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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Jamaican flowers Jamaica is one of the most beautiful Caribbean country. One of the things that makes it so beautiful is its tropical climate. The other is the beautiful flowers cultivated in controlled gardens and also the uncultivated riotous blooms scattered all over the island’s country side.

Jamaica’s’ tropical Caribbean climate produces the country’s varied flora and fauna. As it shelters, nurtures and stimulates the beautiful plants tamed and untamed. When you visit Jamaica you will notice beautiful Jamaican flowers all over the place.
These flowers are not usually planted in pots or rows, but grew on their own.It is hard to venture in any direction without seeing flowers in bloom Years gone.

Hope Garden was once Jamaica’s pride and Joy as it showed off many of the varied species of flowers Jamaica had to offer.During the last fifty years Hope Gardens has been through periods of care and neglect. During the period of care the Garden became a place for pleasure, recreation, sightseeing and picnicking. The Garden is especially enjoyed by visitors including students from the near by universities, who seek a quiet place to relax , study and enjoy the beautiful Jamaican flowers.

When you visit Jamaica and want to learn about it flora and fauna join one the tours I that includes the garden journey through Jamaica. Highlights include: Cranbrook Flower Forest, Fern Gully, Mount Plenty Great House, Firefly, Castleton Gardens,Ribble Lodge Gardens ,Jamaica Inn and Strawberry Hill. Although the flowers are the same as many found around the world there are some that are still indigenous to Jamaica. Some of our very common flowers in Jamaica are listed below along with some names the local call them some will make you smile.

Ginger lily
Amaranth(puss tail)
Orchid (grown wild in Jamaica forrest)
Lignum vitae
Joseph coat
Moses in the basket
Hibiscus(-Shoe Black)
Orchids (Dendrophylax funalis/Oncidium triquetrum
Poinciana (fanciania)
) Flamenco (Kniphofia uvaria)
Kiss Me Over the Garden (Polygonum orientale
Heliconia (Heliconia bihai aurea)
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor)
Sandalwood Bramble (Rubus rosaefolius)
Fern (Crinum paludosum)
Blue Mahoe (Paritium elatum)
Arnatto/Annatto (Bixa orellana)

Flowers bloom all year round in Jamaica spring ,summer ,autumn and winter. We export flowers to other countries and also import. Flower basket and floral arrangements are sold plentifully on the island so although we do have lots of different species of flowers we do not have enough of each species to supply our own market demand. However we do cultivate a lots various species such as anthuriums, gingers and heliconias,of which we export the surplus.
These are some of the species of ginger lilies we export , Red Torch, Pink, Pink Torch, Rattlesnake, Shell and Beehive. Pastels, Red and Orange are the anthurium varieties. The Heliconia varieties include Rostrata,Yellow Bird, Caribea and Latispatha.
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Other things to know about Jamaica

Real estate sandy Bay
 drape making Course from a Jamaican decorator on line
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Moses in the basket

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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Jamaica Hotels,
This is where you can find hotel names and locations and then use the search box to find out more about them . No matter the size of your pocket you will find an accommodation that is suitable for your budget.

A hotel with no rating or a rating of 1 or stars usually lacks the many extra amenities or luxuries offered at more highly rated properties. However, if you don't plan on spending much money or much time at the hotel anyway, this may be all you need.
All the links will take to a Jamaica hotels but you can search for any other hotel world wide from the search box below.We do have some of the best rates available.
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Jamaica vacation Review

