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Friday, May 31, 2013


We'll build repair refurbish your dream Jamaican swimming pools or Jacuzzis

Jamaican Swimming Pools supplies an equipment

Jamaican swimming pools Many individuals especially in North America and Europe are used to indoor pools mostly above ground. Some are covered to be protected against the elements of nature winter, snow and falling leaves.

Swimming pools commercial and industrial supplies
Many of these are made from fiberglass and may not last very long. In Jamaica most of these are built outside and are constructed from blocks or poured concrete, they may be above or below ground. The inside is coated with an extremely hard imported material for coating. Sometimes a special compound from sand made in Jamaica is used along with white cement a cheaper process than the important pool coating but lasts a shorter time.

Sometimes because of poor construction pools leak. A lot of builders in Jamaica say they can build pools and try to outbid the real experience pool builders by going below the real cost of building proper pools. These sometimes cost the owners dearly because the pools leak and it takes only the experience pool contractor to solve it. Because water is very deceiving and sometimes where the water is escaping the leak is nowhere close. Then it becomes costly as the owners realize the mistake they made by not employing an experienced pool contractor in the first place. Many times they have to call in the said pool contractor they had sidestepped in the first place just to get a cheaper cost.

Do not let this happen to you get your pool done by professional and experienced pool builders.
Do not try to cut it cheap either by installing those foreign fiberglass pools, they do not last in Jamaica. If you are really serious about getting Jamaica swimming pools that last, build one

Here are some of the Jamaican swimming pools that were built by experience pools builder in Western Jamaica. Reuben Murray Snr  & Dwight Murray, household gadgets and hardware for pools

Negril Jamaica
Charela Inn
Crystal Waters,
Swept Away
Rondel Villages
Silver Sands Hotel,
Negril Treehouse
Rock House
Fun Holiday,
Rick’s CafĂ©
legend hotel
Home Sweet Home.
Divine Destiny
Sandals Beaches
Sandals Negril

St Ann Jamaica
Breezes Runaway Bay
Montego Bay Jamaica
Half Moon Hotel
Sandals Royal
St Elizabeth Jamaica…
Treasure Beach Hotel,
Ikarue guest house
Westmoreland Jamaica
Sandals White House
Hanover Jamaica
Round Hill Hotel


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If you are considering building a Jamaican swimming pool or a Jacuzzi in Jamaica these are the persons to contact. You will get a safe monument that does not leak, great styles, accurate water lines, and superb monuments that will enhance and greatly improve the beauty and value of your property and make it more attractive and marketable for a welcome to Jamaica vacation package. They may be contacted at  876 558 4594,
                      876 364 2950 .

Jamaica pools contractor and 876 364-2950.The good thing about them they are also general contractors and designers of ultra modern buildings