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Friday, September 23, 2022

Jamaica Electric storms


Lightning  Bolt

When you visit Jamaica  especially in our active hurricane season  be aware of the strength and power of our  elements and be cautious of Jamaica's electric storms

The danger of being electrocuted. while in the safety of your home is always likely.

Now that we are in the hurricane and thunderstorm seasons, we should not take the danger of lightning for granted.

Many individuals were reported of been struck by lightning  while out in the open field, standing near a  tree, using a cell phone .camera, cutting or climbing trees

 Growing up I learn about lightning and electrocution and mirror at a very early age.

I remember growing up as a child I always see my grandmother cover the mirrors in the house whenever it looks as if it would rain.

It took me forty years to fully understand the lessons in the covering of mirrors during a thunder or lightning storm.

I visited a friend one day who had gotten a piece of minor from a hotel  

She leaned it against a wall. Until she got the time to mount it. It had been leaning  against that wall there for  more than five months.

 I was standing before the mirror, and actually, there was no rain but the thunder was rolling in the distance. We were so animated in our conversation and engross with the topic. However, for some reason, I moved from where stood chatting  I was  chatting  before a mirror 

Immediately as  I moved  from before  the  mirror a tremendous  thunder echoed, followed by a terrible  lightning flash that  struck and shattered the big 8ft x 4ft x ¼  inch mirror into million of splintered pieces.

I know it had to be supernatural protection that moved me from standing before that mirror when I did.

While I am here writing this article today my  mind travels back to a few years when my good friend  who was  washing dishes when she was electrocuted. We thought it was that the lightning came in  through the window and hit her.

However, I learned something this morning while watching and listening to TVJ. Jamaica  Television 

The announcer  said we should never wash dishes, hands, or bathe  during rain, lightning   or  thunder activity

That was something completely new to me. The broadcaster  said that scientifically it has been proven, lightning does travel l through plumping lines and fixtures  while  nature’s electricity  is  active such as rain, lightning, and thunder.

Isn’t that something? How many individuals knew that, certainly not me in my 72 years on planet earth.

One is never too old to learn and take action.

Always protect your property from electric surges and lightning and electric storms by installing good lightning rods and surge devices. Have a look at these  Lightening Protection Devices

Metals are also conductors of lightening. It is very important to stay away from clothes line.

 Do not forget to be wary of back packs ,  more so to consider dropping our back packs off our backs during  lightning storm activities .Many usually have metals  inserted for stability .Most times metal formed part of the luggage inside.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Hanover Parish Library is now famous


The Hanover Parish Library 
I was 14 years old when My class of grade  8 at the Lucea all age perform at the grand opening of the Hanover Parish Library.

It was the most modern building a the time in Lucea. The exterior has not changed much they had extended the two wings east and west but they have kept the overall design.

Has its name etched in history as it now houses the full Statue of one of Jamaica's National Heroe The first Prime Minister  of Jamaica when Jamaica got it's independence in 1962 from Great Britain 
Statue of The right Honourable Sir  Alexander Bustamantee

Display on the grounds infront of the building  is the full life size stature of Sir. Alexander Bustamantee. standing  a little forward before is flankd on either side are 


  stone structures of two pedestals  on which are molden  images  of open books that  document his ccontribution to Jamaica.
Bustamantee was born in Blenheim Hanover where a Museum is now located,  that displays a replica of the house and contents in which he was born and holds memories childhood upbring.

Monday, September 12, 2022


Jamaican women

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Women Health
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As Jamaican women, there will always be the need to calm and ground yourselves in order to function at your maximum capacity.

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Princess arise

Are you queen of Sheba,
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That seek wisdom
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Which of you will be a Sarah
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Mother of great nations
Great Mother Jacob
Mary, mother of God.

You could be a Deborah
Of courage, justice, and wit
An Esther, try saving a nation
A Miriam geared for service?
Open to the voice of God

Are you seen only as a Rehab?
Mary Magdalene, a Goma
Death degree sanctioned, for
Holding within your hands' power,
Men’s Hearts, secrets,
Of midnight ranting, ravings

What of Anna a seer
A Samaritan woman, discerner of
God as his spirit walks
In the most humble of men
Will you be a Dorcas?
Lydia, Shulamite , Ziporah?
An Abigail offering Freely,

A virgin a Mary
Nurturing the divine walking
In the form of men
Continually receiving, keep
Pouring on love oil

Soy Criada

Monday, July 4, 2022

Whats the lasted tourism in Western Jamaica Now.


Tourist enjoying Jamaica Beach and sunshine

  The latest tourism. attractions

Explore Things to Do

4WD Tours Horseback Riding Sporting Events Nature  Wildlife Tours.

