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Jamaica Tourism Attractions

Jamaica  TourismAttractions

Jamaica Attractions watching the sea is one

 Can you believe this the Jamaica attractions encompass the summers which can be sometimes hot and humid but your air-conditioned rooms and vehicles usually take care of that?  Summer is a good time to watch the most beautiful sunset in Negril. Ricks- Negril is the place to see the sun goes slowly into the water.


Jamaica TourismAttractions

There is no other place in the world like this. This is also the time when Jamaica celebrates many of its festivals. Spring is very nice as all the flowers are in bloom and the temperature is much cooler. Here is a country that offers much for spring breakers. December is cool and the people are usually in a festive mood. The Nightlife and other activities are usually at their best. The island has a history of delivering great Jamaica attraction vacation packages Devon House one of the oldest great house Great houses Devon house is one of Jamaica's historical great houses. There are many of them scattered across the island Dancing

Students Dancers and Dancing is a pass time in Jamaica but schools do compete in the national festival With finals in June then the real fun begins as this leads into the summer festivals
 Jamaica  Tourism Attractions 
Sandals hotel is like a fairy Kingdom Hotels Sandals Jamaica one of the largest hotel chains offers many gracious Jamaica attractions packages all geared to ensure that you experience an exciting Jamaica vacation.

 The Bath St. Thomas mineral spring is both mineral baths and hot springs If you are feeling ill and think you need some alternate medicine, I suggest you try our mineral baths and hot springs. Those found on the island are re-known to give good healing results.

Try the fire water hot spring in St Ann. Bath in St. Thomas, Milk River in St, Elizabeth just to mention a few Mineral Baths and Hot Springs that form a part of Jamaica tourisit attractions and vacation packages.>


Jamaica  Tourist attractions;

Glistening waters Trelawny Illuminating waters
 Jamaica is one of the only three places in the world where the waters naturally glisten in the bay at night like a million fluorescent lamps each showing off its own brightness. All this from natural organisms found in the bay that rejuvenate, energize and heals.
Take a visit to Glistening Water's in Trelawny you will not regret it.

 Jamaica cycling tour Cycling Bike riding is fun in Jamaica come join the bike riding tours Is there a need to get away from traffic, toxic gases, and the hustle and bustle of the big city? Jamaica is surely the place to go. Here you get clean, crisp ,air from its naturally hilly interiors commingling with the scent of many kinds of natural vegetation. 

 Negril beach seven long miles of white sand one of the most spectacular attractions in Jamaica.
Many people come back year after year just to relax on the sand and take in the reggae music and some smoking of the best marijuana this island produces.
White Sand Beach You will enjoy the spectacular view overlooking the sparkling sapphire blue sea, whose waves make a gigantic cascade of foaming white sprays racing to shore with thunderous sounds like a thousand horses' hoofs set loose, as they go crashing on the reefs, and cliffs in shirr joy of being a part of Jamaica's interesting unique coastline.

. Jamaica has some magnificent Shawpark waterfalls in Shaw park gardens Water Falls Dunns River falls is one of Jamaica's best falls but there are many others like Mayfields, Ysfalls, Shawpark garden falls, and others.   Tianos early Jamaicans Outamany experiences Tours and sightseeing OutamaniThe latest craze This is a must-do attraction for those who are interested in learning about Jamaica's history.

The tour takes about 1 1/2 hours and takes visitors on a tour through various stages in Jamaica's history. At each stage is an actor or actress playing a character from that time period. Jamaica music is something to experience, just listen to one of our traditional mento bands a Jamaica attraction you are sure to come across on your visit 11th-hour vacation Large hotels Small hotels Villas Guest houses Or, get adventurous and stay with a Jamaican family. When you are looking for a romantic getaway for two here are the places to get one of the best vacations ever.
Great Hotels in Jamaica

Jamaica  Tourist Attractions

Playing with the dolphins  is a Dolphin Cove attraction
offers marine attractions such as Shark Show, Dolphins at Play, Fashion Shows, and Pirates Antics. Guests are allowed to enjoy various activities, which include dolphin kisses, foot push / dorsal push, and playtime. (2 dolphins) Includes Treasure Reef Get other experiences such as Interactive Sessions with the Stingrays, Glass Bottom Kayaking Snorkeling, and Mini Boat Rides.  

Dolphin Cove is a must-see. This attraction is in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, and Point Hanover on your way to Negril. You must not miss the jungle trail walk where you will see the iguana and numerous species of parrots and camel.

Chuka cove experience Chukka Blue Adventures Is part of Chukka Adventures is another of Jamaica’s spectacular adventures found in St Ann, Montego Bay, and Hanover. Sea, river, and jungle experiences, in the forms of Horseback riding, canopy forest adventures, water tubing, and kayaking.
Other things to do in Jamaica that may be of interest
Jamaica attractions
1. Jamaica Center for the Performing & Visual Arts-Kingston
2. Birding in Cockpit Country
3. Lighthouse Negril
4. Little Ochi fish eating jaunt St Elizabeth
5. White Witch of Rose Hall Golf tour Montego Bay
6. Blue Lagoon (Port Antonio)
7. Bob Marley Centre and Mausoleum
8. Boston Bay Beach (Port Antonio)
9. Hiking and Parks Blue Mountains National Park
10. Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours
11. Bobsledding Tour at Mystic Mountain Ocho Rios
12, Ocho Rios Shore Excursion: Bobsledding Tour at Mystic Mountain
13. John's Hall Montego Bay Adventure Tour
14. Ocho Rios Zion Bus Tour
15. Sunset at Rick’s Cafe Negril
16. Jamaican Canopy Tour from Ocho Rios
17. Black River Safari, Tour
18. Appleton Rum Estate Tour from Negril
19 Green Grotto caves
20 Blue Fields Westmoreland Fry fish experience
10 Port Royal Fried Fish and Reggae Music

Just come and enjoy as much as you can, they are too many to mention all here