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Monday, November 25, 2013


Jamaica coffee :Get the best Coffee experience

Jamaica Coffee


Jamaica coffee

  also call Blue Mountain-coffee is known around the world for its quality and flavor. It is believed to be the best in the world. It commands the highest price on the world market. Most of the produced in Jamaica is exported. The tree is small and has white flowers and green berries which turns red when ripe.

These red berries are dried and processed to make the beverage. and is also used as flavoring for other beverages ,sweets, ice-cream and cakes and other desserts.
The Jamaican Blue mountain is so strong that many world re-known manufacturers have blended the Jamaica Blue Mountain with that of others countries to enhance the brands that they speak so highly of.
Jamaica Coffee comes from all over the island but the best tasting ones come from Blue Mountain which is one of the coolest area and the is found in Portland

Learn how Jamaica coffee is processed

I told you Jamaica Coffee has the best in the world Blue Mountain Peak. If you are a lover of the beverage you can click the store link below to see what is available,
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This products was once seen as bad for health because of the caffeine content.However it is now seen as beneficial to herbal medicine.In the treatment of cancer where colonic and enemas are used to help rid the body of toxins it is seen as one of the best products to mix with the water used for the colonic irrigation. When energy is required it is also used to boost low vitality and is a compound of some energy drink.

Tell us about an excellent product you have tried from Jamaica?