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Jamaica grows the best marijuana(ganja) in the world.We will naturally have very effective CBD Products

Monday, November 25, 2013


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    Jamaica coffee :Get the best Coffee experience

    Jamaica Coffee


    Jamaica coffee

      also call Blue Mountain-coffee is known around the world for its quality and flavor. It is believed to be the best in the world. It commands the highest price on the world market. Most of the produced in Jamaica is exported. The tree is small and has white flowers and green berries which turns red when ripe.

    These red berries are dried and processed to make the beverage. and is also used as flavoring for other beverages ,sweets, ice-cream and cakes and other desserts.
    The Jamaican Blue mountain is so strong that many world re-known manufacturers have blended the Jamaica Blue Mountain with that of others countries to enhance the brands that they speak so highly of.
    Jamaica Coffee comes from all over the island but the best tasting ones come from Blue Mountain which is one of the coolest area and the is found in Portland

    Learn how Jamaica coffee is processed

    I told you Jamaica Coffee has the best in the world Blue Mountain Peak. If you are a lover of the beverage you can click the store link below to see what is available,
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    This products was once seen as bad for health because of the caffeine content.However it is now seen as beneficial to herbal medicine.In the treatment of cancer where colonic and enemas are used to help rid the body of toxins it is seen as one of the best products to mix with the water used for the colonic irrigation. When energy is required it is also used to boost low vitality and is a compound of some energy drink.

    Tell us about an excellent product you have tried from Jamaica?

    Friday, November 15, 2013


    Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers (New Packaging)Robert Nesta   Marley OM) was a Jamaican singer-songwriter was born (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981   He achieved international fame through a series of crossover reggae albums  Starting  It all started 1963 with the group the Wailers, he forged a distinctive songwriting and vocal style that would later resonate with audiences worldwide. The Wailers would go on to release some of the earliest reggae records with producer Lee Scratch Perry After the Wailers broke up in 1974,  Marley pursued a solo career which blossomed in the release of the album Exodus in 1977 which established his worldwide reputation.[  He was a committed Rastafarian who infused his music with a profound sense of spirituality
    Check out these  Bob Marley Souvenirs  for keep sake

    Nesta Robert Marley was born on the farm of his maternal grandfather in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella Booker Norval Marley was a European-Jamaican of British/Syrian[8] descent whose family came from England. Norval was said to have been a captain in the Royal Marines, though at the time of his marriage to Cedella Booker, an African-Jamaican then 18 years old, he was employed as a plantation overseer. Though Bob Marley was named Nesta Robert Marley, a Jamaican passport official would later reverse his first and middle names. Norval provided financial support for his wife and child but seldom saw them as he was often away. Bob Marley attended Stepney Primary and Junior High School which serves the catchment area of Saint Ann. In 1955, when Bob Marley was 10 years old, his father died of a heart attack at the age of 70.

    In 1966, Marley married Rita Anderson, and moved near his mother's residence in Wilmington, Delaware in the United States for a short time, during which he worked as a DuPont lab assistant and on the assembly line at a Chrysler plant, under the alias Donald Marley. 

    In July 1977, Marley was found to have a type of malignant melanoma under the nail of a toe. Contrary to urban legend, this lesion was not primarily caused by an injury during a football match that year, but was instead a symptom of the already-existing cancer. Marley turned down his doctors' advice to have his toe amputated, citing his religious beliefs Despite his illness, he continued touring and was in the process of scheduling a world tour in 1980

    Bob Marley Had a number Of Children
    Three with his wife Rita, two adopted from Rita's previous relationships, and several others with different women. The Bob Marley official website acknowledges eleven children. But there are othes as can be seen  below and un listed of the official website.
    Those listed on the official site are:
    1. Sharon, born 23 November 1964, daughter of Rita from a previous relationship but then adopted by Marley after his marriage with Rita
    2. Cedella born 23 August 1967, to Rita
    3. David "Ziggy", born 17 October 1968, to Rita
    4. Stephen, born 20 April 1972, to Rita
    5. Robert "Robbie", born 16 May 1972, to Pat Williams
    6. Rohan, born 19 May 1972, to Janet Hunt
    7. Karen, born 1973 to Janet Bowen
    8. Stephanie, born 17 August 1974; according to Cedella Booker she was the daughter of Rita and a man called Ital with whom Rita had an affair; nonetheless she was acknowledged as Bob's daughter
    9. Julian, born 4 June 1975, to Lucy Pounder
    10. Ky-Mani, born 26 February 1976, to Anita Belnavis
    11. Damian, born 21 July 1978, to Cindy Breakspeare
    Other sites have noted additional individuals who claim to be family members] as noted below:
    • Marley had another son with Raphie Munroe, Fabian, who is a few months older than Ziggy
    • Various websites, for example, also list Imani Carole, born 22 May 1963 to Cheryl Murray; but she does not appear on the official Bob Marley website   Read the full story  

