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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Has this virus reach Jamaica shores as yet many are very afraid it has since they are or may know some one having the following  symptoms
There is no going and coming the Zika is here an is wrecking havoc  on the island as many individuals come down with other types of illness as a result of the Zika.

People are having  things like water collecting in lungs, apostrophe muscles that affects the o esophagus  and muscles making  swallowing and breathing difficult. Some individuals have develop the Gullian barr'e syndrome

Jamaica is  now on the WHO watch list because they are now seeing different manifestation of the results of the Zika that they have not observe before.
It seems to hit more mildly that Chick V but it seems to be more deadly  and it takke it tole on the elderly  and those with chronic illnesses worst.

-Fever, red eyes without sticky discharge,
-muscles and joint pains rash
-Swelling, in lower limbs
-,pain behind eyes
-Babies are  born with small heads and brain not developing fully
-Nerve disorders
-It is found in sperm. is transmitted by sexual activity
-The Ministry of Health is asking that women  avoid getting pregnant for one year until the epidemic subsides.

-It can run  congruently  or alongside other viral infection such ad dengue   Chick V and even Malaria.