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Jamaica Hotel


5 Star Jamaica Hotels
1.Rits Carlton
4 star Jam. Hotels
2Half Moon
3.Sans Souci Resort
4.Hedonism II
5.Hedonism II1
6.Royal Plantation
8.Grand Lido Negril
9.Grand Lido Braco
10.Strawberry Hill
3 Star Hotels in Jamaica
11. Round Hill Hotel
12.Jamaica Inn
13.Wyndham Rose Hall
14.Pebbles Resort-
15.Rockhouse Hotel-
16.Sunset Jamaica
17. Grand Lido
18.Couples Ocho Rios
19.Sunset Beach Resort
20.Hotel Riu Tropical Bay
21.Beaches Sandy Bay
22.Sandals Negril Beach
23.Sandals Grand Beach
24.sandals Royal Caribbean
25.Sandals Inn
26.Coyaba Beach Resort
27.Starfish Trelawny Resort
18Breezes Runaway Bay
29.Sandals Dunn's River
20. Couples
21.The Caves-
32.Golden Seas Beach
34.Negril Cabins resort
35.Negril Gardens Beach
36.Decameron Club
37.Club Ambiance
38.Montego Beach Resort
39.Sunset at the Palms
40.Hilton Kingston
41. Hotels inJamaica
42.Franklyn D. Resort
43.Holiday Inn
44.Crane Ridge Resort
45.Jamaica Pegasus
46.The Courtleigh Hotel
2 star Jamaica Hotel
47.Knutsford Court Hotel.
48.Knutsford Court
49.Jake's Resort
50.The Gloustershire Hotel
51.Castles by the Sea
52.Travellers Beach Resort
54.Home Sweet Home
55.Runaway Bay H.E.A.R.T
56.Samsara Hotel.
57.Legends Beach Resort.
58.Morgan's Harbour Hotel
59.Doctor's Cave Beach l
69.Village Hotel.
61.Mocking Bird Hill.
62.Christar Villas
63.Sand Castles Resort.
. 64.The Gloustershire
65.Foote Prints
66.Alamanda Inn.
67.Wexford Hotel
68.Treasure Beach Hotel
69.Goblin Hill Villas
70Four Seasons Hotel
71.Sea Splash Resort
72.Blue Harbour Hotel
73.Golden Sunset Villas
74.Buccaneer Beach Hotel
75,Emerald Escape Beach
76.Sunset Resort
77.Silver Seas
78.Charela Inn
1 star Hotels
79.Whistling Bird Resort.
80. La Mar Resort .
81. Negril Treehouse
82Country Beach Cottages
83.Emerald View Villas.
84.Hill Seaview Villa
85.Riu Ocho Rios.
86.Sandals Montego Bay.

5 Star Jam.Hotels
Montego Bay
4 Star Hotels
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Runaway Bay
Ocho Rios
Montego Bay
3 Star Hotels
Ocho Rios
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios
Montego Bay
St. Ann
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
Runaway Bay
Ocho Rios
St. Mary
Runaway Bay
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
Port Antonio
Runaway Bay
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
2 star hotels
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
Runaway Bay
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
San San
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
St.James Reading
Ocho Rios
Montego Bay
Reading St James
Ocho Rios
1 star Hotels
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios
Montego Bay


Jamaican People Out Of Many One

Jamaican People

The Tainos
Sad Jamaican Family are burying 4 family members all at once
The original inhabitants of Jamaica were said to be the Taino who spoke a language known as Arawakan. They were believe to arrive in the country migrating from North of the Orinoco Basin about 650.AD.The Taino depended mainly on farming ,fishing and hunting for survival. They cultivate Cassava from which they made bread called bammy .They cooked their meat on a four legged stand called a bucan; made of spiced wood called pimento. This is a method that we now called barbecue in which the meat placed and is roasted over and open fire. These people are no longer in existence however they have left a long lasting legacy with us since they were the ones to first name the island Xamaica.                         

ChineseJamaican People
The Chinese came to Jamaica as indentured workers who later established themselves as bakers, shopkeepers, and restaurant owners. They have gave the culture a Chinese cuisine flavor.They maintained link to old traditions ,and many Chinese in Jamaica still celebrate the Chinese new year which is usually done with a large celebratory dinner with family.
The Irish
The Irish arrived about 350 years ago somewhere in the mid 1600s.The legacy of the Irish is still seen in the places names, such as Dublin Castle, Irish pen. Irish town, Sligoville, Kildare, Leinster Road and Belfast. Their connection in Jamaica goes beyond the names of places. Similarities can be found in a shared history of colonial domination and the achievement of independence in the same century. Other similarities include the fact that some Accompong Maroons formation bear the passing resemblance to the Irish reel; and the Jamaican Constabulary is patterned after the Royal Iris Constabulary ,complete with the red stripe on the pants leg. Their love of laughter, spirit of song, horses and gambling, along with their willingness to live for the moment is the legacy they have given to the Jamaicans. people

The Syrian and The Lebanese Jamaican People
The Syrian And the Lebanese un like other immigrants from China and India di not come as indentured labourers .Like the Jews who arrived centuries before came on their own of their own free will although fleeing religious persecution. Many started peddling and became successful as merchants. Over time they open dry goods stores in down town Kingston. Many of these store are still operating even until today in areas such as Orange street , West Queen Street ,King and Harbour Streets. These people have preserve their culture over the years ,mostly through their cuisine of traditional dishes such as Kibbeh, tabouleh, hummus, and stuffed grapes leaves. They are the ones who introduced the popular flat bread known as Syrian in their diet added to the Jamaican Cuisine.