    Sunday, November 3, 2013


    shopping can be tedious in Jamaica. The craft market has some genuine items but there are so many sellers bombarding you that you may not enjoy the experience. Your tour guide is sometimes you best bet s/he will take you to areas where you can shop in comfort.Many of the products you buy in the island are also sold on the Internet.You can buy them from the confines of your room in your own home.We have linked a few of these places here

    Jamaica Wristband Mixed Pair
    Jamaica Square key ring
    Jamaica polyester flag 12 X 18 inches w/ 24 inch stick
    Jamaica Flag Cell Phone Holster
    Jamaica girl back pack
    Jamaica Iced CZ Earring (One Pair)
    Jamaica License Plate
    Jamaica Bob Marley 100% Cotton Bandanna
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    Jamaica 11.5 inch X 2.5 inch bumper sticker
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    Jamaica Beaded Necklace 1
    Jamaica Beaded Bracelet 2

    Your complete guide to purchasing in Jamaica

    A consumer is one who uses economic goods and service. As a consumer one should be aware of some wise consumer practices before s/he starts purchasing.

    When ever you attempt to purchasing Never Ever do so on an empty stomach and do not wear an ill fitting shoes they impair your judgement and prevent you making wise decisions

    A wise consumer follow the shopping guide lines below

    1..Makes a budget. 2..Get value for money
    3..Buys goods that are in season 4..Makes a list of what is needed
    5..Uses carefully available resources 6..Buys to meet the needs of the family.

    Here Are the many Stores to choose from
    1 ...Specular-Jamaica Exclusive Souvenirs
    1... find all your items in one store
    2...Shoes for your aching feet
    3... all you need for your school and you
    4... find cool items for your cars
    5... excellent health products
    6... Variety of books for all readers
    7...Items for a healthy swimming pool
    8...Superstar Bob Marley products
    Jamaica coffee & complimentary products
    10...Speciality Jamaican foods and kitchen items
    Men formal and sports wear ,Great prices
    12...Genuine Male and female bagss and brief cases

    Are you looking for any of these products and have limited time to shop. Are you a lover of books. Introduce books to the whole family They are the gate way to knowledge.Do you realize that anything you wish to learn is in a book. Get all your hard to get books here
    Why not try subscribing to these greatMagazines and keep current on a number of things
    . Keep a breast with the times by getting the latest in Jewlery and Watches This is where you get to use all the good consumer practices you have just learn.

    Are you having problem selecting a gift for some one who seem to have every thing why not give a set of

      tie pins or lovely broaches they can never be to many.

    Fashion is dynamic so if you are one of the fashion conscious persons you may just be looking for the latest in fashion here is where to look for all yourApparel and accessories

    Music is said to be food for the soul. Are you a lover of music Jamaica reggae Music can be a wonderful experience.

    Please make sure there are no sharp or pointed edges on toys you purchase that will hurt the kids. Always read labels to ensure toys are made from none toxic materials. Be careful of toys with batteries. Make sure you monitor the use of these toys. Do you know that many children are slow learners because of the early lead exposure from batteries. Make sure you purchase safe.childrens toys

    Here is one of the latest rage in wise consumer purchasing.

    Have your ever had this experience or know someone who had it where you received a number of wedding gifts that are still in the boxes after many years because you had no use for them.Do not let this happen to you, your family or friend.Why not open a wedding registry an online store where you choose the things that you need. inform your friends what they can purchase,you then have them shipped to you.

