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Jamaica Festivals of Foods


Jamaica Festivals   of foods

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Jamaica Festival of foods There are so many yearly celebrations in Jamaica, Jazz, Reggae, Calypso, and arts which include dance, speech, and music, but we are proud to inform you that the country also celebrates its festival of food.
Dining at Grand Paladium  Lady Hamilton Hotel

Jamaicans celebrate a number of the food fest. each year which is loved by visitors and locals alike. The fine food that is offered in Jamaica is the result of the diverse cultural influences which highlight the colonial influences on the island. Jamaican food is such that other countries try to prepare them, such as the Jamaica Jerk and sometimes individuals of these countries plan celebrations to promote it, but none can be compared to the jerk done on Jamaican soil.
Here is an excerpt taken from one news report abroad THE FLORIDA newspaper, The New Times, has hailed the Jamaican Jerk Festival the Best for 2005.
The report states: "Just as giant Chili Cook-off inspires food with the impact of a reactor-core meltdown, the Jamaican Jerk food usually ignites taste buds in a big way. Scotch bonnet pepper, the fiery ingredient in jerk sauce, appears to greater and lesser degrees in the authentic Jamaican cuisine offered by vendors and competitors. And there's more jerk chicken, fish, and pork than ever before."

Jamaica Festival  Foods

Portland Jerk.
The real Jamaica jerk is seasoned with a lot of onion, garlic, thyme vinegar, soy sauce pimento, black pepper, and lots and lots of escellion and scotch bonnet pepper.
In the olden days, the meat was wrapped in pimento leaves and placed over live coals in the pit on a stick then covered until done.
By doing so the jerk was succulent If you go on the street side in Jamaica when there is a festival you will see jerking done in drums placed on legs, this is the second best method. This event is a very festive time and the mixture of aromas that hits you leaves a long last memory that keeps you coming back each year for more.

  Westmoreland Curry.
The parish of Westmoreland had its curry food show in April and is regarded as the biggest leading yearly curry food show. There is a gamut of cultural culinary influences carried over from the history of the Amerindians, West Africa, and Spanish. French, East Indians. Portuguese, Dutch, and English. Lebanese and East Indians were displayed.

Jamaica  Festivals

These unique blends are usually underscored by the distinct flavor of Jamaica’s own spices. Curry is one of these spices and has a rich history in the parish of Westmoreland,. This dish is always served at a social gathering with white rum, especially at wakes for the celebration of the life of the dead.

The Chinese usually outdo themselves by showing a variety of dishes which includes curried fried rice and shrimp curried pork chicken, fish, and beef. The Indians always entertain the patrons with a live demonstration of roti making, tikka masala, madras fish, curry mutton, and vindaloo. The Nigerians are not to be outdone they usually show off their cooking skills along with Jamaica’s experts. Trelawny Yam

Trelawny is said to be the parish that produces the best yams on the island. They too have a yearly Yam fest. Here you can get yam in any style you like it. Most Jamaicans prefer the yam roasted and served with roasted cod fish. but it is also served with a jerk, mackerel, and coconut run down, and other types of protein This is an event you should not miss.

Grand Palladium Hanover
 Thousands of individuals flock to the Trelawny yam fest. each year. The year 2007. was the 9th year since its inception and was held April 9, at its new location Hague Trelawny. The Jamaica festival included events such as song and dance competitions and schools participated.

There were also events such as a Yam Queen. Marathon and fifty K cycle races all formed a part of the Jamaica festival’s pre-events and began as early as March 7 and extend into April 9 Some of these early events culminated in the period when Jamaica hosted the cricket world cup
 Popular foods prepared at a food festival

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