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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Jamaican Electronics Store


Are you looking for electronics or other reasonably priced items,which may include even Jamaican souvenirs

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. Wireless)Yo may get the latest Kindle Reader  at reasonable prices from this store
The holiday season is here again and many individuals will be spending lots of time in the kitchen. It would be so nice to have gadgets that improve products and also save on preparation time, all for reasonably prices, this store may just be the place to find them have a look around. .
Deals on Kitchen Items
Fill your home with great Jamaican  music this holiday search, listen and download music of your choice.

Here is the Electronics store where you can shop for all your family needs . You can get almost anything here for very reasonable prices. Some items may be purchased as used or you may get them brand new. Here is a list of quick kinks to some of the latest items.

Browse this store if you are seeking a unique gift item for your family and friends.
You can get great unique Jamaican gifts here. The books are very good and reasonable priced.
If you did not find the item you seek you can simple find it or something else by searching right from this page.

Custom Search

If you live in Jamaica you may not be able to purchase from this store directly unless you have a USA address. However what you should do is to join SKY BOX Services for a small yearly fee. They will assign you a USA address so you can purchase your items at this store on this page then use your New USA Address as your shipping address.
Global Currier will then ship the products to Jamaica or any other Caribbean Country to you at a very reasonable rate. They will also clear them with customs for you.
If you have no credit card they will also give you a credit card. conditions apply. Jamaica Currier Services

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Friday, March 14, 2014


Reggae Month February Don't Miss it.


Now that February has been officially declared Reggae month. Jamaica is poise to hype up its tourism product namely music.
For years this music has been strumming all over the world and Bob Marley in Life and in death has been instrumental in its introduction in almost every household internationally.
Bob Marley's career stretched back over twenty years. During that time Marley's growing style included every aspect in the emergent of Jamaican music, from ska to modern-day genre of it..

That growth was well reflected in the maturity of the Wailers' music and is still reflected today in the new upcoming Jamaican artists.
There are other individuals who may not have such world wide fame as Marley but they too help propel the music.

Toots and the Maytals are this music’s worst kept secret. Rocking their blend of soul, gospel and reggae music for over 40 years.

Peter Tosh. Peter Tosh was born in (Church Lincoln District),Grange Hill as Hubert Winston McIntosh October 9, 1944,-September 11, 1987, Dennis Emmanuel Brown(February 1, 1957 – July 1, 1999) was a Jamaican singer.

Listening to an interview of Radio Links FM with Taurus Riley Itana and Leroy the Jamaican artists are please of the move by the government. February is dubbed Black history month and now Reggae month.This is really a grand step in the recognition of this genre of music as black people's musical contribution to the world To be more specific the Jamaican people.

It is always amazing how Far and wide the Jamaica music has gone . Any country one goes this genre Music is known ,loved and sung. It has a mystical touch. How can it otherwise be explained when individuals who know no form of English are be able to sing by heart Boy Marley"s song without missing a word or beat. It truly is phenomenal. In countries such as Europe China , Japan, France ,Africa, you name it Bob Marley music is well known and loved.

Jamaica is just one long season of Music shows , dance hall ,and festival . Can you imagine the many shows that will be hosted in Jamaica in this special month. Music lovers get ready now you can take your vacation Come February ,hurray , Want be in the hub of the music ? Jamaica is the place to be
names companies,and words associated with the music , Bob marley, Ziggy Marley, Damian

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