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Friday, October 4, 2019

Cannabis in jamaica now

Jamaicans have always been know for planting  selling and smoking marijuana or ganja illegally since
In 1913, Jamaica government prohibited cannabis by passing the Ganja Law of 1913, according to the Jamaica Observer. H

 in 2015, the Dangerous Drug (Amendment) Act was passed to decriminalize cannabis possession in small quantities (less than two ounces) for personal use. It also allowed individuals to cultivate, process, and distribute marijuana for medical, scientific, and therapeutic usages under the licensing rule.
A Growth Op article published on Ju justly 3, 2019, indicated that Jamaica has the perfect weather conditions for the growth of marijuana and produces high-quality strains.

These factors, along
Growth in the Jamaican cannabis industry
with low labor wages, have attracted the interest of Canadian cannabis players, according to the article. It added that Jamaican rule prohibits foreign companies from owning a majority stake in Jamaican marijuana companies, so Canadian companies are forming joint ventures with local partners to enter the Jamaican market
The Cannabis Licensing Authority  was established in 2015 focuses on regulating the cannabis and hemp businesses in Jamaica.   

The agency implemented the Alternative Development Programme to bring traditional marijuana farmers to the formal economy from the illicit market in 2017

Sad to say the high licensing fees and expenses involved in meeting the authority’s standard have made it difficult for ordinary farmers to enter the legal industry, as stated   by the Financial Post.
Will canabis will ever be truly lrgalize
Aphria (APHAowns a 49% stake in Marigold Projects Jamaica. Marigold opened its first retail store,
Sensi Medical Cannabis House,  according to Loop.  opened in August 2019 The company  particialy is a part  of Marigold  Projectss Jamaica also  said to  be planning to open four more dispensaries in Jamaica. Marigold can cultivate marijuana on over 5 acres of  land since it  said gto own a 3 Teir licence

Jamaica partner with Harvard and will
work with HIPI (Harvard International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute) to drive the country’s cannabis industry.
At the opening of the CanEx Jamaica  Audley Shaw said, the partnering with HIPI, gives the opportunity  for clinical trials of cannabis products to be conducted, which will help in settling dosage issues, .This will be involve our own universities in this tiative,” according to the Observer.

Will cannabis become a  viable  money generating   plant like other crops?
There  is some concern in the safety of some of these products which has csuse a slowing in acquisition  of Licensing.
The increase in operating expenses, the regulatory scandals, and the vaping-related deaths appear to have dented investors’ confidence in the sector, leading to a fall in marijuana companies’ stock prices.

  Year-to-date), Canopy Growth, Aphria, and Aurora Cannabis (ACB) stocks are down 19.9%, 12.6%, and 18.0%, respectively.
On August 14, Canopy Growth reported lower-than-expected first-quarter earnings results, which led to a fall in its stock price. However, the company is getting ready for Cannabis 2.0. Read Canopy Growth: Getting Ready for Cannabis 2.0

At present 
A cannabis dosage guide has been circulating on Jamaica along with the different  types of the product  available.
 how authentic this is cannot be verified because there is no author for the flyer.What I do  know is that promoters were actively promoting the products

Hemp Pram 500mg   given in drops
2-25mg  1-10 depending on the severity
Protect and recovery
‌Dementia  neuroprotective
‌Muscle revovery and stress
Hemp Pram Roll on essential oil
‌Applied to the needed area

Pran  P4. 2 mg per drop ,(biomedical sublingual) take
 1-2 drops minutes before time
‌Place under tongue for sever sleep disorders

Dragon Fly vape kit dosage measured in pulls
‌Sleep disorders ,15-30  when needed
‌Anxiety 12-40   when needed
‌Seizure  ,3-5 everyn 4 hrs
‌Chronic pain every 4 hrs
However  there are incident of death  report  with vape.

Cannamed CDC suppositories NB
Dodage  1 /day
‌Vaginal  moisture.increase libido .improve sleep, mood enhancement  pain relief,

Cannamed CBD Tablets
Dosage 1 tab at nights
1/2-1 tab    twice daily
‌ Nerves.joints immune  system: and muscles