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Jamaica Electric Storms


Lightening  strikes in Jamaica

When you visit Jamaica  especially in our active hurricane season  be aware of the strength and power of our  elements and be cautious of Jamaica's electric storms

The danger of being electrocuted. while in the safety of your home is always likely.

Now that we are in the hurricane and thunderstorm seasons, we should not take the danger of lightning for granted.

Many individuals were reported of been struck by lightning during and electric storm while out in the open field, standing near a  tree, using a cell phone, camera, cutting or climbing trees

 Growing up I learn about lightning and electrocution and mirror at a very early age.

I remember growing up as a child I always see my grandmother cover the mirrors in the house whenever it looks as if it would rain.

It took me forty years to fully understand the lessons in the covering of mirrors during a thunder or lightning storm.

I visited a friend one day who had gotten a piece of minor from a hotel.  

She leaned it against a wall. intentioned to mount  whenever she got the time. It had been leaning there  against that wall for  more than five months.

  ne after visited and I stood before the mirror actually, there was no rain but the thunder was rolling in the distance. We were very engross in our conversation and with the topic. However, for some reason, I moved from where I stood in front of  the mirror  chatting  chatting away.  

Immediately as  I moved  from before  the  mirror a tremendous  thunder echoed, followed by a terrible  lightning flash that  struck and shattered the big 8ft x 4ft x ¼  inch mirror into million of splintered pieces.

I know it had to be supernatural protection that moved me from standing before that mirror when I did.

 Struck By electric lightening in Jamaica

 While I am here writing this article today my  mind travels back to a few years when my good friend  who was  washing dishes when she was electrocuted. We believed it was that the lightning came in  through the window and hit her.

However, I learned something this morning while watching and listening to TVJ. Jamaica  Television 

The announcer  said we should never wash dishes, hands, or bathe  during rain, lightning  or  thunder activity or during an electric storm

That was something completely new to me. The broadcaster  said that scientifically it has been proven that lightning does travel through plumping lines and fixtures while  nature’s electricity  is  active such as rain, lightning, and thunder.

Isn’t that something? How many individuals knew that, certainly not me in my 72 years on planet earth.

One is never too old to learn and take action.

Always protect your property from electric surges and lightning and electric storms by installing good lightning rods and surge devices. Have a look at these  Lightening Protection Devices

Metals are also conductors of lightening. It is very important to stay away from clothes line.

 Do not forget to be wary of back packs , more so its better yet to consider dropping your back packs from off our backs during lightning storm activities .Many usually have metals  inserted for stability .Most times metal formed part of the luggage inside.

Now that you have learn about this help protect your friends and family from electric storms storm electrocution.