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Jamaica Events

Jamaica Is a country that celebrates a number of holidays. IT could be one of the countries that has the most holidays in the Caribbean . Here is a list of the most popular holidays. If you follow them you will learn much about the Jamaica Culture along with its vibrant night life and spectacular festivals

Jamaica Events and Holidays
1.New Years day
2.Reggae Month
3.Bob Marley Day
4.Ash Wednesday
5.Good Friday
6.Easter Monday
7.Labour Day
8.Emancipation day
9.Independence Day
10.National Heroes day
11.Christmas Day
12.Boxing Day

1. January 1
2. February 29
3. February 6
4. March 8
5. March/April
6. March/April
7. May 23
8. August 1
9. August 6
19. October 16
11. December 25
12. December 26

Teachers and students on the island are more fortunate than the other individuals who live on the island.They get extra holidays apart from the national holidays they get mid term which may consist of one extra day in May and October. and Ash Wednesday. They also get Christmas ,Easter and Summer holidays. Sometimes because of national examinations some schools are used as examination centers and some teachers and students get those examination days as holidays too. However some of these schools go a litter longer in the school year.
Jamaica Events Calendar
Jamaica has a number of interesting events all year round and each parish has its own special Jamaica events Here is up to date daily information of what Jamaica events are taking place in Jamaica >

Kingston Jamaica Events
International marathon January
Annual art exhibition. January
LTM Pantomine. February
Bob Marley week February
Hague Agriculture show February
Jamaica Orchid Show March
Spring break March
Carnival in Kington March
National finals of performing arts June
National Dance festival season July
Oktober fest October
Annual motor racing December
Christmas Craft Fare December
Ikebana annual flower show Decmber
Annual motor racing stage rally December
Tastee talent contest. December

Ocho Rios St Ann Jamaica Events
Carnival in Jamaica March
SKAZZ Jazz Festival June Kite
Festival April
Craft Fair Harmon Hall April
Polo horse racing tournament show June
Jamaica Spice Food festival July
Independence day celebrations August
Mento Yard Cultural show. October
Fossil Tournament November
Harmony Hall craft show December,
Montego Bay Jamaica Events
Jazz and Blues Festival January
Sugar cane ball Feburary
Yatt Club regatta. March
Spring break March
Tennis Sport Spectacular April
Wonderful word of golf tournament June
Reggae Sumfest July
Blue Marlin Tournament September
Africa Jamfest October
Jamaica Film and music festival November
Trelawney Yam Festival

Negril Jamaica Events
Negril Fat tire festival Feb
Negril Sprint triathl March
Spring break. March
West end Reggae Festival March
Epicurean Escape June
Independence day Celebration August

St Elizabeth Jamaica-events
Acccompong Moroon Festival January 6
Calabash International Literary Festival.May
Off road triathlon March
Little Ochi Carnival Festival June
Treasure Beach hook and line canoe
tournament October

Jamaica events:Calabash literary Festival  
Hanover Jamaica Events
Lucea cross the Harbour August
Best Of Festival .July
Independence day Celebration August

Port Antonio
Port Antonio International Marlin
Appleton Temptation Isle.August


Jamaica sports education the secret to success in track and field

Jamaica Banner Connect to Jamaica atheletes  by purchasing a Jamaican souvenir

map of Jamaica                                          Jamaican Teachers Lesson plans
The Jamaican Flag
Jamaica sports education. The Jamaican education system has paved the way for the island "Olympic gold glory". Through its physical education syllabus and it dedicated physical education teachers Jamaica now reaps the benefits. The coaches are also to be commended for their dedication and effort in supporting athletes thus enabling them to stay focus .

To be an Olympic medalist is what every parent dream for his/her son or daughter, When Usain Bolt,Asafa Powell, Melanie Walker, Veronica Campbell, Shelly Ann Frazer, all won Olympic gold medals in Beijing the world was surprise, Jamaicans on the other hand were happy not surprised.
They all had access to a Jamaica sports education

There is a history of producing medal winners in track events going as far back as the London Games of 1948 Melanie Walker Olympic champion
Jamaica will always be seen as a gold mine for athletics .The world may wonder at our success and what is the secret, some even imply that our athletes do drugs. I recommend Jamaica as the ideal place to educate your child give him a Jamaica sports education you will not regret it.

If s/he has athletic talent it is one of the best places to develop that talent. The hilly terrain is good practicing ground to develop muscles, strengthen heart muscles and improve lungs capacity. Many of our talents in track and field are those who have gone miles over hilly terrain. The yellow yam was given as the reason why Jamaicans can run. The sickle cell trait that so many Jamaicans posses was also cited as another reason . Team work was also given as a reason also.

Usain Bolt  Jamaican world record track and field 2008
Jamaica Calender of Sporting Events
For such a small third world country Jamaica has a tradition of performance in track and field as in Merline Ottey, Donald Quarry, Author Wint, and many others who have gone before. Jamaica has what is considered raw talent, push by motivation and a culture of competitive spirit all go to make the Jamaican Athlete shine.
One very important factor for the country’s success is, Jamaica has one of the best organized track and field programmes in the world. Although restrained by funding, the country still promotes track and field from as early as kindergarten. In Jamaica we train body and mind to achieve. Each year we look forward to which new athlete will better a Usain, or a Veronica. All year round if you follow the country’s sport calendar you will realize that there are always some sporting activities taking

place all across the island geared at preparing our athletes. Shelly Ann Frazer  Jamaican Olympic champion  receive
There is the yearly sport day for all kindergarten and primary schools, high schools and college; at these events students compete among themselves in organized house meets. Next there is the parish inter school sports.

From these the best are chosen for the all island sports meets such as The J.T.A. primary and all age schools meet and boys and girls Champs for high schools.The foundations for this fast show were laid as long ago in 1910,when Champs,an event designed to discover and develop the best school sprinters, was launched.
There is the intercollegiate and university sports with special emphasis on track and field geared to keep Jamaican athletes train in Jamaica to represent the country instead of performing for other countries like the USA and Canada

After these elimination and screening we arrived at our best, selected to be trained, and to compete on the international stage. This is the point that athletes with raw talent are monitored by the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association .With the correct funding Jamaican will continue to collect glory medals internationally all because of the Jamaica sports education

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Sports played in Jamaica
Baseball, basketball, boxing, bobsled, cricket, football, soccer netball ,field hockey. track and field,pushcart, car racing,bicycle race, high jump, long jump,lawn and table tennis