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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Friendby friends foundation

I have been praying for this break.LOL.  The name of the organization that I have founded is called Friends by Friends Youth Foundation. It a community based non profit organization, registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica. See attached registration. Many resources that are needed for a bright future for our children are absent. 

We are a poor community and only few get the opportunity to be educated or get a good education because of luck!! Some children may have parents who are employed in the hotel as Bartenders, Waitresses and Housekeepers who meet a generous tourist who help them to sustain their children education, the others that are unemployed their children may sink to the ground!! 

I started the organization in 2012 after I resigned my modern day slavery job at the resort Grand Palladium. God keep pushing my mind to do something to help these children. I got so many NO'S when I started, spent all my savings but I did not give up, I believe the Holy Spirit was guiding me!!

 I started to collect books from the Salvation Army to help with the after school program, which I still fund on my own with a part time job.. Many children who need homework assistant will come to my home, graduates who need help with job search come to my home, senior citizens who need help with food come to my home. I am like “Modern Day Christ”!!. 

My dream is to build an electronic library and a resource centre for young youths. I work with these children every day and they are not interested in printed books, because they can't read, but more into the computer that I have, because it speaks back to them very patiently than a teacher in a classroom.

If these children are lectured with electronic gadgets that will build their readings skills such as electronic leapfrogs, they can become brighter youths and become valuable citizens to Jamaica and break the chains, they will be able to uplift themselves from poverty because of education.. 

Persons who are really generous at heart as myself and believe in service above self can become active volunteers, who seek contributions in all kind. Individuals may also volunteer on a project,  such as clothing, toys and educational materials. Individuals who would like to contribute make donations kindly mail them to

 Friends by Friends Youth Foundation
Lot 41 B, Haughton Meadows,
Lucea P.O; Hanover, Jamaica W.I

or send donation to our
 AC# 754153571.
I may be contacted at
or by email

Thank you so much for this opportunity!! You give me more inspiration to never give up on your dreams!!

 Kind Regards,
 Carian Ottey