Portuguese Jamaican people
Most Portuguese came to Jamaica were Sephardi Jews who fled their country because of the Spanish Inquisition which persecuted individuals of Jewish faith.
Many of them were merchants and money lenders and changers they were never farmers. They also became successful traders as they traded pepper, cocoa, vanilla, pimento and sugar.
The Jews who were said to introduce sugar cultivation technology to Brazil in the 1520’s are largely credited with doing the same for Jamaica about 1530.The Jews remain in Jamaican after the British conquest and began to practice their religion openly as they established synagogues of which only one remains today, Synagogue Sha’are Shalom ,the house of worship of the United Congregation on Israelites.

The Spanish Jamaican People

The Spanish coming to the Caribbean dates back to over 500 years. They change the landscape of Jamaica’s history. The reminders of this historically period are the names of places all over the island, Such as Ocho Rios, Rio Bueno, Santa Cruz, Rio Cobre, Port Antonio and most importantly Spanish Town Formerly known as ST. Jago dela Vega.a town which became the centre of life and history in Jamaica. The Spanish introduced many crops to Jamaica such as sugar cane ,bananas, and citrus. They produced most of the domesticated animals found on the island today including pigs, horsed, goats cats, dogs, cats and chicken

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The AfricansJamaican People
Millions of African came to Jamaican after they were taken from Africa. Those who came were mainly from the Ashanti, Coromantee, Mandingo and Yoruba tribe, Their influence on the Jamaican is incredible.
The Jamaican language is strongly influenced by these people it is most evident in the local dialect. which is largely evolved from the intermingling of African and the English language. The influence of the African is also reflected in the development of our matriarchal society, music, our dance, oral traditions, our superstitions and cuisine. The survival of many of our traditions by a people who manage to preserve the many of our African traditions is testament to the strength and resilience of these people

The Germans
The Germans arrived in Jamaica shortly after emancipation, they came as labourers. Many of them settled in Seaford Town in Westmoreland and started farming on 500 acres of land denoted by Lord Seaford in 1835.Today many traditional German cottages still exist in Seaford Town. About 600 residents claim they are have direct linkage to the Germans lineage. Many still retain the distinct features of German Geology. There are some places in the hillier region of the country still bearing German names such as Manhertz gap, Charlotten-burge, Mount Holstein, Bremen Valley, New Brunswick and Hessen Castle.

The IndiansJamaican People
The Indians first came to the island as indentured labourers in 1845.a decade after Emancipation. These are the new Jamaican people who brought mangoes, curry and other spices to the island. They were to grow rice successfully and established a rice mill in the1890;s.The Indians also introduced several and trees the most common among them being the coolie plum , mango, jack-fruit and tamarind. Today curry goat, and roti dishes are ranked high on the list of Jamaican cuisine. Mangoes are one of the island’s most liked and cherished fruits and the Jamaican people look forward to the season which runs from May to July although some people have developed species that last almost all year round.

The English
Jamaica people

The English came to Jamaica in 1665 when they capture the island from the Spanish. They too have left some of their distinct culture. The English Plum pudding can be seen reflected in our cuisine as the Jamaican fruit cake. Our written and accepted formal English came from the British. Our Parliamentary and judiciary system, education system are predominant British. Many children were fathered by the British.

The Scots
These people like the Germans and Irish were all encouraged to come to Jamaica shortly after Emancipation. This was an attempt by Government to established European township. This lead to place names after Scots just like the Irish and Germans. You will come across names suchCulloden( the site of Jacobite battle,) Craigie and Aberdeen are reflection of stron Scotish ties. The Kingston and St.Andrew Scots Kirk Church founded in 1819 by a group of Scottish merchants. It is one of the oldest churches on the island and held the distinction of Jamaica’s main Presbyterian Church until the merger in 1965 when Presbyterian and Congregational churches merged to form the United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman .The St. Andrew Choir was formed in the this Church and is renowned for its contribution to Jamaica Choral of Music.
Credit is given to :Sources Scotia Group/Jamaica Gleaner/Jamaica.gov.
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Looking a good public Jamaican school For your Child?

Sandy Bay Public Jamaican School--------Teachers Lesson Plans
Are you coming to the western part of Jamaica anytime soon and would like to put your child into a Public school . Well here is one to consider. The Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High is located in a coastal village in the constituency of Eastern Hanover. It lies approximately 3 Kilometers to the west of the Tryall Golf and Beach Club. Jamaican school
Give school gift Certificate
Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High is a rural institution in Eastern Hanover. Its community spans a radius of 5.95 kilometers. Economic activities comprise farming, construction, fishing, trading and tourism.

