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Jamaica Sixty 2022

Jamaica Sixty  2022

Jamaica  is becoming a geriatric as we celebrate  2022 and welcome our age of 60th independence. For what ever the reason it seem as if the spirit of violence's has taken over the land, Couple with that is the increase in  well planned orchestrated robbery. 

Beautiful jamaica water fall
Jamaica waterfalls
The thieves are not too interested in house braking since many individuals no longer keep cash at home and bank cards are the way to go.
They now  hit the money collecting agencies or the security companies who are transporting the cash.
Recently  millions of dollars was hoist  from one of these companies while in transit.

 One have to wonder if this particular security company was reputable. If  so much cash was being transported, why was a normal old and  unreliable mini bus  used If the guards were responsible as they said why did they call a mechanic and he reached after 3 hours? Why did not the company send a new vehicle to remove the cash before the 3 hours passed?

 Jamaica sixty 2022 woes 

This seems like an orchestrated move and could be planned by the people working in the same company. the security guards or the mechanic,
Something is very wrong in the Jamaican environment, So much ammunition find these days while violence among school children is escalating that it now finds itself in the classrooms with students and teachers and students fighting in the classroom with other students being entertained by audiences or referee and video technicians

  What would our Jamaican heroes think as we celebrate "Jamaica. 60"

I suppose there seems to be a spirit of violence taking over the whole world and if America sneezes Jamaica catches a cold. The killing of the teachers and students in the USA has apparently caused a ripple to primate down to our Jamaican schools. How far will this spirit of violence go as the year advances and we celebrate Jamaica 60, will it get worst or will it abate ? Could a spirit of love arise and stop this violence in its track.

  Want to learn ? Find out more about Jamaica from these links below.
When you think that things have gotten to the worst now up come this new trend . People who are supposed to be of high reputation and integrity are turning out to be as corrupt and even more that the ordinary man.. Bank workers are fleecing  banks customers of millions of dollars. Husain Bolt and about 35  others it is alleged were fleeced of millions of dollars. Not Jamaica Dollars but U.S. dollar. What is happening to Jamaica now that it has finally reach its geriatric ages.

One woman has been charge but this smells oh  high conspiracy and she is set to face the music as she is said to sick and operates from a wheel chair