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Monday, September 12, 2022


Jamaican women

Jamaican women give that special someone a gift certificate on that special day and send him here to get your gift it can be shipped from AMAZON with ease to any part of the world.
gift cards and certificate

Thought of the Day for Jamaican Women
If you look for something long enough and hard enough you will surely find it. Follow the link and read how important it is to continue Keeping The Spirit High, especially at this time

successful powerful women strategies
Have you noticed that of late everything seems to be moving at an accelerated speed?

Just as you believe you have learned something then the rules change and you are back at square one learning something new all over, not too sure when the rules will change, and what you think you have accomplished has little or no value. Sort of unnerving isn't it?

Women Health
At times you feel this need to be calm and get centered. Many people like you resort to pills, exercise, meditation practices, and even yoga.

As Jamaican women, there will always be the need to calm and ground yourselves in order to function at your maximum capacity.

Do you know that you have at your disposal one of the most powerful pieces of machine and all is needed are the right tools to program it in the right direction?

Large selection of trendy and stylish golf apparel for women including hats, shirts, skirts, shoes, outerwear, and more women's golf clothing

This could be your season

Women Who Run With The Wolves

If a caterpillar can Fly So can I

mending broken hearts

Jamaican Women's foot pain
can be helped by wearing these shoes.No more burning feet in which you can hardly stand. Take care of your health check your calcium absorption level, and diabetes, and always stretch your hamstrings.
The Jamaican author Soy Criada seems to have gotten it all together and has chosen to share her inspiration in her book removing all your shyness, uncertainties, doubts, and fears, making you feel centered and grounded once more.

It is time that Jamaican Women come into their own and harness the Internet and get free promotion for your business if become a free member of this organization and see your business explode on the Internet
try it and see for yourself
Trying improving your life by joining affiliate programs

Tell the world about your hobby and get paid, open a website for less than $5.00 per month.

Read Soy Criada's books find  them on amazon, Journey to Enlightenment Revealed. and journey to Enlightenment Seasons
To sum it all up after reading this book you will feel good about yourself empowered, and ready to take on the world. for you would have conquered all your inner fears and insecurities that have kept you from achieving your maximum potential all these years

Princess arise

Are you queen of Sheba,
Ethiopian princess, queen
That seek wisdom
A woman who seeks wisdom
Can be wiser than any man,

Which of you will be a Sarah
Who wisdom gave faith
Mother of great nations
Great Mother Jacob
Mary, mother of God.

You could be a Deborah
Of courage, justice, and wit
An Esther, try saving a nation
A Miriam geared for service?
Open to the voice of God

Are you seen only as a Rehab?
Mary Magdalene, a Goma
Death degree sanctioned, for
Holding within your hands' power,
Men’s Hearts, secrets,
Of midnight ranting, ravings

What of Anna a seer
A Samaritan woman, discerner of
God as his spirit walks
In the most humble of men
Will you be a Dorcas?
Lydia, Shulamite , Ziporah?
An Abigail offering Freely,

A virgin a Mary
Nurturing the divine walking
In the form of men
Continually receiving, keep
Pouring on love oil

Soy Criada