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Jamaican Food

Jamaican foods : 

An Experience in itself one you will never forget. 

Ackee and Codfish

The fleshly, yellow part of the seed pod from this local fruit is served boiled with cooked cod fish. This is Jamaica’s national dish. When it is cooked ackee looks liked scrambled egg. Many Caribbean people do not eat ackee and think Jamaicans are unique and strong in spirit. One particular Caribbean country it is alleged does not eat the fruit, it is said the citizens use it for witchcraft and fear Jamaicans because they eat this fruit .This dish is usually served with roasted breadfruit in Jamaica.---=-->Recipe

This is a plant which is said to be a cousin of collard green and spinach. It is used as a green hot cooked vegetables and is a good accompaniment for pickled mackerel, and cod fish. This dish is usually served with boiled green bananas.It may be used in soups also . Of late vegetarians blend and use it as a drink.-->Recipe


Escoveitch fish.
This is a dished of freshly fish fried with a sauce of vinegar, sliced onions and hot peppers pour over the fish This is a very popular Jamaican food.--->Recipe

Jerk pork or chicken
This is a Jamaican dish that originated at Boston Beach near Port Antonio The meat is seasoned with peppers and other Jamaicans spices and pimento leaves then cooked slow over an open fire of pimento wood.-->Recipe

Pepper Pot soup
This is a soup similar to spinach soup, Callaloo replaces the spinach. This is a spicy soup with lots of ground provision cooked in a brought of salt beef makes it more enjoyable. It is seasoned to the taste of the chef .Real Jamaican like it seasoned with lots of scotch bonnet peppers.-->Recipe.

Jamaican Pumpkin soup
This is a thick creamy soup that is made from the local pumpkin. The taste is just great. Many Jamaicans must have their pumpkin soup Friday or Saturday evenings.-->Recipe

.Red peas soup
This is another of Jamaica popular soup. This is made from red beans and is usually cooked in broth of pig’s tail or corned beef. It is spicy and is sold plentifully on the street side.Recipe

Other Jamaican foods

A dumpling usually cylindrical in shape with a base ingredient of cornmeal , with added sugar, flour, spices milk or water, fried until golden brown. Served as an accompaniment for jerk meats and fried fish.-->Recipe

Coconut Rundung
A dish made from coconut milk boiled to a custard ,with mackerel, codfish ,or vegetables added. along with seasoning.-->Recipe

Roasted yam
This is a dish in which special yams are roasted such as the yellow yam, white yam other wise call Negro or Lucea yam and served with roasted cod fish or rundung or ackee and codfish.-->Recipe

Latest Jamaican foods craze

Peanut Porridge
This is one of the most recent food craze in Jamaica. Peanut porridge is boiled on the street side and many individuals do not feel their day is complete without this meal. It is said to be a good energy food that last for hours.A few years ago peanut porridge took off in Jamaica like wild fire. Being used now as an Aphrodisiac by many of the countries men. none can be compared to the porridge made from scratch by the man on the street vending his porridge in his cart.--->-->Recipe

.--> Curried Goat
This is one of Jamaica's traditional dishes and is eaten at any time there is a gathering or function. A funeral,wake,dance, wedding would all be seen as incomplete without this dish. It is usually served with plain white rice but more recently Jamaicans has added rice and peas as another accompaniment.-->Recipe

Rice and Peas

This is a dish that is taken seriously in Jamaica. A Jamaican could get real upset with you if you do not add this dish as a part of his Sunday dinner. the red peas which can be red kidney beans and other variation also the gungo peas is cooked with coconut milk highly seasoned with rice. This is usually served with fried , baked or frigazeed chicken-->Recipe

Blue Draws
A unique Jamaican sweet dish in which grated bananas is mixed with spice coconut milk and a small amount of flower mixed to a batter of dropping consistency and wrapped in quailed banana leaves and banana bark as a string . All this is boiled until firm. this is another good long lasting energy food.-->Recipe.

--->Jamaican Carrot porridge
Here is an nutritious, very tasty and inexpensive dish made from carrots. It rivals the peanut porridge in cost flavour and colour. This is new many individual are not aware of this--->Receipe

Cornmeal Pudding.......Banana Pudding.........Sweet Potato Pudding

A real traditional Jamaican Food Often describe as "Hell a top ,hell a bottom and halelujah in the middle" .It takes some skill and know how to get it right. Cornmeal pudding is one of Jamaica's tradditional dishes. Its chief ingredients are cornmeal and coconut milk sugar. The best tasting pudding is the one baked over and open fire with a piece of zinc with live coals placed on top of the baking tin to help cook the top while the fire underneath cook the bottom. --> Recipe

Coconut Custard Pie

Coconuts are plentiful on the island and every culinary specialist wants to learn how to make a coconut pie. This is a dessert that you will always remember and want to make.-->Recipe

                  Jamaican Recipes  beow  these                                                
                                  Cook Book  

1. Sweet-Potato-Pudding
2.Breadfruit Salad
3. Banana-Buns
4. Jamaica-Jerked-Chicken
5. -Rice-and-Peas
6.Carrot Rock Buns
 7. Short-Crust-Pastry
 8. Coconut-Gizzard
 9.Green Banana Pudding
10. Jamaican-Sorrel-Drink
11. Passion-Orange-Delight
12. carrot-porridge
13. Red-peas-soup
14.Cornmeal Pudding
15. Ackee-and-Saltfish
16.Peanut Porridge
17. Curried-Goat
18. Pineapple-Melon-Orange 
19.Escoveitch Fish

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