Formerly it was a church institution and was located on lands owned by the Methodist Church. The original structure was made of board with cement tiles on the roof. After many years of use the structure weakened and fell into disrepair.
In 1957 a new building was built to accommodate 400 students. As the years progressed the enrollment increased hence there was the need for expansion and so the government introduced the Shift System.
In 1993 a new block was erected through the instrumentality of the then Principal Mrs. Aneita Small and the efforts of School Community Outreach Program for Education (SCOPE). In 1998 a reclassification from All Age to A Primary & Junior High status was done. This allows the children from Grade 7-9 to share a common curriculum with other High schools around Jamaica. Sandy Bay presently operates with the Primary on one shift and the Junior High on the other. The shifts rotate termly.
From 1998-2006 the school's population increased to a high of 1009 students, 744 in the primary ranging from age 6-12 and 265 in the Junior High ranging from age 12-15 with 28 teachers on staff, (19 primary and 9 Junior high)
The principal Mrs. Marva Trenfield, assisted by Mrs. Carmen Christian, Vice-principal for the Primary shift and Mrs. Juliet Christie Murray Vice-principal for the Junior High shift along with the dedicated staff have been working assiduously to lift and keep the high standards of this institution.
With the introduction of the new policy in Education geared at placing all students ages 13 years and over into high schools, the number on roll reduced to a little under 900.in 2008 However the institution still has a Junior High Department with a significant reduction in the number of students in that section.. Jamaican school

The building consists of 28 rooms, which are as follows, 14 classrooms, Visual Arts Room, Home Economics Room, Guidance Room, Computer Room, Auditorium, Competency Shelter, Library, Tuck Shop, Canteen, Staff Room and Principal Office and Vice Principal's Office.
There is also a trailer, which formerly housed the Science Lab. It was necessary for the students on the Junior High. At present it is being used as a classroom. It was built with the help of the community effort as technology advances this organization is not content being left behind. Its newest project is an audiovisual room in which the R.O.S.E had a great input.

Jamaican School The institution boasts a library, but unfortunately there is no librarian to assist students who would like to use the facilities. The Hanover Charities has given a contribution towards a library assistant.
From students who sat the Grade Six Achievement Test and the Grade Nine Achievement Test in 2006 99%gained places in other high schools as a result of the examination passes.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities. Presently we have nine clubs functioning:
Environment Club - We have received a number of national awards and are presently known as an Advanced Environment Club. Through this club one of our students was selected to represent Jamaica at an International Children’s Conference on the environment held in Canada in May 2002.

Dance Club – This group has been performing well, with the assistance of Ms. S. Hill and Miss M. Trenfield who are members of the teaching staff. Over the years they have gained a number of medals both at regional and national levels.If all goes well they will perform in the USA. this summer
Music Club – This is a new club and they have performed well at the regional level, gaining silver and bronze medals.

Speech Club – This group continues to perform exceptionally well and has over the years gained gold, silver and bronze medals, up to national level.
K-Kids Club – An arm of the Hopewell Kiwanis Club, continues to prepare youth leaders. They conduct weekly meetings in a formal setting. They are also involved in environmental and community projects.
The Heritage Club, 4-H Club and Scouts group also play their role in having students purposefully employed, while they gain knowledge and skills.

The school is presently in the process of forming Poetry and Reading Club, a Wellness Club and also a Builders Club. It is believe that participation in these clubs, along with the specific benefit, will also address some disciplinary problems. In 2010 The school has launched an outdoor literacy project in which social studies information will be placed on perimeter fence, on the out side of buildings along walk ways and in the school garden.Students will participate and be instruction to find information for their class in these areas.
The school is also in partnership with a school form England.Students Exchange information about their school and country.

Teachers visit and try to implement some best practices from both schools. In an effort to assist with behavioral problems, the school has implemented a program known as the Mentor ship Program. Community persons of sound integrity are invited to mentor one or two students who exhibit behavioral problems. This has proven to be a successful program as parents have expressed their gratitude.

Children who have financial problems are placed on the school’s feeding program. However, the number of students needing this assistance sometimes put a strain on our resources With the introduction of the PATH programme by the government a numbers or students are now getting a hot lunch from the canteen daily.
Not to be left out of tertiary education, a branch of the IUC (International University Of the Caribbean} offers a BA. In Education and a Diploma in Early Child Education.

