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Jamaica Property Tax Woes

The new property tax is causing individuals to have heart stopping experiences. There seem to be no logical method for calculating these taxes. How can one property assessed for $1,000,000.00 be charged $55,900. And the other valued at $10,000.000.00 be charged $101,300.on the same stretch of road way.

Jamaica needs to get the property tax act straight. There are individuals  now retired who had built their home from early, whose pension cannot even pay electricity and buy food are now call upon the pay property tax that even if they got a loan could not afford to pay the loan in one year.
What is the tax Admin expecting that they should sell their home and go to a retirement homes these two examples are two of the many. Before these individuals paid $3,600 and $6000.

At the rate of how the government is pilling on taxes Jamaica will soon become a country of depressed ,mad paupers or the abled  body  may get frustrated and cause a revolution. Is this the prosperity the government promised. Many people would have preferred the income tax tress whole to have remained the same and property tax less stringent.

it is only a few people who benefited from this income tax break but they do not see it with all this exorbitant taxes eating away at it.  Worst of all the poor is feeling is more as they have nothing  to meet these bills.
Many live  on land they were left by parents and do not have the finances to get the land legalized.

Mr. Holness and his team  had better have fun, because this may be their only opportunity as a government in Jamaica.
We  all expect taxes  to increase but not such a steep one. When you had promise no new taxes we did not expected that you were going to raise this taxes so high in one shot.

Make sure you have enough hospital beds Mr. Tufton .you will sure have good reason to spend  the new taxes . AUDLEY created the situation ,now you deal with the situation.