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Jamaica Mineral Springs

Jamaica mineral springs

 and spa  spots                                              

The wonder of Jamaica mineral springs and Spa It is time to visit a Jamaican minerals spring bath today.
Have you ever wondered why some people look so much younger than their natural age? You are absolutely sure that Mary Walters is fifty because you are fifty and both of you were born in the same year. You know she has not taken a facelift from cosmetic surgery since some facial lines remain the same over the years They have not hardened as seen in many cosmetic surgery recipients. The jamaica mineral springs spas could be the secret.

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Bath Mineral Spring St. Thomas
Bath hot Jamaica Mineral Springs
Bath hot spring and spa Is found in the parish of St. Thomas Jamaica. Legend has it that ever since Bath was discovered by a runaway slave in the 1690s. It is said that the hot fountain water healed the ulcers on his legs that had plagued him for years. Many visitors visit the island. because of these healing properties

Milk river.Credit to BJ and Ken Johnson
Milk River Jamaica Hot Mineral springs<
Milk River bath is re-known for curing many ailments including Lumbago Gout, liver disorder, and many other diseases The Milk River baths in Jamaica is believed to have one of the highest levels of radioactivity comparable to other mineral bath anywhere in the world. Some studies and Analyses showed it has more radioactive substances than the acclaimed European spas, such as Baden in Switzerland and Karlsbad in Austria.-

Fire-Water hot springs
This spring is said to be able to cure cataracts, arthritis, infertility and even cancer is mixed with natural gases and sulfur and appears to be the healing powers of this hot spring. This hidden mystery is difficult to locate as it is off the grid. There is no actual address for Firewater, located in St. Ann's Runaway Bay turning by the roundabout, it is about a half hour from Ocho Rios. Few locals and practically no tourists are aware of Firewater Ask a driver to help you get to Firewater because a hot towel massage, a clay mud bath, and a long soak in the spring of flaming fires is a wonderful way to get rid of your aches and pains.

Roaring River minerals springs
Jamaica Mineral spring Roaring River
Roaring river is a mineral spring found in the parish of Westmoreland Jamaica. Roaring rivers cave is a nice place for a cool swim in the healing mineral waters. The water comes from the caves whose ceilings are covered with crystallized minerals which are washed off in the water at the base of the caves thus rendering these waters having healing properties.

Blue Lagoon Jamaica mineral water
Blue Lagoon is seven miles to the east of Port Antonio Antonio. A picturesque lagoon with shades of blue (with deep blue, and green mixed with a tinge of purple) The mineral pool is another of the treats of the lagoon and is really a collection of mineral springs flowing from the hillsides reputed to have healing properties. Individuals insist that it's ideal for people who can't swim so there is something for every range of water lovers to enjoy. We offer peace and tranquility