Recently two grade 6 students won first place for poetry and second place for art in the mental health competition put on by the nurses in the western part of the island .The institution got a computer and trophies for the effort
In March 2008 the school partnered With the Western Region 4H Clubs in implementing an after school cake making and decorating Course. The participants will receive a 4H certification and successful students will be given NCTVET certification. Jamaican school Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High School is a dynamic institution and keeps on moving from strength to strength.

The year 2012 saw the last group of Junior high students passing through the graduation isle. The school is now down graded to a primary school.It is also the center for ASTEP students who have failed the Grade 4 test There is no more competency shelter in Sandy Bay School.
To be frank The education planners do not know when to see something good happening for students and to improve on it. The R.O.S.E. was a very good Jamaican schools program one of the best things that happened to students. The Competency too was a good project. Other Jamaican schools in Sandy

 Sandy Bay primary and Junior High will be undergoing a big change. The school since 2012 had gone back to catering for primary students,but come September 2013 it will be going back to one shift. The more things  change the more they remain the same. Its like a dog returning to its own vomit.

The Sandy Bay Primary and Junior high has officially gone back on one shift and is now only a primary school. The new Principal is Ms Eugenie Simpson

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Jamaica waterfalls dare you miss this


Jamaica waterfalls are re-known world wide as some of the best waterfalls .You will have missed a wonderful experience if you come to Jamaica and did not visit the falls
524558_Spa & Wellness Banner 250x250 Dunn's River falls

There are a number of waterfalls in Jamaica that cascade with such magnificence and beauty that visitors climb the every day. The most famous is Dunn's River Falls which is known as the most famous of the Ocho Rios waterfalls and is located pretty close to the town of Ocho Rios on the north coast in the parish of St Ann.
Climbing up the waterfalls in Jamaica is a popular tourist activity and is often, but not exclusively performed with the help of tour guides from the park.


Why not come to come to Jamaica and experience the climb up the falls in a human chain led by expert Falls Guides. If you stop at the 'massage parlor' you will experience the soothing effects of the water as it cascades to the sea. The waterfalls are powerful and span about 180 metres (600 feet).There is several small lagoons are interspersed between the vertical sections of the falls that serves as plunge pools.
This is the ideal place for your Jamaica wedding. You will be so proud to show your friends the pictures beauty of one in Jamaica of the best scenery and to know you have been associate with it so intimately.

YS Falls

this is a Crystal clear fountain of sparkling water with seven tiers of which two is always cascading gentle down 120 feet out of cool swimming holes and coves. The YS Falls experience is so exhilarating and makes one think of what the 'Garden of Eden' swim must have been like; Complete relaxation. It is located in the parish of St Elisabeth near the town of Black River and not far from the Nassau Mountains. Just come experience the river tube rides and a jungle experience to remember.

May field Falls

Welcome to the May field falls a place of peaceful surroundings, a tranquil spot . May field Falls is located in the Dolphin head mountains and boast two mineral springs, the perfect place for meditation, spiritual healing, and to commune with nature an good inspirational spot for writers and poets. It is the place to learn about Jamaican fruits and flowers which are plentiful on the walk along the hills surrounding the river .The ideal setting to enjoy the natural paradise and beauty of Jamaica.

Shaw Park Gardens Falls
Shaw park garden Falls Another great Jamaica waterfalls is a beautiful garden situated in St Ann with a sparkling waterfall that cascades down a rocky course with luxuriant plant specimens on all sides. The lush tropical trees forms bowers with flamboyant blooms blossoming every month of the year. This magnificent tropical garden with its waterfall overlooks the town of Ocho Rios, St Ann Jamaica and is also a place you must visit.

Mahoe Falls

Mahoe Falls is situated on the Milford River. Come visit with friends the Mahoe Falls and dip in the pool at the base of the fall. You may just come and explore on your own, or just simply stretch out for hours and listen to the thunderous roar of the falling water.

Milford Falls
Milford Falls is in St Ann Ocho Rios is a piece of the old Shaw Park Estate. This was also the pathway used by many Spaniards. Jamaica was once ruled by Spain but the battle of Shaw Park in Feb. 1659 helped in their demise.

Reach Falls Spectacular Jamaica waterfalls

Reach Falls Was once closed the falls reopen in the winter season 2006-07.You are no longer permitted to climb on the rocks, jump from the falls, venture downstream, or venture upstream. However you are allowed to swim in a pool above the falls where they have built a stairs leading to and also the pool below the falls. The falls now sports a string of buoys across the pool delineating shallow and deep water. You can still enjoy your walk up the cascades.

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