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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Jamaica is a very dynamic place with a dynamic people here are some broadcasts of happenings in the country worth checking on 
    Latest Local Bulletins from Jamaica.

see more paintings Dynasty Art Studio Many People see lead stories differently from others it depends on the interest or the motive of the beholder some individuals see only what they want to see . Sometimes it is worth while getting another point of view on the
lead stories that made headline in Jamaica so one can make rational decisions and arrive at informed conclusions.The daily observers is one of Jamaica newspapers that carries information that is reliable an very recent. It covers news for the entire Island as well as abroad

The access to the internet is one of the greatest gifts given to man. With technology one can get reports from every country no matter how remote.
There is no good reason for some one to say s/he did not know. With the availability of RSS feeds one can get the latest on any subject such as finances , production, weather, sports. just name it. There are still other local news paper and online news such as the  Jamaica Star, X-News Jamaica. Love Herald, Jamaica Sunrise. Jamaica News

The western Mirror News  papers
Over in the western part of Jamaica the Western mirror is dominant.The leading news paper for publishing western deaths , and funeral and also the latest crime scoop.This paper has gradually grown finding itself in almost every locality and home in Western Jamaica .THIS ALSO A VERY RELIABLE

Jamaica coronavirus news

Watch latest happening  in Jamaica on Video