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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Experience and Enjoy Jamaica wedding

 What can you get from a Jamaica vacation
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When was the last time you took a vacation? People are always seeking the beach, mountains, the forest, the rivers, the springs, the night life, the jerk, and the reggae music when considering Jamaica vacation.
Jamaica vacation offers a place where you can just relax and enjoy nature. If you are considering a vacation any time soon I would like to suggest Jamaica. If you visit Jamaica you will experience a vacation you will never forget. Jamaica is the most beautiful and Spectacular Island in the Caribbean you could ever dream of staying
                       Come experience the experiences of Jamaica vacation
  • Walking miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches.
  • Relax in Luxurious hotels, villa, homes for low prices,
  • Devour the pungent spicy cuisines Jerk, coconut rum
  •  Dance to Bob Marley Reggae Music and Visit his museum
  • Experience the natural glowing water brightest in the world
  • Immerse in the hot healing springs
  • And much, much more.
Welcome you to a spectacular Jamaica vacation for lovers, for family for friends.
Most people experience Jamaica vacation differently depending on what they are into. Many come for a just do nothing vacation where they just go from room dining room ,beach. Such people are here for the rest and rejuvenation and of such would enjoy the 7 miles of white sand beaches and the either luxurious hotels or just a private cottage located not far from. Or just simple sit and enjoy the Jamaica sunset At Ricks Café where there is nothing spectacular like it anywhere in the world,

Many come to improve their health and rejuvenation   from a Jamaica vacation by basking in the lush green vegetation using the island most pungent herbs, and enjoying the miles of wild ferns and bamboo cascading arches at Holland Bamboo walk.  You may want soaking in the hot mineral springs one week would do you well staying at our retreat situated at the Milk River and Bath Mineral Springs. You can sit and meditate by the Roaring River as you teak too the caves or you may prefer the Green Grotto caves.

If you are in to water sports then snorkeling at would be your thing or you may want to play with the dolphins at dolphin cove. Or you may want to walk the water falls at Duns river or Ys fall  or
Jump off the Negril cliff at Rick's  Cafe  You could also experience the self illuminated water the brightest in the world at Glistening Waters or just spend a day kayaking or in our water team park, you can visit the blue lagoon raft on the Rio Grande.

You may be into arts and artifacts then the Famous museums, such as Port Royal and the famous  Giddy House,  Fort  Charlotte Museum, and Kingston Museum would be of interest to you .Tough Gong Bob Marley Museum also his Mausoleums would be the places not to miss

If you are into music then you will be in the heart of reggae country. Experience different genre of the music and the different styles of dancing reggae and dance hall in Jamaica are like nowhere else on the world.
Are you into nude Jamaica vacation is here on the island for you experience? At Hedonism .The Gay community though not publicly sanctioned is making inroads on the island and is discretely tolerant.

Expect to go golfing and horse back riding and Jamaica vacation is the time to buy great souvenirs
If you want to spend you Jamaica vacation touring the island then there are numerous sightseeing tours to places of interest such as great houses, sugar plantations, theater and parks,  farms, and gardens . If you come near independence time then you get to participate in the islands festival. There are over 665  things to do in Jamaica
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