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Monday, November 11, 2013


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is Jamaica's Superstar reggae icon. He has made Reggae music popular throughout the world. Bob gave the world one the most brilliant and evocative type of music; his work spanned across nearly two decades and yet still remains timeless and universal.
He and the Wailers worked their way into the very fabric of our lives.Now his music can be heard daily belting from musical instrument throughout the world.Christened with the name Robert Nesta Marley was born February 6, 1945, in rural St. Ann's Parish, Jamaica; the son of a middle-aged white father and teenage black mother.


He left home at 14 to pursue a music career in Kingston, becoming a pupil of local singer and devout Rastafarian Joe Higgs. He cut his first single, "Judge Not," in 1962 for Leslie Kong. Marley married Rita Anderson, a singer in the group the Soulettes; she later became one of his vocal back up singer. After his death she set out on a mission to make him the Reggae Icon he really was ,turning his music into a billion dollar industry bringing his words to pass in the song No Woman No Cry: when I am gone every thing will gonna be alright
Marley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. His legend and popularity continued to grow even more after his death.Marley is dubbed as the king of reggae music.

Bob Marley's

music was heavily influenced by the social issues of his homeland, and he is considered to have given voice to the specific political and cultural nexus of Jamaica.[2] His best-known hits include "I Shot the Sheriff", "No Woman, No Cry", "Could You Be Loved", "Stir It Up", "Jamming", "Redemption Song", "One Love" and, together with The Wailers, "Three Little Birds",[3] as well as the posthumous releases "Buffalo Soldier" and "Iron Lion Zion". The compilation album Legend (1984), released three years after.

Bob Marley

remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music. In honour of the great musician, Bob Marley Collective brings the Bob Marley Cultural Festival 2010 for the second time to Kochi. And people are still enthused and captivated by the depth and scope of this music. Jamaica is still the place to experience the mysticism of Bob. His shrine is a great place to visit we you can see his mummified remains of him strumming his guitar. A true legend.
 The reggae king still lives on as he has spawn a generation of singers who emulates him although each has his own unique still style. Here are his off spring 1.Imani Carole, born May 22, 1963 to Cheryl Murray 2.Cedella, born August 23, 1967 to Rita; 3.David "Ziggy", born October 17, 1968 to Rita; 4.Stephen, born April 20, 1972 to Rita; 5.Robert "Robbie", born May 16, 1972 to Pat Williams; 6.Rohan, born May 19, 1972 to Janet Hunt; 7.Karen, born 1973 to Janet Bowen; 8.Julian, born June 4, 1975] to Lucy Pounder; 9.Ky-Mani, born February 26, 1976 to Anita Belnavis; 10.Damian, born July 21, 1978 to Cindy Breakspeare; and 11.Makeda, born May 30, 1981 to Yvette Crichton. 12.adopted 13.adopted


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