 Climbing Extreme Sports,

 Ziplining Walking & Biking Tours Sightseeing  Outdoor Beach Bathing

  Activities Lucea Sandy Bay

4WD  - Lucea Horseback Riding Lucea Sporting Events - Lucea Nature and Wildlife Tours -

Lucea Climbing - Lucea Extreme Sports - Lucea Ziplining - Lucea 4WD Tours - 

party sea boat ride,   , Chuka Caribbean  HanoverJamaica attractions

Dancing with the dolphins,

 Falmouth Sporting Events – 

Falmouth Nature and Wildlife Tours - Falmouth Climbing - Falmouth

 Extreme Sports - Falmouth Ziplining - Falmouth 4WD Tours - Trelawny

 Horseback Riding - Trelawny Sporting Events - Trelawny Nature and Wildlife  

Tours - Trelawny Climbing - Trelaw ny Extreme Sports - Trelawny Ziplining -

 Trelawny Attractions Caribbean Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon

 Tours & Tickets Rocklands Bird Sanctuary Tours & Tickets

Montego Bay atractions

 Doctor's Cave Beach Tours Margaritaville Montego Bay Restaurant & Bar Tours  

Montego Bay Marine Park Tours  Aquasol Theme Park

 Tours Cornwall Beach 

Tours  Croydon Plantation 

Tours  Rastafari Indigenous Village 

Tours  Fort Montego 

Tours Good Hope Estate 

Tours Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery and Garden 

Tours  Greenwood Great House

 Tours Sam Sharpe Square 

Tours  Montego Bay Cruise Port

 Tours  Tickets LIKELY TO SELL OUT Montego Bay, Jamaica Dunn's River Falls Climb plus Ziplines, ATV, Horse Ride & Swim from Montego Bay $250.00 


Read more about Dunn's River Falls Tours from Montego bay Climb plus Ziplines, ATV, Horse Ride & Swim from Montego Bay -

 Negril Attractions

Sea and sky, water sports, sunset at Ricks falls, ski , and tours 

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Jamaica National Heroes

Check out  this graciously gracing

national heroes modernized

Check out the music, and dance speech as we celebrate these Jamaican Heroes. The Jamaican people owed a lot to these individuals. See them now all in color

Sir AlenanderBustamantee
Norman  Washington  Manley
George William Gordon 
Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Paul Bogle
Sam Sharp

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Jamaica Sixty

Jamaica  is becoming a geriatric as we celebrate  2022 and welcome our age of 60 independence. For what ever the reason it seem as if the spirit of violence's has taken our the land, Couple with that is the increase in  well planned orchestrated   robbery. 

Beautiful jamaica water fall
Jamaica waterfalls
The thieves are not  too interested in house braking since many individuals no longer keep cash at home .since  bank cards are the way to go.
They now  hit the money collecting agencies or the security companies who are transporting the cash.
Recently  millions of dollars was hoist  from one of these companies while in transit.

 one have to one if this security company. was reputable. If  so much cash was being transported, why was a normal old and reliable mini bus used If the guars were responsible as they said why did they call a mechanic and he reached after 3 hours? Why did not the company send a new vehicle to remove the cash before the 3 hours passed?
This seems like an orchestrated move and could be planned by the people working in the same company. the security guards or the mechanic,
Something is very wrong in the Jamaican environment, So much ammunition find these days while violence among school children is escalating that it now finds itself in the classrooms with students and teachers and students fighting in the classroom with other students being entertained by audiences or refree
  What would our Jamaican heroes think as we celebrate "Jamaica. 60"
I suppose there seems to be a spirit of violence taking over the whole world and if America sneezes Jamaica catches a cold. The killing of the teachers and students in the USA has apparently caused a ripple to be primate down to our Jamaican school. How far will this spirit of violence go as the year advances and we celebrate Jamaica 60, will it get worst or will it abate   Could a spirit of love arise and stop this violence in its track.

Sunday, June 12, 2022



Enjoy Jamaica photos

Jamaica photos
What are you using to browse ,Are you aware that Firefox is one of safest Browsers to browse the internet, with the Google tool bars one can rest assure that his privacy is not compromise. Fire is highly secure from many of the viruses that attack many other browsers.Use it for browsing these. pictures

Jamaica Day celebration. Students and their teacher at Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High school =Feb.   29,2008.Author soy Criada celebrating Jamaica day with Students of Sandy Bay School Hanover

Photos of Jamaican children all over in smiles having a snack after school

Jamaican Children having fun with icream and sweets

Boys sewing in a Jamaican school

Boy are great to teach sewing .Here are some of Sand Bay Schools boys sewing

A happy little Jamaican girl Sabrina

Who is Sabrina Who will Sabrina become. She is very happy  at the moment

Jamaica flowers are always blooming right throughout the year

This is one of Jamaica.s healing herps periwinkle they come in white and pink

Jamaicans having fun,these are gifted boys doing their act at Mercon Coconut Festival Lethe St.James.
These boys are having fun entertaing the crowd

Gifted Boys of Lethe St. James

Picture of Lucea Town Hall ,Hanover Jamaica. The Clock in the Tower is one of the oldest Clock in the West Indies. Actually it was sent from England to the island of ST. Lucia but by mistake ended up in Lucea.Birth place of Jamaican poetry writer author Soy Criada.

