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Showing posts with label 5 G network Cell phones.Iphones 5G antenna Jamaica 5 G network. Show all posts
Showing posts with label 5 G network Cell phones.Iphones 5G antenna Jamaica 5 G network. Show all posts

Monday, April 12, 2021

Jamaica And 5G Technology

 5 G Technology  and Jamaica 

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Do Jamaicans fully understand the 5G  and the smart antenna technology ,the impact it will have on the ordinary person?

Did you know that the idea of 5G taking over the world is greatly under estimate by ordinary  . people Jamaican counterparts.

Is is hard be be comprehended by ordinary people like
Do you know that smart antenna technology is the way to go if the 5G  technology  is to be effective world wide?

 This is set to make billions of money for those who are smart enough to invest in the 5G antenna which will be used extensively  world wide.
Most of the phones we now have will become worthless with this technology. Our desk top computers will be useless unless they are thus equipped.
Without a 5G micro antennae to receive signals from the massive 5G fiber optic network  that is Spreading across the  world our gadgets will be useless

Almost all electronic equipment will need  these antenna from your car to  refrigerator, just name it.
There is a quiet murmur that humans will be implanted with these smart chip as we will soon not be needing plastic IDs and banking cards.
Just look at what is happening now.

 A phone is equip with  camera , clock, stereo, etc and is usef for every thing  from banking to ,paying bills attend zoom meeting you name it.   However at present it is disgusting and frustrating because of the slowness and poor performance of the present cable and internet offered throughout Jamaica.
It is just a waste of time as one often gets bounce off or it takes hours to get through .

With 5G technology that will be obsolete.

Lot of individuals  especially  some members of a particular religious organization are objecting, to it stating  that this chip like smart antennas  represents the mark of the beast.
They state they will be used to control individual  causing them to loose their individual right and religious liberty.both in Jamaica and basically world wide.

Recently Joe Biden USA president states  that the constitution  is not absolute. Many believe this is the first sign of the pending loss of  Religious liberty entrenched in the US Constitution.
It is said "if America sneezes Jamaica catches a cold"
That is insinuating  if it Happens in The USA Jamaica will automatically follow .

These antennae will be implanted at some time or the other in many individuals for one reason or the other as the world moves on to embrace the massive speed  of 5G technology. and Jamaica cannot be left behind if it is thinking of economic growth.

Did you know that right now many  surgeries are done remotely through these robots implanted with these  antennas
At present spinal surgeries are being done in China from a distance of 30 miles by robots inbuily  built  these 5G antennas

They are being used as trial experiment and are said to have done so  successfully especially In the area of screws implant in pinning bones together 

As 5G spreads across the globe it is sure to be use world.
Right now US is said to be carrying on lots of experiments to place itself as the number one in use of 5G antenna  to create a new economy a head of China.

 .The race is on and many are buying up stock and share in the company involved in  designing and manufacturing   these micro antenna which are geared to be use in almost all electronic devices both in Jamaica and the rest of the world