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Thursday, August 1, 2013


JAMAICA Yallas Pond
I recently went to St.Thomas and on my way to Morant Bay I came up on this body of foal smelling large brown water.
It looked to me like the sea and and the pond were one.The water had a sulfuric smell and all the plants near by were dead.
See Photo of Yallas pond 


The most interesting thing about the Yallas pond. Is. The water is different from any other water. Sometime it has three colours  some times at the same time. If you look  you will see it has a brown colour and if you look further up it has a purple colour. By evening it is red like blood. Something is really  strange  about  this water.It is believed  it  is because two brothers  who kill off each  because of  it.  
It. Is believe  it was God  who sent a sign for  people to see
  his diapleasure.
There are many versions to the said story but the fact is it surrounds a vast piece of land that was left by a father for 2 sons to share since he made no will. Here is one version told by an old citizen  of the area in his dialect.
There was a man who had two sons  di man was very rich and one day him go doctor and di doctor tell him dat him was very sick. Anyway, two twos di man tek sick and dead. Yes sah. Him never leave nuh will so when him dead  him di two sons start argue over di piece of land.

 Di two a dem did want fi himself and him family.  So dem argue fi months. Di whole town get fi know bout di two man argument. Well, one day di bredda dem start fight and one tek knife and stab di edda one. Well, him him see seh  him dead  di edda bredda go home an go kill himself.

 Dem say dat when dat happen one loud rumble start come from outa di sky and di earth start shake. When people look dem see water start come from outa di ground and by di next morning  it cover di whole a di land wha di two bredda dem was fighting over. Well, ever since dat day, we have a pond right  there so.