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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jamaica Natural Hair Products

Jamaica  natural hair products  are now being manufactured  from a number of local natural products. such as coconut which was in use  for a number of years before now, and  castor oil  or oil nut which was one of the local herbs and bees wax were used to strengthen and  grow weak and  stubborn  hair..Other local herbs in products are sage ,rosemary ,vervain and horse tail

I came across a hair product recently manufactured  by a young  Jamaica entrepreneur who utilized  Jamaican herb to  produced a hair products under the brand name  7Seite. 

The hair tonic is made from 7 natural organic herbs grown in Jamaica. It is said to stimulate the hair roots  which makes it an excellent products  for receding hair line due to tightly woven hair extension  commonly worn by African American and Caribbean women.

 Jamaica natural hair products
The 7siete  herbs has and excellent hair oils made from castor as is basic ingredients  use for massaging scalp and dressing the hair. Therefore rendering thick and glossy.

These products are manufactured in Jamaica and includes herbs  nettle ,Moringa, and honey. It is going well on the local market and aims to go internationally.

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