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Jamaica grows the best marijuana(ganja) in the world.We will naturally have very effective CBD Products


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You came here to find out about us since you wanted to know who operates this site. My name is Juliet Christie Murray the principal contributor to this site. I am trained teacher who holds a B.A. Degree in Sociology and Applied Social Relations from the Eastern Connecticut State University.I live and work in Sandy Bay Jamaica West Indies.The writer and published author of two Jamaican Anthologies of poems.
At first I constructed this site for two purposes 1. I wanted to tell individuals about these two great books I have published that reflect the heart and core culture of Jamaica.
2. I wanted to tell individuals about my beautiful country Jamaica.
I was having so much fun writing about my wonderful country then reality set in. I realize it was not easy to finance a successful site on just my teacher’s salary so I started searching for ways to help with the funding. That is how I came across affiliate programs and started promoting vacation packages to the island.

It is said that one should not be selfish so when I saw my efforts began showing rewards from these programs I believe others could be benefited too.
If I come across a programs that I believe to have good financial prospects I introduce it to you my readers. I recognize these can become sources for generating funds to help interested individuals take care of some of the expenses they will incur while vacationing on this beautiful island when you accept this invitation.
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I have found that Siteselll is one of the programes that have no time limit .If you host your site with them I can guarantee you it will always be up and running.
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If you have interest in owning property on the island read About Us and Jamaica real estate

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I also am introducing you to some of our products such souvenirs, foods hotels ,flights to make your visit a memorable one.
About Us
This site provides opportunities to help you book your flight, book your hotels and arrange your sightseeing tours for your Jamaica vacation '


This site provides professional consultants for building spectacular pools in your Jamaican homes
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