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Monday, October 28, 2013


  Jamaica Christmas Spend  it With Us

Jamaica Christmas is something to experience .It would be nice to spend one of your winter holiday around Christmas time in Jamaica.

From it approaches October into November the hot summer weather puts on a cool caressing feeling as the gentle November wind start

stroking and hugging you giving you a feeling of love and Joy.
This climate affects the temperament of the people and they seem more joyful to be around. The winter season is also the season when more visitors come to the island to escape the biting cold of the European and the North American countries like England, Canada, United States of America, among the many others.

At this time of year the people seem more happy because they know they will be having money to spend a wonderful Christmas as they take this holiday season seriously.

Jamaica Christmas preparation usually start from as early as October when individuals start making preparation for the Jamaica Christmas cake by putting dried fruits such as raisins’ currant and prunes to soak in fruit wines and rum. You see the Christmas black >fruit cake forms part of the festive
People really do take this holiday seriously the houses and fences usually get a new paint over and sidewalks white washed with lime or painted with Berger 303 to look “spick and spank”

A special animals such as a goat or cow is usually selected for this occasion . In years gone by a special chicken or turkey would be selected and put under sanitary living condition
just to make it clean for this occasion but, this is not so anymore as commercialization of meats is now wide spread all over the island. However meat shops had better make sure their stock of meats and poultry is increase to 100% and some locations even more.

A poor person will go without certain food and clothing for the entire year but when it comes to this holiday they will go over board to get the food , drink and new clothing even at the expense of the toys for the children.

Churches and organizations are not to be left out of the festive seasons. Co-corporate offices give parties and gifts to their workers and they had better do this or else they will not be able to live it down for the following years as workers drops little sync remarks throughout the year. Things are about to be changed as the economic crisis escalate boss can pass off the no Jamaica Christmas party to economic constraints.

Church usually have dinner and treats for the less fortunate but this is now spread to a larger audience as many individuals have voluntarily moved themselves to the less fortunate sect at Christmas time

Church usually have dinner and treats for the less fortunate but this is now spread to a larger audience as many individuals have voluntarily moved themselves to the less fortunate sect at Christmas time.

One of the beauties of Christmas is the Christmas lights as early as November individuals start combing stores to purchase lights and they keep up in vogue and remain cosmopolitan too. The homes may not have much trees but the patios and windows all boast
Christmas lights and decorations. A lot of middle income individuals and the poor change or get furniture at this time of year.

The may town have a nicely decorated tree and about few days before the day they have the tree lighting ceremony where they had out little gifts and treats.

At this time of year they are round and rounds of parties., unfortunately many do not follow the law “do not drink and Drive “, “if you drink do not drive’ and many do not see the new years because man lose their lives to road accidents. The police try to be vigilant on road user in this season Christmas in Jamaica is a time of Family reunions many family travel from far just to be home for this Jamaica Christmas