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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jamaica: Helping the unfortunate children

Jamaica Unfortunate Children 
How can you Help those in  Hanover 

Hanover is one of the poorest parishes in Jamaica. Economically there is not much to offer the people in lien of employment. Because of this the education of the Children in Hanover are greatly impaired.

One person in Hanover Has seen the need to advance Hanover through the education system and is doing something about it. He  has recently visited this site and has posted a comment. I followed up on his comment and contacting him requesting  more information  on his project and how"Jamaica I said it "could help  
I wanted to know if it was a legitimate venture that one could contribute to. He said the foundation was Friends By Friends youth foundation his name Carian Ottey  He had sent an  accounts for donatio which is removed from this site until I can here  some  thing more on his foundation and its work.
  Friends by Friends Youth Foundation
Lot 41 B, Haughton Meadows,
Lucea P.O; Hanover, Jamaica W.I

But I have not heard anything about that foundation nor or him It would be good to hear what has become of him and his foundation for for unfortunate youth,.in Hanover, if anyone knows please leave some info in the form on this page.

Here is a foundation that you can however contribute to Children Of Jamaica Outreach
 Here  ia a little about them  you can read up more on them here

Children of Jamaica Outreach, Inc. COJO, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New York, whose mission is to help improve the health, education and general well-being of underserved children in Jamaica and the United States.

COJO's values are built on the foundation that children are the greatest   asset to Jamaica  and must be provided with services that will improve their existing conditions. COJO continues to champion the cause of disadvantaged children and continues to reach across miles positively impacting lives..

This is a worthwhile charity that Jamaicans can donate to and also apply for help conditions apply...