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Jamaica Trees


Jamaica  Trees



This is a climbing vine that bears the largest flower to be found in Jamaica. The flower is a spotted yellow-brown and purple colour, and has a habit of trapping carrion flies. Many persons believe that the Duppy Fly Trap feeds on insects but this is not true. The flower just traps insects inside for a while until they are totally covered by pollen and then it lets them go


 Jamaica trees CALABASH
This tree is small and spreading. The calabash fruit is large and is not only found on the branches of the tree but also on the trunk. It is known by several names in Jamaica – gourdi, goadyi, goadi and packy. Packy is the most popular name.
Large calabashes are used as containers to carry or store food and drink, while small ones are made into musical instruments by filling them with pebbles. Green calabashes are often decorated and made into attractive craft items.
The tree is native to the West Indies and Central and South America.

Jamaica trees PIMENTO
The pimento tree is Jamaica’s only native spice tree. It grows to an average height of 5 meters. Its bark is silver grey in colour and tends to peel easily from the trunk. There are male and female trees. Both produce blossoms, but the female tree also produces small berries that are green when harvested but turn black upon drying. These berries are called allspice. This is because the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and pepper are said to be combined in the berries.

Although pimento is found elsewhere in the Caribbean region, Jamaican pimento is thought to be the best and is highly desired on the world market. The spice is used in meat processing and to make confectionery and medicines.
Pimento berries that ripen on the tree turn dark purple. By soaking the berries in rum, a beverage called pimento dram or pimento liqueur is made. This is a popular Christmas drink.
Both the berries and the leaves are used to make perfume. For “jerking” meat, pork, chicken and fish, done over a wood flame, pimento wood is preferred.

Jamaica trees FERNS

Over 500 species of fern are grown naturally in Jamaica all over the island .They vary in size, from tree ferns that are more than 9 meters tall and wispy ferns as thin as tissue paper. Their appearance is also quite different ,with walking ferns that send out new plants wherever the fern tips bend over and touch the ground and the shoestring fern that looks just like the object that it was names after.
Apart from land ferns there are also water ferns. Water ferns include the water clover that looks like a floating four leaf clover.. Fern gully is a place to take a visit on the island because it has an abundance of fern.. Fern gully is in the parish of St Ann. .On your trip to Kingston driving through Ocho Rios, it is about 5 kilometres long and is darken even on the brightest of days because the ferns partially block out the sunlight.