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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hanover Diabetes Support Group in Action

Dabetes  is becoming one of the most widely  spread  health conditions affecting is said to be a coloured  people disease .However studies  have shown that in countries where  the  majority of blacks reside it is not as problematic as in the Caribbean.  Studies have been proven that it is more of a diet and life style disease.

The Hanover Diabetes Support group Headed by Dr. Clive Mc.Kenzie whose Head office is located in Hopewell Hanover has recognized the  escalating problem of diabetes  and has been offering help to the Hanover communities in the way of  free Education , medication and counselling. 
The group meet on the last Wednesday of each month  at Sky Beach restaurant to educate members and to plan strategies for helping individuals.

Each year they have a fund raiser project dubbed Jamaica Night .This takes in Jamaican traditional dishes which often include escoveitch fish, Jamaica rundung, roasted breadfruit, manish water, codfish fritters, Jamaica rum punch, potato and cormeal pudding, coconut drops, a gizzada and banana bread, just to name a few ; all served with back drop of real Jamaica music
The event is usually well supported and is usually  held near the easter season. You can watch out for this event and lend your support in donations and attendance or simple just purchase a ticket for the event.

In the summer they usually have a big health fair and have partnerned with the Liones club of the USA to give care packages , health checks , books, clothing  and medical equipment  and supplies to individuals who access the services.

At different times during the year the group do health fairs in selected communities and partner with the Ministry of Health to deliver health checks and education .The group do outreach activities by visiting schools and churches to develope an awareness to diabetes especially in children who often coming down  with the problem of diabetes.

The photos above show the 2017 club in action at the summer health fair with the Liones Club from the USA.
This group  along with Liones club had another well support health fair again in June 2018

We want to commend the group and ask that you lend them your support  by attending there monthly meetings. There you will be educated on an  aspect of diabetes  at each meeting and you can participate in serving the people of Hanover Jamaica.
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