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Experience the Real Jamaica
Duns River Falls  Jamaica
  THE real Jamaica is it what you believe Jamaica may perceived by many people worldwide as a very backward and a very poor country with lots of unintelligent poor people. Many believe that Jamaicans are starved and live in unhealthy squalor conditions with poor social standards services with very meager resources . Well they are very wrong. Jamaica does not have any living condition that is not found in the top first world countries.

I see people living in very dilapidated conditions worst than in Jamaica. The real Jamaica is wealthy in music, beach, ,hot springs , spices waterfalls, and people of tremendous talents
Just look at the real Jamaica video and you will realize that Jamaica is one of the best places to spend your spare time. Jamaica is also a set of very talented people. Jamaica is really on the up beat The normal Jamaican especially in the country parts are not always aware if the scope and magnitude of the Jamaican heart and spirit but for those who watch television and radio they know by just looking at the scope of our athletes such as the Jreal amaica has Husein Bolt Find out about the real Jamaica

 I Just watch a very interesting interview On Smile Jamaica . with the creator of the magazine Karee ".Kuorum" by Krystle Brown a freelance Visual Communicator based in Kingston, Jamaica who specializes in Graphic Designs, Make-Up, Video Production and Editing. Krystle Karee Design Studio is worth watching. Follow her twitter and tweets about the magazine .The magazine feature things that basically Jamaican, fashion, music, makeup .The latest issue of the magazine an-March 2013 is now out at the time of publishing is an online magazine worth reading.

 Jamaica awards blog is another of the Jamaica's product worthwhile following. Here Jamaicans are chosen to be awarded for the blogs they create on based on some of Jamaica Issues FUN JAMAICA.Philip McKenley believed that fun has many dimensions which were not being demonstrated in Jamaica media As such, he decided on a website that would capture the true beauty and meaning of fun, hence, Fun In

Take a look at LORE JAMAICA Created By Sarah Ottey a designer and real estate agent. Lore Jamaica is a lifestyle brand that grew out of her desire to explore her own creativity and her wish to encourage others to follow their heart, and to discover the things that truly make them happy.
You can know about the other parts of Jamaica ,its people and the land by continuing to explore links on Jamaica What to do about the real Jamaica What you must now do is to become a fan of Jamaica and harness the power of creating money in and about Jamaica.

 To make it more easy You may become a part of The real Jamaica and become a member of their affiliate products. Better yet you can create your own things Jamaica website and sit back make money as you relax in the warm Jamaican sunshine