two example of classic luggage


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Monday, June 17, 2013


Learn about unique Jamaica trees


Jamaica trees is from Jamaica a country that is called the land of wood and water that means we do have a lot of trees, Below are some Jamaican tree picture of some of the well respected trees that form a part of our national symbols.
We do have other interesting trees that are linked to our culture such as
The Maypole Tree that resembles the traditional maypole dance.
The stringy mango also called common mango found all over the island and the cheapest of them all
The yellow Poui which is found on many government properties, great houses and hotels decorates many roads and drive ways.

The Gunago a great spreading tree is steep in our flolk duppy stories.
The Poinciana with its flaming red blooms decorates many country sides the number1 poets choice.

The breadfruit which is steep I our history as the poor man’s bread.

The Bauhania, called the Orchid of the poor man is scattered all over Jamaica.

The bird Cherry trees the joy of Jamaican children as they roam their favorite bushy holiday haunts.
Jamaica Trees
MAHOE (Hibiscus elatus). This has been regarded as one of our primary economic timbers. It is currently much used for re-afforestation and is a valuable source of cabinet timber. It is of an attractive blue-green colour with variegated yellow intrusions, it is capable of taking a high polish which highlights the variety f grain and .colour tones.
The mahogany used traditionally for the four poster great beds
the banana tree the green leaves and fruit used for making the traditional dish t Blue draws.
The great touring cedar every family traditional had one or knows one used to bury the dead and make .

The coconut tree the water from the fruits is said to wash the heart,The cotton trees is also linked to many Jamaica folk stories the place to find water and the place to look for ghost of the past.You can visit here to see photos of them.

Jamaican National Flower – Lignum VitaeJamaica has some of the most beautiful trees. The people are very proud of them. Some have been shown great respect and form a part of our national symbols and heritage
LIGNUM VITAE (Guiacum officinale) is indigenous to this island and was found here by Christopher Columbus. It is thought that the name – translated from the Latin to mean ‘wood of life’ - was then adopted because of its medicinal qualities. The tree grows best in the dry woodlands along both the north and south coasts of the island.
In addition to producing an attractive blue flower, the plant itself is very ornamental. The wood was once popular for use as propeller shaft bearings in nearly all the ships sailing the ‘Seven Seas’ and because of this, in shipyards worldwide, the lignum vitae and Jamaica were once closely associated.

NATIONAL TREE - The Blue Mahoe

The mahoe is a native to the Jamaica and they were found to grow only in Cuba

Jamaica trees : medicinal value of the chocho
  Take a look at some of the we offer for your many illnesses.

. Jamaica trees NATIONAL FRUIT - The Ackee
ACKEE (Blighia sapida). Whilst not indigenous to Jamaica, this fruit has remarkable historic associations. It was originally imported from West Africa, probably brought here on a slave ship, and now grows luxuriantly, producing each year large quantities of edible fruit.
The tree was unknown to science until plants were taken from the island to England in 1793 by captain William Bligh (of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ fame), hence the botanical name ‘ Blighia sapids’ in honour of the seafarer. One of the earliest local propagators of the tree was a Dr. Thomas Clarke, who introduced it to the eastern parishes in 1778.
Jamaica is the only place where the fruit is generally recognized as an edible crop, although the plant has been introduced into most of the other Caribbean islands (Antigua, Barbados, Barbuda, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago) and Central America, and even Florida, where it is known by different names and does not thrive in economic quantities.


Monday, June 3, 2013


Column A
Chigga nit 
Search mi heart
Red water grass
Column B
Buppy gun
Pepper mint
Column C
colic mint
black mint
tame basil Column D
Fever/Lemom grass






Sunday, June 2, 2013


Story from Jamaica
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Weh Mi Car
You hav fi Read dis yah

You eva hear the tori bout wan woman dem call Miss Jull who have her chris ,chris car but she only waan fi drive ie when she deh go a work or if she hav fi carry nough sinting from Mo Bay.

Some time if she hav fi shap pan Barnett Street an go dung St. James Street she wi drive . She seh ,as long as she ha fi park and walk round inna di town she think ie easier and cheaper fi park her car an teck bus.

