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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Jamaican flowers Jamaica is one of the most beautiful Caribbean country. One of the things that makes it so beautiful is its tropical climate. The other is the beautiful flowers cultivated in controlled gardens and also the uncultivated riotous blooms scattered all over the island’s country side.

Jamaica’s’ tropical Caribbean climate produces the country’s varied flora and fauna. As it shelters, nurtures and stimulates the beautiful plants tamed and untamed. When you visit Jamaica you will notice beautiful Jamaican flowers all over the place.
These flowers are not usually planted in pots or rows, but grew on their own.It is hard to venture in any direction without seeing flowers in bloom Years gone.

Hope Garden was once Jamaica’s pride and Joy as it showed off many of the varied species of flowers Jamaica had to offer.During the last fifty years Hope Gardens has been through periods of care and neglect. During the period of care the Garden became a place for pleasure, recreation, sightseeing and picnicking. The Garden is especially enjoyed by visitors including students from the near by universities, who seek a quiet place to relax , study and enjoy the beautiful Jamaican flowers.

When you visit Jamaica and want to learn about it flora and fauna join one the tours I that includes the garden journey through Jamaica. Highlights include: Cranbrook Flower Forest, Fern Gully, Mount Plenty Great House, Firefly, Castleton Gardens,Ribble Lodge Gardens ,Jamaica Inn and Strawberry Hill. Although the flowers are the same as many found around the world there are some that are still indigenous to Jamaica. Some of our very common flowers in Jamaica are listed below along with some names the local call them some will make you smile.

Ginger lily
Amaranth(puss tail)
Orchid (grown wild in Jamaica forrest)
Lignum vitae
Joseph coat
Moses in the basket
Hibiscus(-Shoe Black)
Orchids (Dendrophylax funalis/Oncidium triquetrum
Poinciana (fanciania)
) Flamenco (Kniphofia uvaria)
Kiss Me Over the Garden (Polygonum orientale
Heliconia (Heliconia bihai aurea)
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor)
Sandalwood Bramble (Rubus rosaefolius)
Fern (Crinum paludosum)
Blue Mahoe (Paritium elatum)
Arnatto/Annatto (Bixa orellana)

Flowers bloom all year round in Jamaica spring ,summer ,autumn and winter. We export flowers to other countries and also import. Flower basket and floral arrangements are sold plentifully on the island so although we do have lots of different species of flowers we do not have enough of each species to supply our own market demand. However we do cultivate a lots various species such as anthuriums, gingers and heliconias,of which we export the surplus.
These are some of the species of ginger lilies we export , Red Torch, Pink, Pink Torch, Rattlesnake, Shell and Beehive. Pastels, Red and Orange are the anthurium varieties. The Heliconia varieties include Rostrata,Yellow Bird, Caribea and Latispatha.
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Moses in the basket

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