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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Health In Sandy Bay Hanover Jamaica

Health  In Sandy Bay

.Environmental pollution,  water ,air ,food , music ,mind all of these can make you sickand sandy Bay is no Exception

. The JICM Wellness Centre located in Sandy Bay , Hanover, Jamaica a natural health  advocate  is committed in helping individuals in the community to keep healthy as best as possible by educating individuals on the benefits  of healthy lifestyle
People do not really have to be so sick. All they need to do is to educate themselves  on healthy lifestyle practices.

To begin how many individual in Jamaica know  and practice the 8 basic health laws. All of these eight are essential to health and well being. The JICM wellness Centre  teaches individual the health laws and encourage individuals to practice them.

 The community also boast a Government  Health Centre  that offers services in anti natal. care,Dentistry, and  Medical clinics, They run public health clinics to update  people on possible    disease out break such as the dengue fever  Food handlers and Hair Dressers certificate.are also done through the Sandy Bay Community  health Centre. 

It is sometimes good to know the condition of ones body even if one is not feeling or showing signs of illness.Sometime  one is on the last stem of the ladder for good health and about th step off. This could have been prevented by doing the simple know your numbers testing offered at the JICM Wellness Centre.You can also do a simple online self  help assessment
So head on over to JICM Wellness Centre and quickly do a Free Self Health Assessment  

Therefore if you are living in Jamaica and need to get some natural health advise on how to prevent, maintain, and possible reversing lifestyle disease the place to visit is The JICM Wellness Centre..

Sometimes what is wrong with you is really so simple it seem unbelievable  .A young man walked in to the centre recently he was having  constant head ache. He change his diet  stop drinking ice water,,got an eye glass because the doctor said his eyes were causing the problem  but all these seem futile because none worked.

We encourage him to do a head and neck massage because I noticed when I put my hand on his head to identify the problem spot the pain subsided. He was very apprehensive about been massage as he said he did not liked to be touched. However he gladly accept the free head neck and shoulder massage we offer just because the pain  got less when  touched ..

True to form the pain left after he got the massage to his amazement because he had to be popping headache pills at least three times daily. He left promising to visit for a massage each week.
 Natural remedies like herb, massage, hot and cold compress and foot baths are some simple modalities that can work wonders in keeping the body fit and can prevent one from spending time and money in doctors offices..

Of late the new cure Cannabis CBD all is being promoted left right and centre Is it the answer.
The truth be told many have found some  form of relief but what do you know about  it  . Here you can find information  on the different forms of it availability  
Many illness could be prevented if one pays attention to good nutrition, getting adequate sunlight,   drink enough water ,get adequate exercise, be moderate in good practices  and abstain from those that are harmful, inhale quality air , get enough daily rest , and last but most important stay connected to your creator. He is there to do the impossible if your ask him to direct your path. He will if you acknowledge him as creator and sustainer.