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Sunday, November 3, 2013



Must : The fermented mixture

Less; : Dregs from the fermented mixture ,

Clarified: :Clear ,sparklng with out dregs

Fermentation : Process of change into alcohol

Necessary tools and ingredients for the process

Fermenting jars :for the fermenting process

Two white high density plastic buckets :to start the process.

Sheets of polythene :to use as cover for buckets

Nylon sieve and nylon bag : for straining

Gravity hydrometer and float, : is the most important piece of
equipment for testing gravity and alcohol content
this is necessary if you plan to make or do this for commercial purposes.

Jars with good cover : for fermenting

Labels :to put on name and dates of processing especially if
you do different batches at various times.

large wooden spoons : or masher, metal spoons should never be used

Wine bottle Corks :Flange corks with plastic tops are easily available.

Cotton wool:An endless supply is needed for making loose plugs for bottles

Bottle brush :t To wash the bottles

wine Bottles :For bottling there should be no hurry in bottling the liquid from the fermenting jar .

Siphon and tubing :To remove the must the less or the deposit of dead yeast

Ingredients used in the making

Citric acid : Precipitate of chalk used to make sure wine has the correct acidity

Sodium or metabisulphite :To wash the making equipment to destroy vinegar fly

Campden tablets :Use to sterilize the must

When not available use 31/2 oz sodium in 2 pints of water to make a solution

1/3 fluid oz of this solution is equivalent to one campden tablet

Yeast: Is a necessary nutrient for the fermenting process

Wine Tannin : Wine is insipid with out tannin you may purchase wine tannin
or add I tsp strong tea per gallon

Pectolytic enzyme :Used to break down pectin in fruits that can cause problems in processing and making.
This is added to the must during steeping

The fruit or plant:From which the flavor is to be extracted.

Sugar :For sweetening, the less sugar gives a dryer wine.

Important Information

Always wash utensils with metabisulphite or the sodium solution to get rid of the fruit fly

I must mention that if you are making this for home use only some of these things are necessary .

Just be sure that all the utensils are sterilized and that
the sugar is enough ,the temperature correct, and mixture is
poured off until clear and clarified before it is final
bottled .

However if all the processes and ingredients are used then you should have a very fine wine which you can be proud
to show off to your friends.

Remember your product will look more distinguish with proper
labeling , and displayed in fancy bottles and corks.

Always remember the recipe used is the most important key of all

Here is a special recipe which have taken years to be perfected and is guaranteed that this wine making procedure will produce the best sparkling chocho white wine for home use or with a little tweaking for commercial purposes.

Don't go getting drunk now.