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Friday, May 3, 2013


Jamaica Historical Sites :Hanover


Forth Charlotte Lucea
Jamaica historical sites: Hanover

Hanover holds its own in the history of Jamaica is one of the smallest parishes in Jamaica and so the list of historical sites listed are very few.However Hanover has some not so popular historical sites that are not listed in the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. Many of these sites are still standing, some restored, and some still remain in ruins but are still visited by locals and tourist alike.

There are a number of jamaica historical sites :Hanove rMany were from the slavery era and are usually associated with a great houses. However there are some historical sites of earlier era, the time of the Taino occupation. Some sites were discovered when the new north coast highway was in construction. The Taino often referred to as Arawaks and the first Jamaicans had villages all over Jamaica.

Hanover has 23 of these historic sites. Many were discovered and disturbed by the North Coast High Way construction team in year 2000.Historical artifacts were found but many destroyed by citizens and tractors when the road was being cut. Where possible the National Heritage trust was mandated to save these sites such as the Taino site in Barbican Hanover and the artifacts displayed in the Hanover and are now in the Hanover museum.Here is n interesting history of Lucea as written by A Mr. Dixon a citizen of Lucea where the Hanover museum is housed.
Home of Hanover Artifacts for the Tinoes
Hanover Museum
Jamaica Historical Sites :Hanover

Top-ten-sites in Jamaica historic sites :Hanover

1. Blenheim – This is the birth place of the Jamaican Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante. It is probably the most famous historical site in Hanover. It was burnt down twice and restored it is still standing.

2.  Fort Charlotte- Lucea has a historic fort known as Fort Charlotte that was built in 1761. Along side the Fort Charlotte  which is acclaimed as one of the most strategic Jamaica historical sites on the island is

3.   Rusea’s High School - an impressive Georgian structure of bricks known as The Barracks, which was built in1843 to provide shelter to the soldiers stationed there.

4. Hanover Museum- is housed in one of the barracks about 3/4 miles from Forth Charlotte. It is run by the Hanover historical Society and contains numerous relics of Jamaica historical sites from the original Arawaks,the first inhabitants of the island. The site was once a prison

5. Tryall Great house and Water Wheel- The ruins still .remain of the sugar plantation and the water wheel, the Great House is used as a hotel.

6. Blue Hole great House – A former plantation, the ruins are still standing and form part of the house back ridding tour For Chukka Caribbean tours.

7.  Lucea clock tower which was built in 1817 and stands in the center of the town on top of the Old Lucea Court House is still fully habitable. The clock was intended for the Island of St. Lucia but ended up in Lucea by mistake.
Lucea Town Hall and clock tower  

8. Flint River Great House-Forms part of the Flint River property. The cool Running movie was filmed on the property, the house is still occupied.

9.  Maggoty Great House /Kenilworth Great House –The ruins are still standing .Parts of the ruins have been restored and used as the Kenilworth Heart Academy to train workers in the tourist industry.Blue Hole Wind mill - is part of the Blue Hole Property and is still standing and is now used as a pub for visitors to the island.

10. Barbican Estate Great House – also has a wind mill. This is not well known by many, it is owned and lived in by a retired soldier Trevor Morris.
Did you know that the spot that the grand Palladium stands on is also an historical site that once belonged to the Spanish. It is alleged that that is one of the reason that Spanish hotel was constructed on that particular site

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