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How To Plan A Jamaica Team Party

Over the years things have change and the  steps below have been updated in Jamaica.
Before planning a large party the police must be informed and you get  a permit you for the day or night you have  to pay
A copyright fee for the music you are going to use.
 You must have security  arrange ment for the day or night the event will be taking place and there is now a time restriction sourring allowed for the event. If not followed your team party will be locked down if it goes beyond the time limit


• Step 1:

Decoration Planning a Jamaica Team party it is best to start with the decorations as  they can easily be purchased ahead of time, unlike the food. All of your decorations should keep with the colors of Jamaica which are green, yellow, and black. This includes crepe paper that you may hang around. You can purchase some Jamaican flags to use in the backyard, or you can make some. See resources for an example you can follow. Purchase some incense sticks to burn to give the party a Jamaican smell.

Jamaicans use lots of incense in their homes and businesses, and so the scent of the incense can be thought of as a Jamaican smell Try the Bob Marley blend Incense. You will also want to use some fake palm trees as decorations and lay out any beach chairs that you may have. Place a beach ball in the yard for decoration and for playing a game later on. Use lots of icon posters and beach chairs .Have some individuals wearing Rasta tams with locks attached\

• Step 2:music
Things on the music scene are a little different now.With the copyright law now growing it's teeth you will have to apply to the Jamaica Musicians Organization for permission to play their music . You just send a list of the songs you will play .Search the Jamaica music copyright law from anywhere on this site to get more accurate info.  Planning a Jamaica team party you must hire a reggae band if you want to go all out. This alone can make you feel like you are in Jamaica. You could also pick up some reggae music. Of course, it wouldn't be a Jamaican party without playing a little Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sizzler. Try out some of the latest Jamaican dance hall music too. It is good to keep up with the time. If you don't want to spend any money on a band or a CD, you can always put the word out and borrow a few CD's. Someone is bound to have a reggae CD you can use for one day.Try inviting one or two real Jamaican to spice up the place by doing the special dance move which only a real Jamaica can do.Be careful now the new copyright suggest that you contact the creators of the music before using them to generate profit.

• Step 3: Food
You will want to keep going with your Jamaican theme by serving some famous Jamaican dishes. This includes jerk chicken, rice with peas, curry patties or curry fish, and steamed cabbage. Popular beverages are Guinness, cream soda, and any type of fruit punch must You may have on hand with just a tip of the Jamaican Whites add to a few ,this is a must . Finish off your food list with some Jamaican desserts. Bread pudding, gizzada, coconut toto, potato pudding, and ice cream made with coconut milk are all delicious desserts served in Jamaica. Remember that if you are not sure of how to make them or if you are afraid you won't make the dishes correctly you can always have the party catered for. A Jamaica catering company would be ideal .

• Step 4:Games
No Jamaica team party is complete without some games. A fun Jamaican game is limbo. A stick is held high while participants make their way under it without touching the stick. After each round the stick goes lower and lower until there is only one participant left. You could also create a trivia game ahead of time. Make questions about the Jamaican culture or the island itself. Award a small prize to the participant with the most correct answers. Finally, you can purchase some Jamaican clothes and a few Jamaican wigs and have the children see how fast they can dress up and complete some type of relay race in their Jamaican attire. Add to the game some Jamaica riddles and some Jamaican jokes in the form of games to liven up the party and create laughter. • 

Do not forget the people. The people are the most important factor in your Jamaica team party. Have a good mix. Invite people who are dynamic, electric, young and energetic .they will carry the life of the party. Remember to include some sober heads too to maintain balance, you do not want your party getting too wild on you.
A do not forget to include the counsels of the aged to pass on information and history about the back ground of the island. Have a good mix of male