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Friday, May 31, 2013


Chocho mixed fruits the wonder products for reducing cost of bake goods

Mixed fruits (Crystallized chocho)


6 lbs white chocho
1½ lbs granulated sugar
red, green ,yellow food colour
1 tsp lime rind
Strawberry, pineapple flavour
1 quart water


. Peel off all the skin from the chocho and remove tough inner core.

• Cut into desired shapes and size at least twice the size of the finished product.

• Put to boil until tender then separate into 3 pots and colour each set with the desired colour and flavor required.
It will take much more green to colour the lime flavour than red and yellow.

• Boil down until water dries to thick sugar syrup in each container.
• Turn out on a metal tray, spread out and sun or oven dry until the fruits are firm but not tough.

• If they are used as candies they may be dredge in Castor sugar and store in glass jar or plastic bags and seal.

• Sodium benzoate may be added to improve shelf life follow the instructions given.

• Make about 2 ½ lbs. crystallized fruits.

• Use in buns, cakes, tarts or any pastry that requires dried fruits.