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Monday, May 27, 2013



By visiting this site you will learn about the way the people of Jamaica live. Their food, music,
religion, dress, speech, dance, and traditions. Yes, their way of life. You may wonder what really is so great about a land of diverse cultures. view video of Jamaica culture cultural activities 
Ethnic Groups Get an idea of what makes us special

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It has a number of different racial-ethnic groups . The largest group however is the blacks so 'Jamaica-culture' is predominantly black . Interwoven is also the European culture that these blacks learned from their former white slave masters.
Maroons of Jamaica

You will find Indians living in Jamaica also. Many Indians came to the
island as indentured servants and stayed on, they too have an input in the Jamaica culture.
There is a thriving
culture of Chinese
 on the island, many came and are still coming as merchants. Jews and Syrians also are a part of this cultural mix. All these different races have made the country what it is, hence the motto written on the Coat of Arms ' Out Of Many One People.’ The different races gave 'Jamaica culture' a richness in food, dance, music, language, and most of all a lifestyle.
The skin of many of the blacks is not very blue-black as many other black races but is different hues light to dark chocolate brown because of the different mixture of blood. The people are also a pleasant set of people, many are beautiful in physical features.

Have you had the experience of hearing the real Jamaican language?  Jamaica' culture has a language that is one of the most colorful in all the Caribbean. You really should hear a Jamaica curse.
There is nothing that can be compared with it. It has music and a resonance to it, spoken in different decibels one word can mean many different things. Listen to poetJamaica Poet reading poetry.
The language carries a lot of feelings and can sound very aggressive to those who do not understand it. It is a very fast language and may be misinterpreted.

Just thinking of a good dish of Jamaican food especially the jerk chicken and pork can make the mouth water and the stomach rumble. Jamaica traditional dishes
Jamaican food is a mixture of all cultures. Jerk meat- African. Curry -Indian, Christmas pudding- European, and.Chop Suey - Chinese.
Traditionally the food is very hot and spicy and goes well with the alcoholic beverages that are made on the island from sugar cane.try making and enjoying a glass of Jamaica chocho white wine.
 Music and Dance

You will be enthralled by the Jamaica culture of music, especially the reggae. You cannot resist gyrating, foot-stamping and finger-snapping to Jamaican music even if it is gospel music. Click Here To Download Unlimited Music
The dance forms are many. Some are now classified as traditional dances, such as Kumina, Dinki Mini, Pocomania, John Canoe, Bruckings, Maypole revival,Gumbay. Ethu.Jamaica is also accredited as the country of origin for Reggae and Dancehall which encompasses many forms such as The Bogle. On the River Dutty wine,  and many many more.

Jamaica traditional dances

Read more on Jamaica reggae music

Dress is one of the marks of the people. They are known to be one of the best-dressed people in the world.
They like bright colors and very fashionable styles. If you find one who differs it is because there is no means to do so or because of religious practices. The ladies do not consider themselves dressed without a fabulous hairstyle which can run into thousands of dollars.
The national costume is a creation of a bandanna plaid of red and white and can be trimmed with white red or blue. Jamaica take pride in these costume and create various fashion designs with them
Jamaica is said to have the most churches per square mile than any other island. I can only compare this to banks in Panama City in 1978 when I visited. Religion plays an integral part in Jamaican culture.It ranges from catholic to protestant to cults. Traditionally there are certain times of the year that most people will not miss going to church. New year, Easter, and Christmas. Occasions such as funerals, crusades, and the gospel are well supported.
Many Jamaican believe in spiritual healing so there is a culture of the supernatural entrenched in the Jamaican culture carried over from slavery. Today the Rose Hall Great House and the legend of the White Witch is still dominant and bears witness to this fact.

Jamaican inspirational writer and poet
This is a set of people whose ambition is to have the biggest and prettiest houses and to drive the fanciest cars. Without these many feel that they have failed, or life has failed them.
>Jamaican people have a culture of infectious laughter, coupled with their local dialect which make them very pleasurable to be around.

Academic Achievements
Jamaican author
These people are a bright set of individuals and if the funding is available with their type of educational drive they can achieve very high academic performances,.
If you carry out a survey over the world Jamaicans are everywhere and hold very high offices of responsibilities in many countries.
A Jamaican will out smart you many times if given the opportunity. These are a very proud set of people and walk proudly with heads held high ,a people with a purpose ,off springs from the ancestral tribe of the Mandingo and the Ashanti of African ,warriors and Kings of Africa, a great people. Jamaica culture of dance Other things to know about the culture
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