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Jamaica Author

Soy Criada Jamaican author

Jamaican Author There are numerous Jamaican authors. individuals who have written many books, some living a broad while many still reside in Jamaica all making up the prestigious group of Caribbean writers.At the western part of the Island of Jamaica in the district of Sandy Bay lives the author,poet and inspirational writer Juliet Christie Murray who also goes by the pen name Soy Criada.
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  Born to Panamanian mother and a Jamaican father the blend has produce an author with an intriguing mind and an interesting personality,quite a powerful yet unassuming lady.

She grew up for the first 5 years with her mother’s mother in the small rural district called Roslyn, a district now dead. It has lost its glory and fame of years gone by as the liveliest district in Hanover before the 1950’s.

Fame gained from the many young men who once visited from adjoining districts especially on Saturdays and Sundays because it is said that the district had the prettiest girls found no where else in Hanover. For this reason many cricket matches were hosted in Roslyn up to the early 50’s.

Soy Criada was christened Juliet Christie but later added the name Murray When she married in her late twenties and moved to Sandy Bay.

She left Roslyn in 1956. At age five her grandmother who was ill and felt unable to take care of her brought her to a cross road and gave her the choice to choose any she wished.

One would have taken her to the town of Lucea to live with her Father’s mother ,the other to Johnson Town to her mother’s uncle. She said she chose Johnson town; because the house was huge, but her other grand mother lived in one room in a tenement yard. The house where she live before had five rooms and a big very yard.

<3>The Jamaican author says making that choice was easy but later she realized that she had walked into a dreadful situation when she lived with this couple and their two grand daughters. She had a near almost Cinderella experience with the exception of the Prince charming to the rescue.

Her prince charming did materialize at age 19 with the missing” live happy ever after ending". By then she was a single mother with all the responsibilities of a single parent.She was determined that her child should not suffer as she did ;never knowing her father and not knowing her mother until age 28.

Soycriada a born Jamaican

 She said she is still proud she had made that choice that day and believed it to have been the right one. She learned a number of skills including cooking baking and sewing, as she had to sew her own clothes at an early age of 14 and took over the chores of cooking and house management very early. She said that these, laid the foundation of her becoming a Home Economics teacher in later years.

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Journey to Enlightenment As a young woman she had good manners respect to her elders and a strong love for God . These opened many opportunities when as a single mother things got rough and she needed help. She worked as a clerk in stores and got holiday jobs in a few government agencies all because of these.

One of the most rewarding jobs for this black jamaican author was when she worked for one year as an apprentice in a photo shop where she took and cleaned pictures. Pretty soon she became so good at it that one day the boss commented “ Gal you a get betta than me.”

With the determination to make something worthwhile of her life she left that job when her evening classes paid off. She took up her first teaching appointment 1970 at Lucea Primary. She continued to upgrade herself by working and studying. She has worked herself up to the position of Vice principal in a prominent Jamaican school and is the proud recipient of certificates, diplomas, degree and awards both in education and poetry.
The latter she ventured in 2002 In January 2008 she acted as Acting Principal of The Sandy Bay Primary and Junior High while the principal was on Vacation leave.

The Jamaican author now gives back to Jamaica and Jamaicans in the form of two of the greatest inspirational Jamaican books ever written,which can be added to Jamaica's literature collection.
To the world she give recipes and articles on various websites and blogs.

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Read other works of Soy Criada.If you like to write you may become a part of these writing communities too.

Soy criada Works

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You can look forward to getting more from this Jamaican author, may be a novel a cookbook or poetry who knows

To Peace

Quietly nestling in a tree
Branches hurling in the breeze
Raging river tossing below
A little bird sits at peace
And yet the big wide world blows

True peace comes from deep within
And not by world leaders defined
Now war rages on every side
As prophesied in Mathew’s lines
As natural signs of the end time.

Light now all a candle of peace
Born within the heart of every man
If I be at peace with myself
And he is at peace with his self
There can certainly be no war

How many houses can I live in
. How many cows can I consume
How much land can I be buried on
How much oil do I need to light
An eternal flame to peace and love.

Soy Criada Jamaican Author
West Indies
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