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Welcome to Jamaica I Said It

Sandals  white house  located on the south coast
Sandals white House


Welcome to Jamaica I Said It  is a place  for enjoying where everything is anything. This site is where we say to you welcome to our island as we try to tell some of the things, happening and services we have here You may like to come for an inclusive vacation in Jamaica. Find information on places to visit in Jamaica, Jamaica tourist attractions Jamaica herbs, Jamaica products, and Jamaica gifts. Jamaica craft

  Cheap flights to Jamaica are always possible by Air Jamaica Caribbean airlines and other international airlines However Caribbean airlines are over 90 percent safe to travel on. Do not be afraid to search this site for Jamaica tourist attractions or any information about the country from this site; such as Jamaica culture and the different Jamaica festivals celebrated yearly on the island but most of all make sure you read the Jamaica travel tips. 

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 The results will be reasonable rates for all the Jamaica packages, such as an all-inclusive vacation Jamaica, in a Jamaica all-inclusive resort. Just pick the one you like and can afford. Use the HOTELS GUIDE AND RATES where impossible the prices are very competitive.

 You are about to explore one of the world's wonders, the paradise island of Jamaica. The place to lift your spirit as you let go of your stress and revel in wild abandon.

 This place is surely going to let you feel so good you will certainly want to return. When you come remember to seek out this little seaside village Sandy Bay an interesting and unique community on your way to or from Negril and Montego Bay. It's always a pleasure to say "welcome to Jamaica vacation ".as you learn interesting Jamaican facts right here on this site. Try to include in your trip a Negril vacation. Get good deals right from this link

Sandy bay  school boys sewing  in the Home economic  centr
Boys sewing

Visit Negril Attractions

with its gorgeous hotels and places offering lots of entertainment packages. Negril Jamaica will occupy your mind for a very long time. It will continually haunt and beckon you to come back repeatedly. We are happy to say Welcome to Jamaica Culture.

 Experience the life of a king as you relax in one of the best Jamaica Montego Bay hotels or small Jamaican resorts. We also have 5 stars hotels in Jamaica too, This is one of the most spectacular places in the world.  The islands of Caribbean Jamaica outshine them. The best place to take your well-earned vacation. Believe it or not, Jamaica Tourism is simply the best, there is just no other island like it. 
Get to understand it more by reading Unique Jamaican poetry. and see why welcome to Jamaica is simply the best. This is a beautiful and awesome place to be, where you get good value for money.

The island is small enough to get intimate with it and its people; large enough to be able to accommodate thousands of visitors to its shores and beaches daily. When you take your Welcome to Jamaica vacation with that special someone in this romantic place you will hear the words "Welcome To Jamaica man", "Jamaica No problem", and "Jamaica Irie". Negril has Seven miles of white sand beaches  The Island is 146 miles long with 55 miles at its widest point. A country with a hot tropical climate although the interior climate is moderate. The population is 3 million and rising made up of African Blacks, East Indians, Whites, and Chinese. The spoken language is English and a local dialect (patois).

Cheap, daily air flights
arrive and depart the two major international airports. Sangsters and Norman Manley from almost every airport in the world.
one of Jamaica 'Rejuvenating hots springs with a ledgen  to it
Milk river bath

 This country is the place where you will find all the action, horseback riding, waterfalls, day spa, snorkeling, safari tours, disco nightlife, casino, spiritual healing, good smoking, great drinking, delicious Jamaican food, good reggae Jamaica music, Jamaican literature and spoken word Jamaica Poetry, beautiful women and intriguing men, the home of dreadlocks Rastafarian Dreads. hot springs and waterfalls.

 Sandals Hotel or Beaches Resorts. The new Sandals White House is a breathtaking beauty to see. A magic kingdom, a fairyland shrouded in lush green tropical vegetation the ideal place to say your vows to the one you love. This is an island with a unique culture of music and dance.

Jamaican craft  the rasta head created by LLyod fray
Jamaican carving

The home of Reggae Music

and "Superstar" Bob Marley. Come and learn all you can about this beautiful country and its wonderful people. 

 The major Jamaica vacation areas on the island are Negril Attractions, Ocho Rios, Attractions, Montego Bay, attractions, South Coast Attractions, and Port Antonio Attractions. However, there are lots and lots of other exciting things to do and interesting places and attractions for you to go see and enjoy.

Take a peep and check out our hot springs, waterfalls, beach sunsets, caves Chuka Blue, Chuka Cove, indigenous plants, and animals. Planning on getting married? Why not Jamaica ?. It would be great to have it on the island on the beach at sunset with Mento and Reggae music streaming in the background. WELCOME TO JAMAICA REGGAE MUSIC LISTENING, * Come get lots of entertainment, * Mingle with the people * Enjoy their music * Sample their food *Join the Tours

Gettting married in Jamaica can be fun
You can get married in Jamaica.

Come for the simple joy of knowing and experiencing this beautiful island found in the Caribbean, surrounded by white sand beaches and a deep, sparkling, aquamarine blue sea; a spectacular place to take your always-to-be-remembered vacation.

 If you are having health challenges, you may want to try our Jamaican Herbs and Healers In this country you are going to meet some great friends because Jamaicans are a wonderful set of people. who you will want to remember.

Purchasing some form of Jamaica souvenir or a Jamaican gift item is always an ideal way to keep the memory of your visit alive in your mind Here is a place to shop. The prices are very competitive Best of all you get it shipped to anywhere in the world you want it delivered. Come and enjoy the ease peace and tranquility of Jamaica.

 Welcome to Jamaica I said it As we do our best, we can keep you up to date with the latest Jamaica news below.

You may link to us to keep you in the loop of things. Visit The Jamaica Tourist Board, Family vacation, what you do not find just search from this same site using our search boxes.

 Read about Jamaica's excellent travel guides from experts and get the feel and beat of the island then you will understand the real Jamaica. You may purchase them here.

 Enjoy the local Jamaica places.                                                          

Far End Bar is just one cool place to stop on your way from Negril to Ocho

Drift Wood Art Arrangement Far End Bar
Driftwood art and craft at Far End Bar

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