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Jamaican Art


Johnnoy Smith
Johnnoy Smith a young and very skilled Jamaican Artist (painter) born and raise in the parish of Hanover.

  He started pursuing Art at a very young and tender age. He comes  from a large extended family that was gifted with legacy in the field of art and Craft.
Over the years as a young Jamaican artist his love and passion for his work has an impact on many art professionals from various backgrounds both abroad and in Jamaica. 

Because of their interest in his budding skill as an artist he was sought after by many individuals to created spectacular pieces  to enhance their space,His work is now required more frequently many.  His whole life is built around  art and craft and he  lives and breath art. It Is embedded in his heart and soul, a receiver of a true gift.
For many years he spent lots of time perfecting his artistic abilities and was privilege to represent the SDC (Social Development Commission)which is an association in Jamaica that promotes aspiring artist who exhibits extraordinary skills. He was given the opportunity to tour with his arts pieces and be apart of their exhibitions and functions held in Kingston and various venues around the island. 
 One of his biggest achievement was when he was chosen to represent Godfrey Stewart High in World Skills grand final Art competition held in Kingston 2010. World skills is the Gold standard of skills.

 He said receiving that honor will always be one of his treasure experience that will last him for a life time .  
 As a budding artist he has painting skills  visionary skill and,lots of Inspiration that will put him in the category of the renowned.
He is young, and as most great artists is still at the struggling and waiting to emerge and just need that one break to  help him rise and make Jamaica proud of one her sons,. You could get him a space to show case his art piece or create a showing on one of your platforms. Contact him to see how you can help
 <>    tel 876 48 75091
His dream is to build a foundation for artists from around the world and eventually create a platform for them promote and established themselves.
Here is a selection some of his work  you   will be intrigue and surprise