    Here are some unwise consumer practices that you should avoid.
    Usiing too much utilities un-necessarily Impulsive purchasing and buying
    Unnecessary loans Unstructured use of credit cards
    buying on an empty stomach
    Buying while wearing ill fitting shoes.
    Buying things that have no warranty and guarantee

    Shopping for books and beauty products
    Looking for something else No bother you can search the entire web for anything you need right from this site


    Jamaica gifts: Top of the line exclusive collection

    Welcome to Jamaica gifts

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    Jamaica Gifts So you have finally decide to come to Jamaica and is seeking some Jamaican gifts to take home. You could not get it better than this. for You can buy them on line before you come and they will arrive when you get home.

    Bob Marley souvenirs 

    Real Jamaican Unique Stuff

    Jamaican flowers Basket Gift

    Jamaica perfume Men's gift

    . Jamaican Vacation Souvenirs

    Jamaican scenery posters!

    Jamaican Reggae Poster

    gift baskets for all

    Jamaica Sports wear

    Mens Cuff links presents

    Georgeous Men's ties
    World Class Jamaica gifts
    Here are some gifts that convey the true heart of the Jamaican culture Music CD sent straight to your friend and family after you purchase just tell us where.
    You may also give these two Interesting Jamaican books by a Resident Jamaican Author Jamaican poems They do make wonderful gifts for your teenager or young adult.
    Look for them T-shirts,flags, Blankets ,Reggae music,Jamaican herbs gift boxes, books Bob Marley Products
    ,jewelery, ceramic, Jamaican paintings, art, herb ,scents, embroidered table linen, Coffee , Bed spreads, and Specular-Jamaica.com Exclusive Souvenirs Jamaica gifts Exclusive selection
    Do you know the meaning of the Jamaican flag. The green stands for the vegetation.

     the black for the hard times and the gold stands for the sunshine which also will overcome the hard times. These colours are usually dominant in many of the gift-items. The Bob Marley collection is built around this colour scheme and includes the colour red .
    You may get all types of Jamaica gifts items you wish to give friends and family. One of the cool items in vogue is the fashion of the Big Jamaica belt buckle it is the rage of Jamaican Adolescent school boys at the moment.

    The coloured Jamaica bracelets and hand kerchief are two of the coolest items teenagers and young adults are into at the present time. The Tortuga rum cake, calenders, mugs, photo album , coasters , head and wristbands,belts, posters and framed paintings area also nice gift items too,These may be given anytime of the year including Christmas and Easter.

    Jamaica has a number of made from fabric or ceramic. The dolls are made to represent the traditional women of the country.Just type in the word doll in the search box. You may see some with fruit baskets on their heads. Some look like dancers. Some sit doing household chores. Whatever they do they are beautiful . Some are specially made very large to decorate beds. Jamaica is known to produce some of the best ceramic pieces.

    To make ceramic items you need to have a model, mold , clay, finishing glaze, coloring and a kiln The right tools the right working area and working environment are necessary for inspiration and concentration .Jamaica has many interesting forms ,from which to create models for ceramic pieces. To learn more on the art of making ceramic items visit the links below. and read all you can on the process of ceramic making
    You may search for Jamaica gifts on anywhere on the Internet right from this site you may search for other related articles such
    Jamaica gifts for men, women children, flowers, baskets, T shirts,flags, rum cake,fruit,cooking , Christmas,dolls,candles,CD, DVD, school,corporate, coffee, mugs, ideas, romantic,anniversary, books, chocolate, mother, wedding, variety,balloons, bear, electronics,holiday, baby,blankets, antique map, spices,
    Some times getting Cellular phone is a great gift for a man as gifts are so is so difficult. here are the ideal Men's,gifts of ties and cuff links,pen sets, ear rings packed in exquisite boxes , suitable for any man. Men can also get gifts for their special ladies here too.
     The bandana Jamaica National costume
    This country has very efficient jewelry makers and they use local products to craft spectacular jewelry.


    Children are the back bone of any nation. they will take our places when we are gone.

    However they will be long grown before most of us expire. Therefore we owe it to ours selves to make our senior  years happy  and worthwhile   and comfortable. We can only do this by how we train our children.
    Jamaica children need to be educated and one way is to expose them to books and DVD that teach values and attitudes in a meaning way.
    Chose   of quality to engage their developing . It is said that a child who has an exploring mind can become anything he wants to be by  because thing one wants to know is in a book and DVDs. 
    The coming of Youtube has make learning even better.
    So get them books to rea and DVDs to .


