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Jamaica Water- Falls

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Jamaica waterfalls dare you miss this


Jamaica waterfalls are re-known world wide as some of the best waterfalls .You will have missed a wonderful experience if you come to Jamaica and did not visit the falls
Dunn's River falls

There are a number of waterfalls in Jamaica that cascade with such magnificence and beauty that visitors climb the every day. The most famous is Dunn's River Falls which is known as the most famous of the Ocho Rios waterfalls and is located pretty close to the town of Ocho Rios on the north coast in the parish of St Ann.
Climbing up the waterfalls in Jamaica is a popular tourist activity and is often, but not exclusively performed with the help of tour guides from the park.


Why not come to come to Jamaica and experience the climb up the falls in a human chain led by expert Falls Guides. If you stop at the 'massage parlor' you will experience the soothing effects of the water as it cascades to the sea. The waterfalls are powerful and span about 180 meters (600 feet). There is several small lagoons are interspersed between the vertical sections of the falls that serve as plunge pools.
This is the ideal place for your Jamaica wedding. You will be so proud to show your friends the pictures beauty of one in Jamaica of the best scenery and to know you have been associated with it so intimately.

 Jamaica water falls  YS Falls

this is a Crystal clear fountain of sparkling water with seven tiers of which two is always cascading gently down 120 feet out of cool swimming holes and coves. The YS Falls experience is so exhilarating and makes one think of what the 'Garden of Eden' swim must have been like; Complete relaxation. It is located in the parish of St Elisabeth near the town of Black River and not far from the Nassau Mountains. Just come experience the river tube rides and a jungle experience to remember.

  Jamaica waterfalls May field Falls

Welcome to the May field falls a place of peaceful surroundings, a tranquil spot. May field Falls is located in the Dolphin head mountains and boast two mineral springs, the perfect place for meditation, spiritual healing, and communing with nature an good inspirational spot for writers and poets. It is the place to learn about Jamaican fruits and flowers which are plentiful on the walk along the hills surrounding the river .The ideal setting to enjoy the natural paradise and beauty of Jamaica.

 Jamaica waterfall Shaw Park Gardens  
Shaw park garden  Water Falls Another great Jamaica waterfalls is a beautiful garden situated in St Ann with a sparkling waterfall that cascades down a rocky course with luxuriant plant specimens on all sides. The lush tropical trees forms bowers with flamboyant blooms blossoming every month of the year. This magnificent tropical garden with its waterfall overlooks the town of Ocho Rios, St Ann Jamaica, and is also a place you must visit.

Mahoe Falls

Mahoe Falls is situated on the Milford River. Come visit with friends the MahoeFalls and dip in the pool at the base of the fall. You may just come and explore on your own, or just simply stretch out for hours and listen to the thunderous roar of the falling water.

Milford Falls
Milford Falls is in St Ann Ocho Rios is a piece of the old Shaw Park Estate. This was also the pathway used by many Spaniards. Jamaica was once ruled by Spain but the battle of Shaw Park in Feb. 1659 helped in their demise.

Reach Falls Spectacular Jamaica waterfalls

Reach Falls Was once closed the falls reopen in the winter season 2006-07.You are no longer permitted to climb on the rocks, jump from the falls, venture downstream, or venture upstream. However you are allowed to swim in a pool above the falls where they have built a stairs leading to and also the pool below the falls. The falls now sports a string of buoys across the pool delineating shallow and deep water. You can still enjoy your walk up the cascades.

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