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Travelocity Jamaica welcomes you. to South Coast Jamaica vacation please ensure you have  strong and secure luggagexxxTravel bags and acessoriesx

Travelocity Jamaica Is the place to find offers information on vacation packages to Jamaica.Here you may read up on competitive Vacation rates including specials on airfares,hotels, car rentals and cruise. Check travelocty for the hottest deal on last minute fights deals.You will find the hottest on world destination vacation packages also cheap airfares, If you clicked on the banner above may try searching Jamaica vacation packages and look for a Jamaica vacation package,

Kingston Jamaica is a wonderful city to visit,it has some of he best Jamaica hotels. Remember to include a tour of Jamaica south coast in your visit
Lighthouse south coast Jamaica vacations Travelocity Jamaica The southern coast of Jamaica is very different from the north coast. It is more restful and relaxed because it is in its more natural state which makes it awesome to discover. Though under developed it is a treasure and beauty. Here you can see indigenous animals such as the butterflies and crocodiles integrated with the natural resources, rivers , vegetation, and the rhythm waves of the sea as they crash on the white and grey sandy beaches.

 The south coast provides most of the salt water fish consumed on the island. The :”Pedro Keys” is where south coast fishermen spend most of their time. Travelocity Jamaica Visit Little Ochi to choose your fish and watch it prepared or simple relax with and icy cold beer and let the water caress your feet while you wait. South coast, St. Elizabeth to be exact is called the bread basket of Jamaica. Most of the island’s food is grown there. Come and visit the farms have a walk through melons, pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes beds , or just revel in the pungent smell of thyme ,onion, garlic and country peppers. You can have some right in the field fresh as water lilies. South coast is where you will find the best Jerk pork, very flavorful, no holding back on the seasoning. It is this ST. Elizabeth region that the yearly Calabash festival was held.

Did you know that every year Jamaica used to host a big literary festival where internationally acclaimed writers meet for three days on May 26-27 to introduce, read and share their work. They also had writers’ seminars and workshops to sharpen and develop the skills of young and new would be writers. The venue used to be on the southern part of the island where there is tranquility and beauty that inspires. The location they have selected and keep returning to is Jake’s Hotel and Restaurant.

 This spot is so beautiful and serene that people have to literally tear themselves away at the end of the festival each year but vowed to return the next year . The stage for reading was only a few yards from the sea which, along with the rising variegated green St. Elizabeth hills form a picturesque backdrop ,together with all this is the musical crashing of waves as they splatter onto the sandy beach .Each year as the time drew near spirits were heightened and many started to dream of the array of the different kinds of food not to mentioned wide selection of sea foods which were be presented for the taking

Travelocity-Jamaica However the hunger for the feast of the word wasgreater and by Thursday all available rooms in all south coast hotels were booked solid. If one wished to attend this festival and wanted to stay in this area s/he had to book a room sometimes months before . Community tourism is practiced in the area and residents gladly share their rooms for a small fee. To them this was a welcome respite and helps to enhance their economy which is slow at that time of the year . There was such richness to this festival that none who is literary inclined wanted to miss it. The beauty about it is, all young and new writers who have talents hidden are given the opportunity to show off on the open mike sessions available each of the three days.

 Many young writers have been discovered and will continued to be discovered maybe at some other international literary festival. But sad to say not Calabash. The festival was not one of only mere reading of word, but there was always live musical entertainment. Many of the poetry pieces especially the “Dub” pieces are presented accompanied by skilled drummers who evoke the ancestral spirit of mother Africa as the sounds their drums roll on the waters and echo in the rising hills.
 Calabash Literary Festival was the brain child of the acclaimed Jamaica author Colin Channer. Author of the novel ‘Waiting to Exhale’ a good read. .
Well ,I am indeed sorry you had not planned for one of those days your vacation around that literary festival because May 26-28, the Calabash Literary Festival, Jakes, St. Elizabeth , Jamaica, was the place to be .You can say you read it on Travelocity Jamaica..Take it from me it was just too good a festival to have died and someday you will hear of something a similar rising on the Jamaican shores. At the same times St.Elizabeth is still a beautiful part of the island to visit

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Let Travelocity Jamaica Help You To A great Vacation Christiana and Mandeville are two south coast communities which provides much interest to tourist who visit the southern parts of the island. Christiana is in the hills pretty close and above .Manchester is very cool or very chilly. It produces a smell that is always spicy. The residents are the producers of the best herbs on the island. These along with the scotch bonnet peppers and tomatoes are used to make sauces. This is a way of life, to be always producing for the sauce factory. Just as how wine makers in France has wine in cast always aging so is the sauce factory in Christian.

Mandeville is not very far and is a small very sophisticated town, and is where most returning residents prefer to settle when they come back home. It is cool and is scattered with blooms through the year. The place for your Travelocity-Jamaica experience It is considered to be the most English town in Jamaica. If your are a flower lover then visit this town there is always a flower show to see. If you like golf visit their country club have tea while your friend play golf if you are not a golf player. This town boasts Scottish and English Influences from way back. These may be observed in the Parish church and the court house.

The Manchester Golf club is said to have been constructed very soon after the game was originally introduced in Scotland. Travelocity-jamaica is the place to look for your vacation Let Travelocity Jamaica helps you find a great hotel Although Mandeville has its European history it is still a charming little town and demonstrates a cohesiveness which is hard to be broken more than any other town in Jamaica. One organization which give proof to this is the Mandeville Horticulture Organization founded in1865 and is still going strong

. Mandeville is a thriving and a relaxed town maybe it’s the geography, the people or the weather but it is seen as a paradise by many Mandeville and Christiana are part of the south coast attractions and daily tours leave from them. There is the tour that takes you to see the Manatees in Alligator Pond, the original caves of the First Jamaicans the Tinos, Gourie Caves and God well caves where it is said if you fall in you are never seen again, Lover’s Leap, Canoe River as it zigzag through swamps .

The Cockpit Country to Accompong Town home of the last Maroons slaves. Black River rafting , Ys Falls to get a natural water massage . Fish feast at the Westmorland border or just to the Treasure beach for a leisurely swim. When you need a great Jamaica vacation get it with Travelocity Jamaica. Google Custom Search Other things to know about the Jamaica Cheap airfares hotels and villas Insure your valuables Travel tips Back to the top