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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Looking a good public Jamaican school For your Child?

Sandy Bay Public Jamaican School--------Teachers Lesson Plans
Are you coming to the western part of Jamaica anytime soon and would like to put your child into a Public school . Well here is one to consider. The Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High is located in a coastal village in the constitue
ncy of Eastern Hanover. It lies approximately 3 Kilometers to the west of the Tryall Golf and Beach Club. Jamaican school
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Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High is a rural institution in Eastern Hanover. Its community spans a radius of 5.95 kilometers. Economic activities comprise farming, construction, fishing, trading and tourism.

Formerly it was a church institution and was located on lands owned by the Methodist Church. The original structure was made of board with cement tiles on the roof. After many years of use the structure weakened and fell into disrepair.
In 1957 a new building was built to accommodate 400 students. As the years progressed the enrollment increased hence there was the need for expansion and so the government introduced the Shift System.
In 1993 a new block was erected through the instrumentality of the then Principal Mrs. Aneita Small and the efforts of School Community Outreach Program for Education (SCOPE). In 1998 a reclassification from All Age to A Primary & Junior High status was done. This allows the children from Grade 7-9 to share a common curriculum with other High schools around Jamaica. Sandy Bay presently operates with the Primary on one shift and the Junior High on the other. The shifts rotate termly.
From 1998-2006 the school's population increased to a high of 1009 students, 744 in the primary ranging from age 6-12 and 265 in the Junior High ranging from age 12-15 with 28 teachers on staff, (19 primary and 9 Junior high)
The principal Mrs. Marva Trenfield, assisted by Mrs. Carmen Christian, Vice-principal for the Primary shift and Mrs. Juliet Christie Murray Vice-principal for the Junior High shift along with the dedicated staff have been working assiduously to lift and keep the high standards of this institution.
With the introduction of the new policy in Education geared at placing all students ages 13 years and over into high schools, the number on roll reduced to a little under 2008 However the institution still has a Junior High Department with a significant reduction in the number of students in that section.. Jamaican school

The building consists of 28 rooms, which are as follows, 14 classrooms, Visual Arts Room, Home Economics Room, Guidance Room, Computer Room, Auditorium, Competency Shelter, Library, Tuck Shop, Canteen, Staff Room and Principal Office and Vice Principal's Office.
There is also a trailer, which formerly housed the Science Lab. It was necessary for the students on the Junior High. At present it is being used as a classroom. It was built with the help of the community effort as technology advances this organization is not content being left behind. Its newest project is an audiovisual room in which the R.O.S.E had a great input.

Jamaican School The institution boasts a library, but unfortunately there is no librarian to assist students who would like to use the facilities. The Hanover Charities has given a contribution towards a library assistant.
From students who sat the Grade Six Achievement Test and the Grade Nine Achievement Test in 2006 99%gained places in other high schools as a result of the examination passes.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities. Presently we have nine clubs functioning:
Environment Club - We have received a number of national awards and are presently known as an Advanced Environment Club. Through this club one of our students was selected to represent Jamaica at an International Children’s Conference on the environment held in Canada in May 2002.

Dance Club – This group has been performing well, with the assistance of Ms. S. Hill and Miss M. Trenfield who are members of the teaching staff. Over the years they have gained a number of medals both at regional and national levels.If all goes well they will perform in the USA. this summer
Music Club – This is a new club and they have performed well at the regional level, gaining silver and bronze medals.

Speech Club – This group continues to perform exceptionally well and has over the years gained gold, silver and bronze medals, up to national level.
K-Kids Club – An arm of the Hopewell Kiwanis Club, continues to prepare youth leaders. They conduct weekly meetings in a formal setting. They are also involved in environmental and community projects.
The Heritage Club, 4-H Club and Scouts group also play their role in having students purposefully employed, while they gain knowledge and skills.

The school is presently in the process of forming Poetry and Reading Club, a Wellness Club and also a Builders Club. It is believe that participation in these clubs, along with the specific benefit, will also address some disciplinary problems. In 2010 The school has launched an outdoor literacy project in which social studies information will be placed on perimeter fence, on the out side of buildings along walk ways and in the school garden.Students will participate and be instruction to find information for their class in these areas.
The school is also in partnership with a school form England.Students Exchange information about their school and country.

Teachers visit and try to implement some best practices from both schools. In an effort to assist with behavioral problems, the school has implemented a program known as the Mentor ship Program. Community persons of sound integrity are invited to mentor one or two students who exhibit behavioral problems. This has proven to be a successful program as parents have expressed their gratitude.

Children who have financial problems are placed on the school’s feeding program. However, the number of students needing this assistance sometimes put a strain on our resources With the introduction of the PATH programme by the government a numbers or students are now getting a hot lunch from the canteen daily.
Not to be left out of tertiary education, a branch of the IUC (International University Of the Caribbean} offers a BA. In Education and a Diploma in Early Child Education.

Recently two grade 6 students won first place for poetry and second place for art in the mental health competition put on by the nurses in the western part of the island .The institution got a computer and trophies for the effort
In March 2008 the school partnered With the Western Region 4H Clubs in implementing an after school cake making and decorating Course. The participants will receive a 4H certification and successful students will be given NCTVET certification. Jamaican school Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High School is a dynamic institution and keeps on moving from strength to strength.

The year 2012 saw the last group of Junior high students passing through the graduation isle. The school is now down graded to a primary school.It is also the center for ASTEP students who have failed the Grade 4 test There is no more competency shelter in Sandy Bay School.
To be frank The education planners do not know when to see something good happening for students and to improve on it. The R.O.S.E. was a very good Jamaican schools program one of the best things that happened to students. The Competency too was a good project. Other Jamaican schools in Sandy

 Sandy Bay primary and Junior High will be undergoing a big change. The school since 2012 had gone back to catering for primary students,but come September 2013 it will be going back to one shift. The more things  change the more they remain the same. Its like a dog returning to its own vomit.

The Sandy Bay Primary and Junior high has officially gone back on one shift and is now only a primary school. The new Principal is Ms Eugenie Simpson