Luce Town Hall home of the famous clock
Soy Criada Author of two engaging anthologies of Poems. Journey to Enlightenment-Revealed and Journey to Enlightenment-Seasons.

 Jamaica writer Soy Criada

Isn't this a beautiful place to take a vacation. A picture of one of the villas at the Tryall Hotel in Sandy Bay, Hanover

One Tryall Golf Club Villas Sandy Bay Hanover

Gold medalist in the JCDC. dance finals. Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High

Saturday, July 17, 2021



Jamaican People Out Of Many One

Jamaican People

The Tainos
Sad Jamaican Family are burying 4 family members all at once
The original inhabitants of Jamaica were said to be the Taino who spoke a language known as Arawakan. They were believe to arrive in the country migrating from North of the Orinoco Basin about 650.AD.The Taino depended mainly on farming ,fishing and hunting for survival. They cultivate Cassava from which they made bread called bammy .They cooked their meat on a four legged stand called a bucan; made of spiced wood called pimento. This is a method that we now called barbecue in which the meat placed and is roasted over and open fire. These people are no longer in existence however they have left a long lasting legacy with us since they were the ones to first name the island Xamaica.                         

ChineseJamaican People
The Chinese came to Jamaica as indentured workers who later established themselves as bakers, shopkeepers, and restaurant owners. They have gave the culture a Chinese cuisine flavor.They maintained link to old traditions ,and many Chinese in Jamaica still celebrate the Chinese new year which is usually done with a large celebratory dinner with family.
The Irish
The Irish arrived about 350 years ago somewhere in the mid 1600s.The legacy of the Irish is still seen in the places names, such as Dublin Castle, Irish pen. Irish town, Sligoville, Kildare, Leinster Road and Belfast. Their connection in Jamaica goes beyond the names of places. Similarities can be found in a shared history of colonial domination and the achievement of independence in the same century. Other similarities include the fact that some Accompong Maroons formation bear the passing resemblance to the Irish reel; and the Jamaican Constabulary is patterned after the Royal Iris Constabulary ,complete with the red stripe on the pants leg. Their love of laughter, spirit of song, horses and gambling, along with their willingness to live for the moment is the legacy they have given to the Jamaicans. people

The Syrian and The Lebanese Jamaican People
The Syrian And the Lebanese un like other immigrants from China and India di not come as indentured labourers .Like the Jews who arrived centuries before came on their own of their own free will although fleeing religious persecution. Many started peddling and became successful as merchants. Over time they open dry goods stores in down town Kingston. Many of these store are still operating even until today in areas such as Orange street , West Queen Street ,King and Harbour Streets. These people have preserve their culture over the years ,mostly through their cuisine of traditional dishes such as Kibbeh, tabouleh, hummus, and stuffed grapes leaves. They are the ones who introduced the popular flat bread known as Syrian in their diet added to the Jamaican Cuisine.

Portuguese Jamaican people
Most Portuguese came to Jamaica were Sephardi Jews who fled their country because of the Spanish Inquisition which persecuted individuals of Jewish faith.
Many of them were merchants and money lenders and changers they were never farmers. They also became successful traders as they traded pepper, cocoa, vanilla, pimento and sugar.
The Jews who were said to introduce sugar cultivation technology to Brazil in the 1520’s are largely credited with doing the same for Jamaica about 1530.The Jews remain in Jamaican after the British conquest and began to practice their religion openly as they established synagogues of which only one remains today, Synagogue Sha’are Shalom ,the house of worship of the United Congregation on Israelites.

The Spanish Jamaican People

The Spanish coming to the Caribbean dates back to over 500 years. They change the landscape of Jamaica’s history. The reminders of this historically period are the names of places all over the island, Such as Ocho Rios, Rio Bueno, Santa Cruz, Rio Cobre, Port Antonio and most importantly Spanish Town Formerly known as ST. Jago dela Vega.a town which became the centre of life and history in Jamaica. The Spanish introduced many crops to Jamaica such as sugar cane ,bananas, and citrus. They produced most of the domesticated animals found on the island today including pigs, horsed, goats cats, dogs, cats and chicken

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The AfricansJamaican People
Millions of African came to Jamaican after they were taken from Africa. Those who came were mainly from the Ashanti, Coromantee, Mandingo and Yoruba tribe, Their influence on the Jamaican is incredible.
The Jamaican language is strongly influenced by these people it is most evident in the local dialect. which is largely evolved from the intermingling of African and the English language. The influence of the African is also reflected in the development of our matriarchal society, music, our dance, oral traditions, our superstitions and cuisine. The survival of many of our traditions by a people who manage to preserve the many of our African traditions is testament to the strength and resilience of these people