Well dis yah day, she hav fi go change her check inna Lucea . She was kina running late. She also plan fi go a Merica inna a two week time,so she think dat day was di best time fi buy di plane ticket.
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She did plan fi park di car a har friend shop inna Sandy Bay and teck di bus. Since time when deh run out and she no waan go a work late ,she decide ie woulda betta if she just drive an done, instead a waste time an wait pan di bus.
a tell you dis yah story a sinting.
She drive an park di car inna Mid town Plaza inna the hart a Lucea. Then she walk go a NCB Bank ,spend bout forty five minutes ,den she go a Scotia Bank an spend bout one hour tanup inna di line.
After that she lef an go a one Chiney shop an buy quarter dozen stocking because ie cheapa fi buy dem inna dat deh store worst if you buy three one time.
Miss Jull always credit clothes from her friend Mell who have one stall inna di Lucea bus park. When she cross di road fi go look fi Mell an pay har bill, she memba dat she no buy di Merica ticket yet.
She kiss har teeth an seh dat deh ticket hav fi tan ,because she well late already . Anyhow she still go a har friend ,pay her bill an chit chat little bit .
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No stop gwann read di story  

When she done she step outa di shap an same time one backup man fi one a di Lucea mini bus come up an seh. "One more seat left”. Knowing dat she late she step straight inna di mini bus.
She siddung ,rest her head pan di back a di seat ,close her yie little bit and rest . She know she naah go too late fi her work,again; For wid dat deh driver wha siddung round di steering , when him move off, di concord hav fi good fi ketch him back.

An the story continues
Quick, quick, she reach near har friend shop weh she use to lef har car. She press di bus buzzer ,but when she look out an no see her car She seh “ gwaan driver,gwaan”
She rub her head, an wrinkle her brow an mumble to herself.” an seh Look yah ,mi no member seh a work mi did park mi car. By di time the bus move off bout five chain she halla out.” One stop driver one stop”.
Di people dem tun round, and one tall, black, mawga,miserable man bex like a bull ask “Lady wha meck you neva come off down deh so? . She seh. Mi think mi did lef mi car down deh but mi just memba seh, mi park ie a Lucea

Mi seh Ma ,di whole bus burst out inna one laugh as she sep out . Same time she dial har work place while she deh teck out har fare fi gi di griver.
You waan hear har pan di phone a tell har bass seh.“ Miss I am going to be very late.I am down the road close by but I have to take another bus and go back to Lucea. I have forgotten my car there."
Man di whole bus burst out a laugh all over again. Di story no tap deh so you nuh
Di worst part a, it , no waan teacher Ma! She always a quarrel when di pickney dem figet one simple sound dat she teach.dem

For if dem fi seh Sh and a meck mistake an seh ,Ci she put down no ends a quarrel, bout how dem caan remember one little phonic sound.

But see yah, A wonder wha run eena fi har mind when she see dat she to caan figet. Me no know wah she tell di pickny dem a school afta dat.?

When she ketch back a work you would a think she would a look shame .No Ma., Har teet dem when deh kin so tell..She seh ,Since she wen done late a ready ,she just galang go buy her Merica ticket.

An guess wha di travel agent tell har ? No dat she was very lucky,cause, di ticket deh go up by eight thousand and fifty dollar di next day.

You know, sinting, it no meck no sense you laugh afta church people you know. Yes Misses , she a one a dem. Dem seh dem bless, an God teck special care a dem.

For antil tiday day you caan convince har dat a no God intervene inna the ticket affair an meck har jump pan di mini bus and drive weh lef har big ,big Mitsubishi Galant Car.
Short story by
Soy Criada
Copyright 2006 @Juliet Christie Murray

Are you interested in reading more writing from this author clicking on this book will give you an opportunity to go to a place where you can read more stories of humour.
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Jamaica's maroon

