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Kinda means Family
Kinda tree Accompong town

The Jamaica Maroons of
Here is a sect of Jamaican people whose descendants came from Africa during the slave trade.These were slaves to the Spanish settlers who set them free when the British captured the island. Their numbers grew when slaves of the British settlers ran away into the hills of Jamaica to live because they were not satisfied being slaves. Those who ran away from the British were welcome into their fold.

Nanny Maroon woman
These ex-slaves became famous because they fought the white slave masters. Nanny one Of Jamaica's nationals was one of these great female warrior. known to have done supernatural feet in some of these wars. These people come from great African warriors tribes like the Mandingo and the Ashanti Coromantes. Although the British slaves masters sent soldiers to capture them they were unsuccessful and many soldiers died because the slaves were skill in the bushman warrior tactics.
This sect frustrated the whites because they lived in the hills and came down to raid the plantation at nights. One of the greatest leaders was ,Jamaica’s only woman heroin Nanny. Others wenre Cudgoe and Tacky. The British realizing that the war would never end between them and these ex-slaves,made a treaty with the warriors giving them vast acres of land in the Cockpit country, St Elizabeth ,St James. and Trelanwy.It is said that there may be no true descendant living in the St James settlement at present but this cannot be confirmed.
a maroon hut
The treaty stipulated that these Africans were not answerable to the laws of the land except in cases like murder which may attract the death penalty (execution) All this in exchange for peace and the capture and return of runaway slaves. These people do not pay taxes and are responsible for the running and maintaining of the community Accompong Town and Maroon town are two such villages.People in these villages are very clannish.
Every year sometimes around January six the Accompong town community have their yearly celebration to remember the day when they were made a free people.
This is a grand affair and goes way into the night. People from all walks of life visit this celebration. This is very a festive time. The streets are lined with vending activities. If you are looking something very Jamaican and can’t find it you may just find it at the Jamaican Maroon celebration,
maroon celebration
Cujoe Peace treaty seal
There are many different ceremonies that are performed on this day. Special feasts are held in respect to the ancestors.Individuals march wearing clothes made from leaves. This was one of the war strategies used in that era. There are also some revered spot that special ceremonies are performed such as the Kinda tree, where the treaty was discussed, Cudjoe’s cave where the peace treaty was signed and Cudjoe’s seal. There is also a museum that shows off artifacts of the era and historical notes.
The most impressive of all is the treaty mounted outside the museum wall.If one reads this treaty there is and unexplained feeling that comes over you as you are taken way back down in time to the place where black men and black women feel that connection. There is a sense of pride to be a part of these courageous people
whites may have felt that connection too and feel proud to know that their ancestors had the foresight and courage to set these people free.
TheJamaica Maroons may be in need some outside intervention to keep their culture and community alive and I am sure they would not refuse donation or some type of sponsorship. Such interested individuals may contact the Jamaica tourist board because they too must have some vested interest in keeping the culture alive as one of Jamaica’s tourist attractions.

Soy Criada one of Jamaica’s poet gives a vivid description in her poem of some of the ceremonial activities carried out on the on that day
Jamaica Maroons and their towns
Come Celebrate With Us
Come travel up the rocky, rugged, winding hills
To Accompong Town, cradled. hidden still
In the deep, lush green, cockpit, country hills
Home of ancestral slaves,Cudjoe and Tacky,
Strong men, men of will.

The aged, old, huge, giant, Kinda tree
Still stands as a landmark for all to see
A relic, a silent witness, to the great treaty
That made this land to all Maroons slaves free

Come all who wish , come celebrate ,eat with us
Talk ,laugh ,sing , under the Kinda tree we trust
Let’s burst the bottle of strong Jamaican white rum
Jump ,prance, and dance to thunder roaring drums

Follow to , but stay afar off from Cudjoe’s cave
As we go feed the spirits of the ancestral slaves
Smell, the roasted yam and the boiled wild hog
As their aroma waft through the thick, chilly fog,

Put on your best leaf dress, dance and sing until the
Echoes make the deep, hilly , cockpit country ring
Lets wheel and deal on this Prince Cudjoe’s Seal
Recall,the day when,whites set black maroons slaves free.

Soy Criada
Copyright@2005-Juliet Christie Murray

Written 2005 July
An experience gained from visiting Accompong town to celebrate
the day the Maroon’s Chief Cudjoe and his brother (Black Slaves)
signed the treaty with the British( white Government)
and became free people. They were given free lands such as Jamaica Maroon town and Accompong town. The kinda tree is the African name for family. In Acconpong Town There is a big mango tree where the warriors used to meet.

The treaty was signed in the Peace cave which is within walking distance from the Kinda tree.. Jamaica Maroons do not pay taxes and run their part of the country under their own laws and statues. They however do not have the power to execute anyone . They must go through the Judicial system of Jamaica.

You may search the net right from this site to get more information on Accompong town Jamaica
The Jamaica Maroon story