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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Jamaica gifts: Top of the line exclusive collection

Welcome to Jamaica gifts

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Jamaica Gifts So you have finally decide to come to Jamaica and is seeking some Jamaican gifts to take home. You could not get it better than this. for You can buy them on line before you come and they will arrive when you get home.

Bob Marley souvenirs 

Real Jamaican Unique Stuff

Jamaican flowers Basket Gift

Jamaica perfume Men's gift

. Jamaican Vacation Souvenirs

Jamaican scenery posters!

Jamaican Reggae Poster

gift baskets for all

Jamaica Sports wear

Mens Cuff links presents

Georgeous Men's ties
World Class Jamaica gifts
Here are some gifts that convey the true heart of the Jamaican culture Music CD sent straight to your friend and family after you purchase just tell us where.
You may also give these two Interesting Jamaican books by a Resident Jamaican Author Jamaican poems They do make wonderful gifts for your teenager or young adult.
Look for them T-shirts,flags, Blankets ,Reggae music,Jamaican herbs gift boxes, books Bob Marley Products
,jewelery, ceramic, Jamaican paintings, art, herb ,scents, embroidered table linen, Coffee , Bed spreads, and Exclusive Souvenirs Jamaica gifts Exclusive selection
Do you know the meaning of the Jamaican flag. The green stands for the vegetation.

 the black for the hard times and the gold stands for the sunshine which also will overcome the hard times. These colours are usually dominant in many of the gift-items. The Bob Marley collection is built around this colour scheme and includes the colour red .
You may get all types of Jamaica gifts items you wish to give friends and family. One of the cool items in vogue is the fashion of the Big Jamaica belt buckle it is the rage of Jamaican Adolescent school boys at the moment.

The coloured Jamaica bracelets and hand kerchief are two of the coolest items teenagers and young adults are into at the present time. The Tortuga rum cake, calenders, mugs, photo album , coasters , head and wristbands,belts, posters and framed paintings area also nice gift items too,These may be given anytime of the year including Christmas and Easter.

Jamaica has a number of made from fabric or ceramic. The dolls are made to represent the traditional women of the country.Just type in the word doll in the search box. You may see some with fruit baskets on their heads. Some look like dancers. Some sit doing household chores. Whatever they do they are beautiful . Some are specially made very large to decorate beds. Jamaica is known to produce some of the best ceramic pieces.

To make ceramic items you need to have a model, mold , clay, finishing glaze, coloring and a kiln The right tools the right working area and working environment are necessary for inspiration and concentration .Jamaica has many interesting forms ,from which to create models for ceramic pieces. To learn more on the art of making ceramic items visit the links below. and read all you can on the process of ceramic making
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Some times getting Cellular phone is a great gift for a man as gifts are so is so difficult. here are the ideal Men's,gifts of ties and cuff links,pen sets, ear rings packed in exquisite boxes , suitable for any man. Men can also get gifts for their special ladies here too.
 The bandana Jamaica National costume
This country has very efficient jewelry makers and they use local products to craft spectacular jewelry.