Talk Jamaican
  • Aan--- on
  • blud--- blood
  • Caan--- cannot
  • Cooya--- look here
  • Kuyah--- Look at
  • Fi mi mine
  • Fi you--- Yours
  • Dem deh--- those
  • Debil--- devil
  • Dan--- than
  • Dat--- That
  • Dem--- Them
  • Dem--- They
  • dis this---
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Copy of jamaicaday007.JPG
Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS
(Memoedica charantia) 
 Content: 1   ounce                                  

Cerasee: Has a history of being used by Jamaicans to help ease stomach ache associated with menstrual cramps. Many used it for diabetes  mixed with aloe vera. It is also used to make baths for skin infection
1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water  Steep , strain and drink

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPG
Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS
   (Cassia  Accidentals)
   Content: 1   ounce

Dandelion: Is grown in all parishes on the island. They come in actually different species, cultivated and wild. Traditionally it was given to children that wet bed mixed with corn silk. It is still used by many as a blood purifier,
Directions:1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water  Steep , strain and drink

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS
Copy of jamaicaday007.JPG                                
Colic mint (cat nip)
Lippa Alba)
Content: 1   ounce

Colic Mint: Traditional every Jamaica home had a plant grown by the door way to ward off evil. It is said to stop colic and used for colicky  babies and for children who eat all types fo fruits during summer holiday. Ver good for stomach problems associated with gas.
Directions: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water  Steep , strain and drink

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS
(zingiber officinale)
Content: 1   ounce

Ginger: is one of Jamaica’s oldest herbs. It is used in ginger beer and the traditional Christmas drink sorrel. However many individuals use it to fight arthritic pains, stomach ache flatulence and gas
Directions: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water  Steep , strain and drink

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS

Scour sop(gravoli)
(Annona Muricata)
Content: 1   ounce

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPG 


moringa oleifera     

Scour Sop: Jamaicans have been using scour to make drink  with milk and sugar. Recently they have been using it with lime. Whatever the situation scour sop is  also used to calm the nerve  ,induce sleep and is mixed with guinea hen  to prevent cancer
Directions: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water  Steep , strain and drink

 Moringa: Jamaica had lots of tree on government  property but one person  knew the benefits.  One person tried and noised it abroad. There was an onslaught on tree soon all visible trees were bare of leaves ,some branches  .It was  said to be a natural antibiotic, aid in childbirth, liver  disorders, and a good  supply  of nutrients   Direction: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water. Steep and use This product is for educational  purposes ,It is not  intended to replace doctors’ medication  .Store in a dark area.
Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS
Guinea Hen) 
( Petivera Alliacea

  Guinea hen weed: Is one the most widely grown weed on the island . It can be found in every parish in Jamaica. It can be identify for its unpleasant garlicky smell. It was used plentifully for fever baths ,but now people  seem to be using it to prevent tumors and cancers. It is said to keep away insects and bats Directions: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water  Steep , strain ,useThis products is not intended to treat any medical condition

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS
Red water grassCopy of jamaicaday007.JPG
Commelina diffusa  
 Zebrina Pendula)

Red Water grass :Traditional  house  wives says Red Water Grass is good for colds, diabetics, swelling and Hypertension  In Jamaica it forms part of a well acclaimed tea that is made from a combination of bachelor buttons  flowers  and sour sap  leaves or bark said to reduce prostate swelling Direction: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water. Steep  and use This product is not intended to replace doctors’  advice medicine 

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS

Blue vervain
(Verbena hastate)

Blue Vervain is a popular herb on the island. Traditionally used as a  tea that many said calm nerves, menopause problem, blood, liver and kidney  cleanser  and  to reduce inflammation.
Direction: 1 tsp to 8 ozs boiling water steep,  strain, use, This information and product is for education only and not  for  replacing your doctor advice  or medication  
Copy of jamaicaday007.JPGISAND  BUSH  HERBS


Turnera  aphrodisiac

Ram Goat Dash along (Damiana (Turnera   aphrodisiac)  Old Jamaican men remain virile and many fathered  children way unto their old age. This was so because they used Ram goat dash along for tea at breakfast.  Little did they know it increases sexual desire and sperm count.
 Direction: 1 tsp to 8 ounces boiling water. Steep  and use
This product is not intended to replace doctors medicine

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPG

Copy of jamaicaday007.JPG