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Monday, May 27, 2013


Tell us about your visit write your Jamaica Vacation Review or a Jamaican Product Review


Did you have an vacation in Jamaica Do you have any interesting story to tell? Jamaica is said to be one of the most wonderful places in the world to take a well deserved vacation.

You are now given an opportunity to create your own page on this site by writing your own review about your experience on your visit to Jamaica. Let your friends know,by inviting them to read and add comments on your review.

You could also invite them to add their own reviews if they too had visited the island. Your review many be on any of the following topics below. They can be positive or negative just give your good or bad experiences.

Not many individuals in the world know Jamaica some have heard about it from advertisement or from booklets and pamphlets. Many may have heard a lot of negatives while many see it as a wonderful place a jewel in the Caribbean a place to surely visit.. The experience of many will vary it may be dependent on the individual’s likes ,temperament , culture and how they perceive the world , how they perceive good and bad right and wrong,and a number of various factors.
This is a little island that somehow have capture the attention of the world. Its sports man ship especially in the area of tract and field is remarkable. Do you know at the time of writing this page Jamaica has the fastest man in the world in tract and field.

On the political front Jamaica has always been able to capture the attention of major nation such as The UK. and the USA. The country has a remarkable culture in the form of reggae music and is the Home of the late reggae music Icon Bob Marley. You have visited the island Write your own vacation review Here.

Suggested topics of interest.
Hotels,attraction,tour,food, people, services,places of interest or it may just be a simple clean Jamaican jokes. You may post a photo to accompany your review.

Jamaica vacation Review

Have you taken a Jamaica vacation Lately.?Why not join us,and build your own page about one of those special moments that you will always remember   .Read reviews written by other like you

Jamaica vacation Review Music on the Island