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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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Jamaica Music Reviews

(Maypole) In Jamaican schools, the Maypole dance is kept alive because many of these schools enter Jamaica_music and dance in the yearly traditional dances competition held by The Jamaica Cultural Commission, the organization responsible to for the continuance of Jamaican cultural traditions
Traditionally the Maypole dance was a celebration in dance on the first of May to fertility and originated in Europe.
Coloured ribbons are attached to a standing pole about 6-7 feet tall. Each ribbons is held by a dancer sometimes all female,sometimes a mixture of male and female. There can be as many as sixteen dancers. These dancers dance in an in and out pattern that result in the ribbons wrapping the pole forming weaves of various patterns. These could be a grand chain, basket weaves or candy stripes dependent on the skill of the dancers and their willingness to employ and experiment with their creative skill

Sometimes the dance is done so that a part of the pole is wrapped and the rest of the ribbons are woven to form a spider like web away off from the pole Later th dancers dance in an opposite direction which unwraps the ribbon This Jamaica-dance is usually danced to the Mento music live or recorded. Of late the reggae is also used to add the real Jamaican flare

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The Jamaica festival held in august of each year is aim at keeping alive the Jamaica traditional as it show case and boast the Jamaica culture in dance and music.
The quadrille is one of Jamaica cultural heritage passed on to Jamaica from the European plantocracy who settled in the island. The quadrille is traditionally a ball room dance copied by the slaves from their masters.


The square way set which was later referred to as the ballroom quadrille was performed mainly in towns by
the elite The long way set which is also called camp style and was performed mostly in the rural area. Both styles today includes African elements. The dance contains five African feature namely the
spectacular footwork’s, bent knee quality, Throw back, and use of hips. The music was played by Mento bands

.Jamaica music and dance Gumbay
 This dance is seen as an element of the cult of healing, from which it got its name. It is also perform< in the parish of St. Elizabeth and is a derivative of the Myal The maroons aralso acquainted with this dance.. The dance incorporates a chain of long step vibration sideways movements , wheel and turns backward and forward tilts.bending ,rolling somersaults and climbing of trees.
A Gumbay healing ceremony usually last way into the night. The square drum was the basic instrument that
supplied the music. This drum specific feature was a four legs like those of a stool and was beaten with two sticks.

Jamaica_music and dance Ethu
The Ethu is a traditional dance that is mostly performed in the parish Of Hanover. It is regarded as the social dance of Africa. The dance is done by lifting and dropping hands and shoulders. The instrument used for this music is drum and the katta. The dance has two basic steps simple and compound duple. Ethu songs are short and built on four repetitive notes.