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    Money is said to be a necessary evil. This is really based on your perspective. Money is really necessary for a number of things, it is used as a blessing to bring wealth in your life. it is also used as a blessing to bless others and for this we should always show gratitude.
    Did you know that gratitude is the surest way of obtaining wealth in your life. Consider all the things you have to be grateful for. Yes I know you are grateful for only the things that are good. Well bless the things that are not so good like your old car, your terrible boss, your sick arm etc. and see how your life changes .

    Most Jamaicans making money online have achieved this without a Website. However, to significantly increase your earnings it is of the uttermost importance that you know how to acquire a making money website Take a video Tour and if impress order your website for
    Jamaican Making Money right away you will not regret it.
    You maybe considering a free website or a free blog this is fine but you do not have full control so your funds will be very limited.Blogs also do take up a lot of time as they must be updated frequently to be visible in search engines if you are using them for as a Jamaican making money

    This $75. per sale is a good making money opportunity
    You may be thinking that this will be extremely complicated, difficult and time consuming. In the past it certainly was. Recently, there has been so many improvements and innovations in Website technology that it has become much easier to create your own website quickly even if you have no knowledge of HTML code or JavaScript writing whatsoever. The first and one of the easiest steps in Jamaica making money is using GoogleAdsense You must become a member of Google's advertising program.This programme can be placed on any Website or Blog. Basically what happens is you sign up with Google and you will be given a code which you copy and paste onto your Website and then Ads will appear on your site and you make money when visitors explore them.Lear more about itfrom this
    adsense Mamual
    Money making with adsense is dependent on the traffic that comes to your web page. You can increase traffic through advertisement ,this can be free or through paid advertisement. Google adwords is a good place to start by opening a adsword account.
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    Or you can learn how to get adsense blog page
    Affiliate marketing is also a very good way of generating incomme with a small amount of start up cash.
    Here are a number of places where you can join and become an affiliate.
    LinkShare Corporation
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    Make money with BidVertiser
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    SBI! Order Page Congratulations! SBI! really is the best next step to a successful Web business. Make it easy and order your all-important, life-changing purchase. Here
    Other resources to a successful Jamaican money making website creation.
    The 30-Second Nutshell Version of CTPM If you're at all serious about e-business, you'll get it. And once you get it, you will buy it.

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    here right now Its not impossible to do it from Jamaica.
    checkout the top Jamaica auto auto sale below. 

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    12. Vehicles4Free.com.Drive A New vehicle For Free Or Get Paid Up To $3200 A Month To Drive Your Own! !
    Jamaica Used Cars Information
    Motor Safety Ratings:What Do They Mean ?
    By Author
    Every motor commercial tells you that their vehicle has five-star safety ratings.Does Jamaica used cars deals offer this to customers. Does this score really mean anything? What tests are being performed and who does the measuring?...

    If you did not find what you are seeking try search the web from this site below

    Buying Jamaica Used Motor vehicle By Vicki Churchill

    When looking to buy a second hand motor you should be extra careful and vigilant as purchasing it from a private sale does not usually come with the reassurance of a warranty. In Jamaica most of the cars look bran new or almost ,However many and I mean many are really used cars.
    Used ones have one major advantage over buying a brand new vehicle and that is the price. Used ones, even if only a year or two old are substantially cheaper than new ones. From the moment a vehicle is driven off a dealer's forecourt the depreciation begins and in the early days the price drop is disproportionate to the vehicle's actual wear and tear.

    Auto Parts Warehouse
    US Auto Parts Network The Joys Of A BMW
    Jamaican have caught on fully to the BMW.BMW Cars can be bought in as Jamaica used from auto stores
    The BMW had its beginnings in Munich, Germany in the year 1913. The Bavarian Motors Works company (BMW) was the brainchild of Karl Friedrich Rapp who wanted to build a solid, luxury vehicle that was unsurpassed in performance. As each year passed, the BMW experienced a bevy of design changes; but the principles fundamental to the company’s reputation remained the same –superlative craftsmanship and high quality materials.

    Buy Books on cars

    learn about the features of your motor vehicle before you purchase