The Germans
The Germans arrived in Jamaica shortly after emancipation, they came as labourers. Many of them settled in Seaford Town in Westmoreland and started farming on 500 acres of land denoted by Lord Seaford in 1835.Today many traditional German cottages still exist in Seaford Town. About 600 residents claim they are have direct linkage to the Germans lineage. Many still retain the distinct features of German Geology. There are some places in the hillier region of the country still bearing German names such as Manhertz gap, Charlotten-burge, Mount Holstein, Bremen Valley, New Brunswick and Hessen Castle.

The IndiansJamaican People
The Indians first came to the island as indentured labourers in 1845.a decade after Emancipation. These are the new Jamaican people who brought mangoes, curry and other spices to the island. They were to grow rice successfully and established a rice mill in the1890;s.The Indians also introduced several and trees the most common among them being the coolie plum , mango, jack-fruit and tamarind. Today curry goat, and roti dishes are ranked high on the list of Jamaican cuisine. Mangoes are one of the island’s most liked and cherished fruits and the Jamaican people look forward to the season which runs from May to July although some people have developed species that last almost all year round.

The English
Jamaica people

The English came to Jamaica in 1665 when they capture the island from the Spanish. They too have left some of their distinct culture. The English Plum pudding can be seen reflected in our cuisine as the Jamaican fruit cake. Our written and accepted formal English came from the British. Our Parliamentary and judiciary system, education system are predominant British. Many children were fathered by the British.

The Scots
These people like the Germans and Irish were all encouraged to come to Jamaica shortly after Emancipation. This was an attempt by Government to established European township. This lead to place names after Scots just like the Irish and Germans. You will come across names suchCulloden( the site of Jacobite battle,) Craigie and Aberdeen are reflection of stron Scotish ties. The Kingston and St.Andrew Scots Kirk Church founded in 1819 by a group of Scottish merchants. It is one of the oldest churches on the island and held the distinction of Jamaica’s main Presbyterian Church until the merger in 1965 when Presbyterian and Congregational churches merged to form the United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman .The St. Andrew Choir was formed in the this Church and is renowned for its contribution to Jamaica Choral of Music.
Credit is given to :Sources Scotia Group/Jamaica Gleaner/
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Friday, May 28, 2021

Jamaica Vacation Poetry Book Launching Movie


Jamaica  Vacation Poetry Book Launching Movie

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful countries. Here in Lethe  St. James people relax and listen to poetry being read at the launching of Soy Criada's first Anthology of poems. Journey to Enlightenment_ Revealed


Poetry is often not much appreciated by the ordinary citizens of Jamaica. This is believed to be more understood by scholars and the educated. Although it is taught in Jamaican schools many students are not drawn to it and think it is a boring subject. If you want a Jamaican of the lower and middle strata of society to appreciate this subject, then give him the poetry written in the Jamaican dialect that is when he comes alive.

Many renowned poets came out of Jamaica such as Gean Binta Breeze. Euna Morris, Claude McKay, Soy Criada, (Juliet Christie Murray ) Andrea Hutchinson, and many more but none have made Jamaica poetry and language more colorful and famous than Louise Bennett.


Lethe is the place where Soy Criada launched her first poetry book. It was famous for the legendary tale that the River housed a water spirit that at a certain time would cause the river to rise in that area and usually claim at least one life. It is a nice lush area in the parish of St. James that attracts tourists since it boasts a farm that attracts visitors who wish to admire the various types of animals and products of Jamaica.


Ellis Piece boasts a little sanctum that is called Elysium where one Sunday per month experienced poets and budding poets congregate to meet, greet and read poetry along with their friends from all walks of life.

That is where Soy Criada chose to launch her first book at one of their yearly poetry festivals hosted by Mercon, amidst the lush green landscape, the cool atmosphere, a gift from the cold mist rising from the flowing waters of the Lethe River.

Jamaica has lots to offer just book a Jamaica vacation to this lovely island and meet the wonderful people. watch the movie  and   get a copy of the book



Monday, April 12, 2021

Jamaica Celebrate it with flowers

Celebrate it with flowers
Are  you Having a celebratory event
Jamaican are  always celebrating some types of event
Thus usually entails  food,  music and dance and festive clothes, and sometimes strong drink.

Jamaican celebrate birthday, weddings, baby showers graduation,  you would not believe this but even death .Have you ever been at a Jamaican, 9 night, Wake or  funeral where they celebrate in sadness. Anywhere in Jamaica a group of people is gathered don’t fool yourself a small section is celebrating
Most of the celebration  is not without, flowers,  .
Flowers cheer the spirit and perfume a room .
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