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Friday, May 16, 2014


This activity at Rick's Cafè situated on the western end of Negril popularly  known as West End. Divers climbed in a tall tree that hangs about 80 feet above the water then jump somersaulting style in mid-air that sends water spiraling and cascading as they plunge thunderously into the aquamarines water below. Visitors who do not have such big ears will also dive off the cliffs below from about 40 feet.

JAMAICA Ricks Cafe

Ricks Cafe
The clock hands are speeding closer to 4:00 pm and the seemingly moderately moving Negril puts on life and start picking up momentum. the speed of taxis gets better as they swiftly navigate the winding roads of the cliffs, and the steps of pedestrians quicken as they take longer and quicker strides.
One not used to the culture may wonder why all this mad rush with people all heading to the western directions of the town. Everybody seems to be in a hurry. You would not believe this but, they are all trying to catch the sun sets at Ricks Cafe’
There is no sunset like the sunset at Ricks café in Negril Jamaica. People come from all parts of the globe just to see this spectacular setting of the sun. However, there is much, much more to Ricks Café
Ricks Cafe is situated on a cliff overlooking the sea, the most spectacular location for Cliff diving in Jamaica This pastime has grown tremendously over the years

Visitors and locals alike stand in awe watching them as the setting sun sinks lower and lower into the sea  Glass bottoms boats also come into the cove and tourists where the divers jump and take visitors out on a ride to view the bottom of the ocean.
Ricks's café is much, much more. If you like reggae music then coming on to sunset is the place to be where there is a live band station daily and live singers crooning in the background.
Drinks flow from every corner of Ricks  Cafe there are at least two bars outdoors and the main bar downstairs is big and spacious. There is a bar upstairs where you can sit and watch all the activities with ease., There is many drink cocktail to choose from with alcohol or without alcohol .alcohol.I recommend the Pina Colada a drink made from light coconut rum white syrup and cream. 

If you ask me I would say there is actually no rum in it, You could drink gallons and feel no effect. it seems it is just the flavor like vanilla flavor. This drink is bitingly cold like water ice but it is so refreshing you do not want to stop drinking.
You have the option to bathe in the pool and if you do not wish to be adventurous and navigate the cliffs it too is placed at a strategic vantage point where you can relax and observe all the happenings.
Then we get to the food the restaurant offers many different dishes that you have to control your appetite and craving. They are so good you want to devour them all from lobster to fish to chicken to burger to salsa mmmm so mouth-watering.  
The nicest thing about Ricks Café if you are running low on funds and cannot buy a thing as long as you have good behavior and good comradely you could just drive into Ricks spend a few minutes and observe a little, they will not charge you. but for such a view of a glorious sunset, you could show your appreciation and buy even the cheapest drink.

When next you visit Jamaica I suggest you stop and visit Ricks Café golden sunset. Photo shot  of the
  Ricks Cafe experience xxx
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